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05162017_Rhode_Island_school WIlbur McMahon Schools/via Google

Wilbur McMahon Schools is part of the Little Compton (R.I.) School District.

May 16, 2017

Amid declining enrollment, one school district throws open doors

LITTLE COMPTON, R.I. — A Rhode Island school district with a shrinking student body is opening its doors to out-of-town kids — for a price.

WJAR-TV reports that Little Compton schools will start welcoming students from neighboring communities next fall for $6,000 in annual tuition.

The district's enrollment has been dropping for years. This year, it has 241 students from elementary through middle school and an average class size of around 14 pupils. High school-age kids already go to Portsmouth High School.

School Superintendent Robert Power says the district is willing to take a few kids at each grade. He adds that the quality of education will not be affected.

The tuition money will go toward maintaining equipment and hiring teachers.

Newspaper ads for the program are expected to run soon.