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Easter Bunny Toby Talbot/AP

File photo of Adam Jarrett, dressed as the Easter Bunny, waving to passersby at Lake Champlain Chocolates in Burlington, Vermont, Tuesday, March 11, 2008. (The Easter Bunny depicted in the photo does not match the Easter Bunny reported in the article.)

April 20, 2017

Man in bunny suit who blew air horn at New Jersey police pleads guilty

SPARTA, N.J. — A man who wore a bunny costume and repeatedly blew an air horn inside a New Jersey police station has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

Kevin Hemmerich (HEM'-er-ik) entered the plea Thursday and was fined $500. The judge also ordered a police officer charged with striking Hemmerich in Hopatcong (hoh-PAHT'-kahng) last November to stand trial July 6.

Hopatcong police Officer Nicholas Maresca Jr. has pleaded not guilty to charges of simple assault and harassment. More than 50 officers went to court to support him.

Kevin Hemmerich and his brother entered the Hopatcong Police Department lobby to turn himself in for an outstanding warrant. He was dressed in a bunny costume and repeatedly blew the air horn.

Maresca is seen striking Hemmerich on video taken by his brother.