Atlantic City cop threatens driver on video: ‘I’ll knock you the f*** out’

The newly-released footage of Andrew Jaques, from 2017, is at the center of an ongoing lawsuit

An Atlantic City Police squad car.
Nancy Haldeman /Facebook

An Atlantic City police officer with a violent past appears to threaten to drag a driver out of his car and knock him “the f*** out,” according to a newly-released video of the confrontation.

The officer in question, Andrew Jaques, was the second police officer on the scene when 22-year-old Antoine Jones and 21-year-old Brian Wilson were pulled over on Valentine’s Day in 2017, according to Jaques arrived after Officer Glenn Anthony Abrams Jr. stopped the two men for reasond that remain unclear. 

Jones and Wilson were released without charges after they were ordered to exit the car and officers searched them and the car.

In the video, recorded by Wilson in the car, Jaques seems to change his level of intensity when Jones asks for the officer to hand him his cellphone:

“This can go two ways. You can act like a gentleman, I’m gonna treat you like a gentleman. You frog the f*** up, I guarantee you that 90-pound dog is gonna come out and rip the f*** out of you. If your hand goes and disappears, I’m gonna knock you the f*** out. Put your hand in my face again, I’m gonna knock you the f*** out. I’m that guy, you understand me? So calm the f*** down. You understand me? You’ll go away, real cool. You start to act like a f***ing fool, I will drag you out of this f***ing window.”

Jones repeatedly tells Jaques he doesn’t want any problems, and Wilson tells Jones to comply with Jaques.

You can watch the full video below, via

According to, Wilson and Jones filed a December 2017 lawsuit against both officers and the City of Atlantic City alleging racial profiling, illegal search and false imprisonment.

Jaques had a history of incidents during his career as a police officer, according to an Asbury Park Press report from 2018. In a two-year period, he was accused of beating a bicyclist with a nightstick, physically abusing his girlfriend, and slamming a juvenile to the ground. Jaques was fired by the Atlantic City police department in 2006, but was later reinstated, according to the Press.

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