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January 11, 2017

Demand high for eccentric Philly chef's new 'Kung Fu Cooking Club'

In a city filled with fun things to do to fill your time, the quirky owner of Old City's beloved Han Dynasty has an offering you might not be able to resist, assuming you can ever make the cut. 

No, it's not free "Mandarin Trump," the orange chicken concoction Han Chiang started promoting last August when the 2016 presidential campaign was in full swing. Just for the memories, you might want to revisit the hilarious ad he posted on Facebook at the time depicting your next president.

This time, Chiang wants to teach you how to cook, because we're nowhere near as good as we all think we are at making Asian stir fries. If we can admit that, we are truly opening our minds to a world of positive Chianges.

In addition to helping Philadelphians cook, Chiang wants to expose us to Kung Fu films in all their classic, action-packed glory. Please excuse his foul language in the Facebook post below. He's just excited for your new life and thankful for all of your support.

"Ultimately, I hope we can use our Kung Fu cooking skills at food events to raise money for charity," Chiang continued. "This is a famous Chinese proverb: 功德無量. It means, help people and people will respect u. In Buddhism, it will find u peace."

In all seriousness, Chiang has got to be full of wisdom that will make you proud to live here and grateful for the people who bring joy to your life.

The problem, for now, is that Chiang's first session is booked solid with 44 people. You're not getting in there. But it's all good. Chiang is working on what it will take to expand the club.