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August 14, 2020

These are fastest-selling new and used car models in Philly, analysis shows

Luxury and budget models have been popular during pandemic months

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Cars Philly Sales Thom Carroll/for PhillyVoice conducted an analysis of more than 4.4 million new and used car sales in the United States, including a breakdown of the makes and models that are selling the fastest in Philadelphia.

Certain cars tend to appear on the road more often than others, whether it's because they tend to be more available, they're more affordable, or they're considered especially popular, reliable or fashionable.

Car search engine recently completed an analysis of more than 4.4 million new and used cars sold between March and June 2020, tracking demand for various makes and models based on the duration of time it takes for them to leave the lot.

One notable trend is that demand has cooled significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, which makes sense considering people are largely stuck at home and millions of people are out of work.

New cars took an average of 96.9 days to sell during the March to June period. A previous analysis of 4.8 million car sales from Nov. 2019 through Feb. 2020 found it took an average of 57.8 days for a new car to sell. In the used car market, an average of 68.9 days passed for a vehicle to sell from March to June, compared to 50.1 days during the pre-COVID analysis.

The study broke down sales by various markets to determine the most popular new and used cars in each metropolitan area.

"Many of these fastest-selling vehicles are popular cars that are hard to find for reasons such as the effect of the pandemic on supply chains, they were produced in limited quantities, or that they are new models that aren’t yet abundant in the used car marketplace," iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly said.

Below is a look at the top five fastest-selling new and used cars in Philadelphia.

 RankNew Car Days on Market (Avg.) Used Car Days on Market (Avg.) 
 1Chevrolet Trailblazer 17.3 Kia Niro 42.7 
 2Kia Telluride 28.9 Kia Rio 44.8 
 3 Audi A5 Sportback34.9 BMW 4 Series 45.0 
 4Mercedes-Benz GLB 37.6 Subaru WRX 46.7 
 5Kia Seltos 37.6 Jaguar F-PACe 46.8 

Both of the top cars tend to fall within a range that's generally considered pretty affordable, both for new and used cars. A new, 2021 Chevy Trailblazer usually ranges between $20,000-$25,000, while a used Kia Niro model from the past few years can range from $16,000-$22,000.

The full study offers a further breakdown of new and used car sales by brand and car type. Here's a look at the overall fastest-selling new and used cars across all markets.

Here are the 12 fastest-selling new vehicles:

 RankVehicle Days to Sell (Avg.) 
 1Chevrolet Trailblazer 19.0 
 2Kia Telluride 25.7 
 3Kia Seltos 31.3 
 4Honda CR-V Hybrid 35.2 
 5Hyundai Palisade 39.0 
 6Mercedes-Benz GLB 40.5 
 7Chevrolet Bolt EV 41.7 
 8Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 42.5 
 9Subaru Crosstrek 44.7 
 10Lexus GX 460 46.1 
 11Buick Encore GX 46.6 
 12Subaru Forester 47.3 

Here are the 10 fastest-selling used vehicles:

 RankVehicle Days to Sell (Avg.) Average Price 
 1Tesla Model 3 29.3 $44,072 
 2BMW X6 43.0 $40,235 
 3Subaru BRZ 44.5 $20,276 
 4Toyota Yaris 44.8 $14,118 
 5Honda Civic 47.4 $16,725 
 6Tesla Model X 47.6 $68,380 
 7Infiniti Q60 49.4 $30,726 
 8Honda Accord 50.0 $18,702 
 9Toyota Corolla Hatchback 50.2 $18,602 
 10Tesla Model 5 50.7 $53,776