February 15, 2017

Sixers Beat: So, what’s up with Joel Embiid’s knee?

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It has been a busy week of news in Sixers land, very much thanks to my friend Derek Bodner, who broke the news that Joel Embiid has a slight tear in his meniscus in addition to a bone bruise. Later that night, Sixers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo confirmed the report. Take that, Woj!

(Kidding on that last one.)

So in our latest Sixers Beat Podcast, Bodner and I hit all of the big angles of Embiid’s injury: What really does the meniscus tear mean? How about this lack of transparency from Colangelo and the front office? And on that note, what the heck is going on with Ben Simmons’ rehab?

We also tackled the Sixers’ holding Jahlil Okafor out of games (note: we taped the before he surprisingly rejoined the team in Boston), and concluded that the only bad trade would be no trade. Oh yeah, we talked about the team’s recent hot play, specifically that of Dario Saric and Nerlens Noel, for a couple of minutes as well.

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