September 25, 2017

Army looks for new ways to address misbehaving generals

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Misbehaving Generals Charles Dharapak/AP

In this March 27, 2008, file photo, an aerial view of the Pentagon.

WASHINGTON — The Army is making moves to deal with an embarrassing number of misconduct and behavior problems among senior officers.

This includes putting together a series of new mental health, counseling and career management programs to shape stronger, more ethical leaders.

The programs stem from a broader worry across the military about the need to bolster professionalism within the officer corps while holding accountable those who abuse their power.

The Army plan appears to focus more on building character than on berating bad conduct.

Stumbles in recent years by general officers — from one-star to four-star level — have violated the military code of conduct they've lived under and enforced.

Some infractions involved extramarital affairs, inappropriate relationships with subordinates or improper use of government funds.