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April 22, 2016

Uber drivers protest at Philadelphia International Airport

Drivers of a popular ridesharing company are protesting at Philadelphia International Airport on Friday.

Uber Black drivers are demonstrating due to the failure of state lawmakers to allow ridesharing services to operate in Pennsylvania.

The protest started at 4:30 p.m. as drivers blocked the road with their cars near Terminal A, according to 6ABC.

“These protests are a disruptive distraction from the sad fact that taxis hold this city under their monopoly power while failing to provide adequate transit services," said Steve DelBianco, Executive Director of NetChoice. "Now that their monopoly is being threatened, taxis are turning to cheap theatrics in a desperate attempt to protect their bottom line rather than innovate or actually try to improve how they serve consumers."

The protest comes a day after the state's Public Utility Commission imposed an $11.4 million fine against Uber for giving rides without permission in 2014. It was the largest fine in PUC history.

Lyft, another ridesharing company, negotiated a $250,000 fine for similar violations last year.

"Ridesharing services are incredibly popular with Philadelphians because they provide a safe, affordable way to get around while also helping drivers earn some extra income," DelBianco said. "That’s why we need to pass a statewide framework that allows these services to operate throughout all of Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia.”