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January 04, 2017

Study: More people moving out of Pennsylvania, New Jersey than in

Something is going on in the tri-state area that is causing more people to flee New Jersey and Pennsylvania, according to a recent analysis.

United Van Lines, a moving company, released Wednesday its annual United Movers Study that tracks customers' state-to-state migration patterns. New Jersey topped the list while Pennsylvania just cracked the top 10.

In the Garden State, 63 percent of moves were outbound from the state, which was slightly more than second-place New York.

The company surveys customers on their reason for relocation and found that the biggest reason for people flocking from New Jersey is retirement. Thirty percent of the state's outbound moves cited retirement as their primary reason, whereas only 7.5 percent of movers said they wanted to spend their retirement in New Jersey.

Alternatively, more job seekers moved into New Jersey than left. Of movers who cited employment opportunities as the primary reason for relocation, 56 percent were inbound and 40 percent were outbound.

Those trends were also observed in the Keystone State where 56 percent of total moves were out of the state. However, only 17.6 percent of outbound movers cited retirement as the reason for relocation, compared to 12.5 percent who wanted to retire in Pennsylvania. Jobs in the Keystone State attracted 62.6 percent of movers while 52.7 percent of outbound moves were for employment purposes.

So where is everyone moving to? South Dakota. Nearly 68 percent of moves in the state were inbound.

Here are the top ten states that made the outbound list:

1. New Jersey

2. Illinois

3. New York

4. Connecticut

5. Kansas

6. Kentucky

7. West Virginia

8. Ohio

9. Utah

10. Pennsylvania