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What does weight-inclusive health care mean?

Weight Inclusive Health Care


The health benefits of embracing a minimalist lifestyle

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Senior Health

Consuming wasabi leads to 'significant' improvements in memory, study finds

Wasabi memory benefits


How to prioritize health and wellness when you work in the gig economy

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Mental Health

The mental health of people born in the '90s is not improving with age – unlike other generations, study finds

Mental Health 1990s


Why hydration is so important for your overall health and well-being

Purchased - A jogger drinking a bottle of water in the sunlight

Senior Health

How strength training can stave off the physical decline that comes with aging

Strength Training

Men's Health

Many men believe they're living healthy, but their lifestyles suggest otherwise

Healthy Living Men


Pressing snooze on the alarm clock actually may help people wake up

Alarm Snooze Sleep Study

Adult Health

Fall allergies can last through November, but there are several ways to manage them

Fall Allergies


As the days get shorter, seasonal affective disorder kicks in for many Americans

Seasonal Affective Disorder


How to boost creativity in the workplace

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Healthy Eating

Drinking dark tea each day may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds

Dark Tea Diabetes Study

Healthy Eating

Why drinking soda is bad for your health – and how to quit

soda health effects


Eating healthy foods can help boost one's mental health

Mental Health Food

Adult Health

Staying up late may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds

Night Owl Diabetes


Powerful connections are built at older adult community centers

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Can coffee or a nap make up for sleep deprivation?

Sleep Deprivation Coffee


What is social jet lag? How sleeping in on weekends can negatively impact health

Social Jet Lag


Mental health can be improved by practicing gratitude

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Alternative Medicine

Millions of Americans believe aromatherapy works – but for many doctors, it doesn’t pass the smell test

Aromatherapy Essential Oils


'Bed rotting' has become trendy, but is it a legitimate self-care method?

Bed Rotting Self-Care Trend


Slugging can help soothe dry skin, but it's not ideal for everyone

Slugging Dry Skin

Alternative Medicine

Is ashwagandha a natural stress reliever? What to know about the Ayurvedic health remedy

Ashwagandha Benefits


Dietary fads run rampant on social media; here's how to know whether the advice is legitimate

Dietitians Health Social Media

Healthy Eating

Sea moss is being touted as a superfood, but its benefits aren't well-studied

Sea Moss Benefits

Health News

Regular exercise may lower type 2 diabetes risk, study finds

Exercise Type 2 Diabetes


The ugly side of beauty: Chemicals in cosmetics threaten college-age women’s reproductive health

Cosmetics Chemicals Fertility


Why cleaning your home is good for you

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Mental Health

Apple adds mental health, vision features to iOS 17 in effort to encourage healthy habits

Apple Mental Health


Berberine is being lauded as a weight-loss remedy on social media. Does it actually work?

Berberine Weight Loss


TikTok users are drinking tart cherry juice for better sleep. Is it effective?

Tart Cherry Juice Benefits

Adult Health

Hot weather makes falling asleep more difficult, but these tips lead to more ZZZ's

Sleep Summer Hot Weather

Adult Health

Having a hard time falling back asleep at night? Don't watch the clock

Insomnia Sleep Tips


Strategies for facilitating effective workgroups

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Capturing happiness: how photography promotes mindfulness, gratitude, and mental well-being

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A doctor’s tips for getting a good night’s sleep

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Everything you need to know to start composting at home

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Children's Health

Not all children with sleep apnea snore; here's how to recognize the disorder

Sleep apnea children


Why being a Philly sports fan may be good for your mental health

Live Sports Mental Health


Delco residents can get free condoms mailed to them as part of effort to reduce STIs

Condom Mail Service Delco


Cold weather brings itchy, irritated, dry and scaly skin. Here's how to treat it

Dry Skin Winter

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