Brandon Baker

Brandon Baker

Brandon Baker is a graduate of Temple University's Lew Klein College of Media and Communication and native of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. When he's not burying himself in geek culture or re-binging all six seasons of "The West Wing," you can catch him hobnobbing with a Manhattan -- up, extra bitters -- in hand.

February 14, 2018


What was Philadelphia's first restaurant?

A regional foods expert describes Philadelphia's first restaurant.

February 7, 2018


How does politics affect tourism?

How does politics effect tourism?

January 31, 2018


Are naps healthy for my overall sleep patterns?

Medical director of the Jefferson Sleep DIsorders Center addresses whether naps are actually good for you.

January 24, 2018


What's the economic impact of the Super Bowl on team cities?

What kind of economic impact to expect from the Eagles participating in the Super Bowl.

January 17, 2018


Does Vitamin C actually fight a cold?

Whether Vitamin C is effective in preventing and treating the common cold.

January 10, 2018


What are the origins of tipping culture?

Why we tip at restaurants in the United States.

January 3, 2018


Is there a difference between generic and name-brand ibuprofen?

A Jefferson University professor of pharmacy on whether it really is OK to save money in the drug aisle.

December 27, 2017


Should I care about Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin and why someone should care.

December 20, 2017


Why don't alcoholic drinks have a nutrition label?

A Drexel University Food and Hospitality Management professor explains why calorie counts and more aren't listed on alcoholic beverage containers.

December 13, 2017


Should I really stick to the 2,000-calories-per-day diet?

A clinical dietician explains the origins of the 2,000-calorie diet recommendation listed on nutrition labels.

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