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July 09, 2024

'Bachelorette' contestant from Pa. misses out on rose in premiere, but gains fans on social media

Brett Harris, of Lancaster County, showed off his ability to do a split and charmed Bachelor Nation during Monday's episode.

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Lancaster County's Brett Harris may have gotten eliminated during the season premiere of 'The Bachelorette,' but he earned praise from fans online for his humor.

Season 21 of "The Bachelorette" premiered Monday, and eligible bachelor Brett Harris from Pennsylvania made quite the impression. He didn't make enough of a splash to receive a rose from lead Jenn Tran, sadly, but he did earn the favor of ever-finicky Bachelor Nation fans on social media.

Harris, a former Millersville University football player, is originally from Fairfield, Adams County, and now resides in Manheim, Lancaster County. The 28-year-old health and safety manager was among the 25 hopefuls vying for Tran's heart this season of "The Bachelorette," and was one of seven men sent packing at the end of the premiere. 

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Harris may have only gotten mere minutes of screen time across the two-hour episode, but with his comical catchphrase, suave maroon suit and ability to do a split, he did not go quietly. Since Monday's episodes, social media users have lamented Harris' early exit, called for his turn as "The Bachelor" and even made T-shirts inspired by him.

There are spoilers ahead if you haven't seen "The Bachelorette" premiere, which can now be streamed on Hulu.

Harris had already been gaining members of "Team Brett" since his casting was announced last month. His casting also earned attention for differing from the franchise's "rigid casting trend," as Yahoo! Entertainment calls it, which is often criticized for its lack of body inclusivity.

"He seems so genuine! I hope he finds the love he deserves," one Facebook user wrote on a post by "The Bachelorette" about Harris' casting. Others in the comments noted that they loved "seeing this body positivity" and that Harris seems like he's "so much fun."

On Monday, Harris met Tran for the first time after stepping out of the limo. The limo entrances in "The Bachelor" franchise usually provide an opportunity for contestants to peacock as they try to stand out in a sea of hot, successful singles. On Monday, Tran's contestants were no different, as the entrances involved a fancy car, a huge bouquet of balloons and even a man covering his face with a medical bandage — a nod to Tran being a physician assistant student.

Harris took a slightly different approach, instead asking Tran how she was feeling amidst all the excitement. She told him she was feeling "great" and asked the same of him.

"I'm good," Harris replied. "I'm at a mansion with a beautiful girl right now. I'm living the dream."

Tran thought his entrance was "so sweet," and the pair shared a hug.

Later in the episode, Harris was seen doing a split during a game of truth-or-dare with the other contestants, and then exclaiming with joy that his pants "didn't rip." 

Then, in a one-on-one convo with Tran, he told her about his talent for doing splits, which he called his "party trick." Harris' "Bachelorette" bio claims that he can do a split on command, and never turns down a dance-off. Tran told him that she is known to break-dance at bars, and Harris tells her they'd be "unstoppable" dancing together. 

"I'm hoping I made a big enough impression with her," Harris fatefully told cameras after his conversation with Tran. "I'm not everybody's cup of tea, but I'm always tea."

This saying reverberated among "Bachelorette" viewers and even inspired a fan account to make a shirt and mug with the saying on it. As for what exactly it means, even this young millennial writer (who is one year younger than Harris) can't quite decipher it. 

Regardless, Harris was unfortunately not Tran's "cup of tea." He did not receive a rose and bid farewell to his newfound buddies — who he probably spent all night hanging out with since the first rose ceremony often lasts until dawn — and Tran. As he hugged Tran goodbye, he advised her to "pick a good one." 

Fans were heartbroken over the swift end to Harris' "Bachelorette" tenure. Naturally, they took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their love and support for Harris:

Fans can wipe away their tears because there's always the possibility this won't be the last we see of Harris. While some people are already campaigning for Harris' turn as "Bachelor," that spot is usually reserved for a contestant who makes it much farther in the season. For example, previous "Bachelor" Joey Graziadei, of Montgomery County, was the runner-up on "The Bachelorette." 

There are other, more likely, places for Harris to pop up on our screens. I would put my money on a future appearance by him on "Bachelor in Paradise," a summer spinoff that welcomes outcasts from across the "Bachelor" franchise. Early-eliminated contestants have done well on "BIP." Most famously, a contestant nicknamed "Grocery Joe" Amabile was sent home from "The Bachelorette" on the first night of Season 14, but his charm earned him a spot on the spinoff, where he met his now-wife.

Whether Harris can make waves on "BIP" remains to be seen, as there's no new season scheduled for this year. In the meantime, might we recommend that he travels across the state to attend a "Bachelorette" watch party at Urban Saloon in Fairmount? 

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