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January 05, 2016

Mummers fans react to anti-parade column with passion and bad grammar

They took many issues with Monday's opinion piece about the New Year's Day event's shadier elements

On Monday morning, I posted a column expressing my disappointment with some fringe Mummer elements which brought shame – in my estimation – unto the annual New Year's Day parade as a whole.

Later Monday morning, and into the afternoon and night, Mummers lovers expressed their disappointment with me – in no uncertain terms.

In the spirit of hearing both sides of the stories, I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favorite responses.

Please dive in and take a look, knowing full well that I’ve lived within the city limits for the past 16 years and grew up within eyeshot of the PSFS sign, long before skyscrapers grew taller than William Penn.

All responses are presented unedited, and all identifying factors from emails, comments, Tweets and Facebook posts have been shielded to protect the senders.

10. “Your column on the Mummers is absurd on a day that ‘Charlie Hedbo’ again offers their take on humor and free speech.  If you want the parade you wish for I suggest Disney World.”

9. “When did everyone become so f------ butt hurt an loss their sense of humor I don't agree with the hateful bashing but that guy was dealt with an is a s--m bag but Caitlyn Jenner on a fruit loops box it's a joke that she probably could careless about I been doing this parade since I was 2 of people don't like it turn it the f--- off stop trying to ruin tradition cause you don't understand it cause it means a lot to a lot of people this guys a f------ tool bag for writing this.”

8. “our mayor needs to sorry about schools and the homelessness that plagues our city and drugs ,guns,unemployment. Not that our parade offended you take that stick out of your ass. And eat some fruit loops.”

7. “I would however like to know where all the complaints were when the comics razzed the Catholic priest scandal in years past.”

6. “Been going to the mummers parade for 20 years! Always a lot of fun & happiness. I've never seen any hate or rascism until this year when the black lives matters a------- march down the street causing an uproar & drama. They were the ones causing the issues! First I've seen in 20 years. Thugs will be thugs & always blame others. #mummerslivesmatter #ibleedblue”

5. “Apparently, gay ‘pride’ parades in this country can display whips and chains, S and M, pro-polygamy signs, bondage, frontal nudity, the mocking of Christians, and a whole lot more (google such pictures on the Web - there are THOUSANDS of them), and mayors and elected officials (and some WRITERS - guess who) think that's just fine.”

4. “I wish some reporter would have the balls to report on the positive aspects of the parade and celebration.”

3. “No one would want you to anyway your an ass kisser of all thing you needed a story so you attack our parade if you don't like it don't watch if it offends you then you my friend have no sense of humor stay where your from probably n.j  or suburbs leave you comments to yourself .”

2. “'re a dirtball. You're from the burbs. Keep your f------- opinions there. POS.”

1. “You think we should be shammed into submission? I promise you, if you try to take us out the city of Philadelphia will become Camden or Detroit.”