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Dave Gautreau is running for mayor of Phoenixville, Chester County.

October 16, 2017

Chester County candidate touts apparent hoax idea of drug-sniffing bunnies

PHOENIXVILLE — A Chester County mayoral candidate says he was serious when he vowed to investigate the use of drug-sniffing bunnies if elected — even though it appears to stem from an internet hoax.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Republican nominee Dave Gautreau broached the idea Thursday at a Phoenixville mayoral forum.

The candidate told the newspaper he had been told about the idea at a gathering and thought he had confirmed with someone in Lancaster the rabbits were in use there.

Last year, the idea surfaced in an April Fools' post by police in Amherst, New York and on a satire page called People of Lancaster.

Gautreau said in a since-removed Facebook post he takes his mayoral run seriously and is looking for "creative ways" to fight the war on drugs.