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Millions of Americans rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep, but doctors say they're a short-term solution

Sleeping pills


Does UV light from nail dryers increase the risk of skin cancer? Scientists aren't yet sure

Gel manicures and cancer risk


Overcome your fear of failure by adopting a growth mindset

Purchased - Basketball going through a hoop


Why embracing failure is key to long-term success

Purchased - Failure to Success


To overcome morning grogginess, try eating oatmeal and fruit for breakfast

Morning sleepiness oatmeal


Five ideas for weekend fun that don’t involve alcohol

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IBX: The Cover Story Podcast: Winning Employees Over with Wellness

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Alternative Medicine

Lymphatic drainage has become a popular wellness trend, but does the practice actually work?

dry brushing


YouTube is more disruptive to teen sleep than other popular apps, researchers say

Youtube teen sleep


Medicine cabinet essentials for illnesses and injuries

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One way to help college students get enough sleep – pay them to go to bed

College students sleep

Men's Health

Spending time with grandchildren can help older adults find a sense of purpose

Grandparents Health Benefits


Summer is the perfect time to start these healthy habits

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Struggling to wake up in the morning? Sleep inertia may be to blame

Sleep Inertia Waking Up


Listening to music can help ease chronic pain, but controlling the song choice is critical

Music therapy


A sense of purpose can be hard to find, but it's linked to many health benefits

Sense of purpose


A negative outlook on life may be affecting your health – being optimistic could help



A good night's sleep can be more elusive in the summer – but there are ways to get better shut-eye

Summer insomnia sleep

Health News

Montgomery County ranks among nation's 500 healthiest, per U.S. News

500 Healthiest Communities

Mental Health

Therapy on the go: Mildly depressed or simply stressed, people are tapping apps for mental health care

Cell phone

Healthy Eating

Mindful eating can help people adopt healthier habits; here's how it works

Mindful eating


People may sleep less as they age, but they still need 7 hours each night, scientists say

Sleep Older Adults


King of Prussia to host pop-up food truck, fitness class events

King of Prussia outdoor pop-up events


Dressing well can inspire confidence, but there can be barriers to finding the 'perfect style'

Clothing Mental Health


Losing sleep over the pandemic? Work flexibility may be a boon for night owls' health

Night Owl Work


IBX: The Cover Story Podcast: Cultivating Purpose & Meaningful Relationships in Business

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Alternative Medicine

Creating music, or simply listening, boosts well-being, research shows

Music Study


Tom Brady’s health and wellness company TB12 Sports opens location in South Philly


Why does experiencing 'flow' feel so good? A communication scientist explains

Feel Flow Snowboarding


Don't focus on weight alone when trying to stick to your New Year's fitness resolutions, experts say

Health benefits of exercise


Home improvements that help encourage a healthier lifestyle

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Health News

The biggest health trends of 2022, from gut health to sound healing

Men's Health

Gratitude provides a pathway to better health and well-being

Grandfather Grandson Gratitude

Men's Health

Most yoga classes are filled with women, but men can benefit from it too

Yoga benefits men

Adult Health

Drinking multiple cups of coffee is good for your brain, study suggests

Coffee tea strokes dementia


Four ways you could benefit from a health coach

Purchased - Health Coach ready to consult

Mental Health

Too much sitting isn't just harmful for our physical health – it affects our mental well-being, too

Sitting mental health


How to form a new habit and stick with it

young woman working out from home, online workout on laptop

Men's Health

Reconnecting with loved ones can provide a much-needed boost to your well-being

Bezich family wellness

Women's Health

Trying to lose pregnancy weight? Six tips for effectively shedding baby fat

Pregnancy weight loss


Recovering from sleep deprivation is no quick fix

Sleep deprivation recovery


Sleep talking is quite common, but it can hint at a bigger health problem

Sleep talking prevention

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