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September 26, 2017

Wawa questions N.J. man's video claiming maggots in chicken cheesesteak

"At this point, our investigation shows that the unverified video complaint is highly unlikely and probably impossible," a spokeswoman said.

Generally speaking, we tend to sing Wawa's praises for everything it represents in Philly and beyond.

Food establishments simply do not meet pristine sanitation conditions at all times. It's a disgusting fact of life. When isolated incidents grab our attention, it's usually because whatever happened is so unfathomably gross that it would give unborn children nightmares.

One day, Sixers rookie Markelle Fultz professes his love for Chick-fil-A and everyone agrees. Another day, a Bucks County Chick-fil-A gets sued over a dead rodent allegedly encrusted into the bun of a lady's sandwich. Everyone is incensed. It cuts both ways.

What you are about to see is flat out gross. There's no escaping that. New Jersey resident Chris Garcia's mother filmed a video of what appear to be maggots crawling from her son's Wawa chicken cheesesteak hoagie, which he recently purchased at a location in Ewing after a day of work at Six Flags Great Adventure. He shared his story with The Trentonian.

“My sauce started going up on my paper wrapper,” Garcia said. “Sauce isn’t supposed to do that. So I flipped my light back on and I saw two maggots just moving around my sandwich.”

Garcia said he took the sandwich back to Wawa with his mother and the employees there attempted to make light of the situation. He reportedly got a refund and went to a local hospital for medicine to kill any parasites he may have ingested.

Contacted Tuesday morning, Wawa spokeswoman Lori Bruce said the company was doubtful about the veracity of the video. 

"At this point, our investigation shows that the unverified video complaint is highly unlikely and probably impossible," Wawa said in a statement.  "We have a detailed process to authenticate and assess complaints surrounding anything that would take away from the best and most positive Wawa experience possible. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality in the food that we serve and the conditions in which we serve it.  We inspect our stores on a daily basis and have rigorous processes in place to prevent incidents of this type from occurring."


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