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July 05, 2016

Frustrated by SEPTA's overcrowded trains? Consider biking to work

Bicycle Coalition releases maps aimed at helping prospective bikers

Seeking an alternative way to work in light of SEPTA's overcrowded Regional Rail lines?

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, naturally, recommends SEPTA passengers consider either riding their bike straight to work or biking to the nearest high-speed line, subway or bus stop.

To assist commuters, the Coalition created several maps, including one that shows all bus stops located within a quarter-mile of the region's circuit trails. (SEPTA buses have racks that enable bikers to transport their bikes).

Another map shows the hundreds of miles of bike lanes located throughout the Philadelphia region.

The Bicycle Coalition has more information and recommendations here.

“This is a learning moment that gives people an opportunity to use their bike for part or all of their commute, and see if it can become part of their everyday transportation routine,” Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart said in a statement. “Between the 350 miles of trails, bike lanes, and low-volume, low-speed streets, there’s lots of routes to use for bike commuting in the Philadelphia region.”

Also, any prospective bikers should consider packing a change of clothes. The high temperatures for the remainder of the week are expected to be in the mid- to upper-90s.