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November 30, 2016

WATCH: Arby's does 'Fresh Prince' remix for new Philly sandwich

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Arby's Fire Roasted Philly sandwich.

Geotargeting is arguably the holy grail of today's urban marketing campaigns. They play on obvious local tropes and lingo to win the hearts and minds (the moolah) of viewers.

Seen this around?

Jawn was our jawn, McDonald's! Every 10th street corner on the planet just isn't enough to feed the beast, is it?

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Now Arby's, wanting in on this operation, chose to take the ultimate risk in the Philadelphia market. They dialed up the theme song from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and had their guy, Ving Rhames, rap-speak the words in a voice huskier than Will Smith's. This is their spot for the new Fire-Roasted Philly sandwich.

Maybe that didn't do it for you. This is what you'll be getting in your 640 calorie sandwich served on a Philly "sub" roll (not so vernacular when the national demo doesn't know about hoagies, are we?): angus steak, Italian seasoning, provolone cheese, red and yellow peppers and roasted garlic aioli.

Pretty appetizing. Let's hear what Bob from Food Use has to say about his use of "like, $5.99."

"It's average, you understand?"

So, a three out of five. Not bad? Any worse and the apology to Philadelphia would have to be, "Our B." 


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