October 12, 2016

Carson Wentz leaves a big tip for a fan at his alma mater

NDSU student takes home generous thanks at local pub

Eagles Carson Wentz
101216_HerdWentz Source/Alex Hatzenbuhler

Herd & Horns sports bar in North Dakota.

The last time we had an occasion to discuss the tipping habits of Philadelphia Eagles players, it was LeSean McCoy giving two dimes to a server at the former PYT in Northern Liberties. Nobody was particularly happy with Shady about that one, but it's in the past.

Carson Wentz, as it turns out, is an excellent tipper for his home crowd in North Dakota, where Wentz recently visited Fargo for a private party at North Dakota State University's Herd & Horns sports bar.

According to CSNPhilly contributor Mike Gregor, who's been tracking the eastward migration of the Wentz Wagon, the Eagles rookie quarterback gave a generous gratuity to an NDSU junior and server at the restaurant.

"As I was waiting on him, I had to look up. He is so tall,” said Rachel, a junior at NDSU who works as a server at Herd & Horns. "He was very humble, especially as a guest. He didn’t treat anyone like they were below him or anything.”

Based on all reports to date, that's just the kind of person Wentz wants to remain. What's more impressive is that he picked up the full $1,000 tab and left a $500 tip.

It's an admirable move that demonstrates just how much Wentz credits his Bison roots for the opportunity he's now got in the NFL.