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May 05, 2015

Lynch to travel to Baltimore to meet with city leaders

New Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the head of the Justice Department's civil rights division will travel to Baltimore on Tuesday, the week after the city's top prosecutor charged six police officers in the death of a black man.

Lynch planned to meet with city officials, members of Congress, law enforcement, faith and community leaders, a Justice Department official said.

Lynch was to be accompanied by Vanita Gupta, head of Justice's civil rights division, and Ronald Davis, director of its Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, or COPS.

The meetings come four days after six police officers were charged in the death last month of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who died after injuries sustained while in police custody.
Gray's death followed a string of police killings, including incidents in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City, that triggered protests across the United States.
A night curfew in Baltimore was lifted on Sunday. The city's mayor said the Maryland National Guard would begin withdrawing from the streets over the next week.
Many activists who had participated in the marches demanded more details about what happened to Gray.
"There is definitely a camera overlooking Penn and North (streets). Let's see the footage," Deray McKesson, a leading voice among the anti-police activists, said on Twitter.