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January 28, 2024

Meet Phantom, Adventure Aquarium's new giant Pacific octopus

The male, who is about 1 year old, can be seen now on exhibit in Zone D at the Camden aquarium

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giant pacific octopus adventure aquarium Provided Image/Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium, located in Camden, recently welcomed a new male giant Pacific octopus named Phantom.

Adventure Aquarium recently welcomed a giant Pacific octopus. Thanks to a public vote, the Camden aquarium's newest resident now has a musical-inspired name.

Phantom is a male giant Pacific octopus, believed by aquarium staff to be about a year old. He was brought to Adventure Aquarium through an approved collector from Japan. Visitors can see him now on exhibit in Zone D. 

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Earlier this month, the aquarium called on the public to vote on the cephalopod's name. Other choices included Oswald, Zuko or Zorro. Voters chose Phantom, a name inspired by a scar across his eye.

"The name Phantom was inspired by the scar across the octopus's eye area that makes him look like he is wearing a white mask (like the Phantom of the Opera)," Adventure Aquarium wrote on Instagram. "Not to worry, the scar is harmless, it just looks cool!"

The giant Pacific octopus is the largest of all octopus species. They can weigh more than 100 pounds. In the wild, they live in the temperate waters of the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Alaska and California. Despite having a typical life span of only 3-5 years, the giant Pacific octopus is considered among the longest-living species of octopus. 

Last month, Adventure Aquarium announced that its giant Pacific octopus, Charlie, had laid eggs. While Charlie's sex was previously a mystery to staff — because of a missing portion of the third right arm, which is where the sex of an octopus can be determined — laying eggs confirmed that she was a female.

Sadly, this also meant that Charlie entered into senescence, the final phase of an octopus’ life cycle. Shortly before Phantom's arrival, Charlie was transferred to a behind-the-scenes exhibit to receive end-of-life care and live out the rest of her days comfortably. She was humanely euthanized shortly after the move, the aquarium confirmed. 

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