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February 19, 2015

Retired S.J. teacher fights felony gun possession charges

72-year-old man had unloaded antique pistol in glovebox during traffic stop

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Gordon N. Van Gilder Source/NRA

Gordon N. Van Gilder

A retired Millville High School teacher who faces felony charges — which could mean 10 years in prison — for possession of an antique gun is getting an outpouring of support.

Gordon N. Van Gilder, 72, was arrested by the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department in November after officers found an unloaded antique gun in the car he was a passenger in, the Courier-Post reported.

The Courier-Post reported that Van Gilder disclosed that he had a 300-year-old "Queen Anne" flintlock pistol wrapped in cloth in the car's glovebox when he and his friend were pulled over. He is a history buff and 18th century antique collector, according to the Courier-Post.

The officer seized the gun and later arrested Van Gilder at his residence.

As of shortly before 11 a.m. Thursday morning, Van Gilder had raised 63 percent of his $25,000 Go Get Funding goal. The page said the money is to "help Mr. Van Gilder in his fight to overcome this New Jersey injustice, restore his reputation, and send a message that antique firearms should be removed from New Jersey's prohibition on handguns."

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