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October 16, 2022

NFL Sunday open thread, Week 6

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101622DanielJones Mitch Stringer/USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Jones and the Giants will host the Ravens on Sunday.

For Philadelphia Eagles fans, the main course during Week 6 of the 2022 season will be on Sunday night, when the Birds will host the Dallas Cowboys in a huge NFC East matchup in front of a national audience. Today, the rest of the NFL's slate of games is merely the appetizer. 

In case you missed our Week 6 non-Eagles rooting guide, you can find that here. You can also check out our Week 6 picks here. The slate of games:

Early games

  1. Ravens at Giants
  2. Bengals at Saints
  3. 49ers at Falcons
  4. Jets at Packers
  5. Buccaneers at Steelers
  6. Vikings at Dolphins
  7. Patri*ts at Browns
  8. Jaguars at Colts

Later games

  1. Panthers at Rams
  2. Cardinals at Seahawks
  3. Bills at Chiefs

Feel free to discuss the full slate of games in the comments section below.