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Mental Health

Mental Health

Long-term anxiety may put people at higher risk of heart disease

Anxiety Worry Health

Mental Health

Self-care strategies can help Black people cope with racial trauma, mental health clinicians say

Mental health racial trauma

Mental Health

Severe depression changes the brains of women and men differently, study finds

Depression brain women


Why does experiencing 'flow' feel so good? A communication scientist explains

Feel Flow Snowboarding

Men's Health

In a time of uncertainty, a healthy lifestyle is a dependable benefit

Healthy Lifestyle Exercise

Health News

The biggest health trends of 2022, from gut health to sound healing

2022 health trends


Boost your mental health by giving yourself these holiday gifts

Purchased - Woman jumping in the snow


How to effectively cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Purchased - Person walking in the snow with dog

Mental Health

Persistent anxiety as a child may lead to psychosis as a young adult, new research shows

Childhood Anxiety Treatment

Men's Health

Gratitude provides a pathway to better health and well-being

Grandfather Grandson Gratitude

Mental Health

Hormone therapy linked to lower suicide risk for transgender youth, study finds

Hormone therapy transgender youth


Social anxiety: What is it and how to overcome it

Purchased - Man suffering from anxiety

Mental Health

Quartet Health receives $60 million to improve mental health access

IBX Quarter Health

Mental Health

The psychological toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit mental health providers hard, too

Mental health COVID-19


How to make self-care a priority while working from home

Purchased - Woman smiling at desk working from home


NJ State Police piloting new first responder program with mental health experts

11 30 2021 Police.png


Five ways to cozy up for fall


Mental Health

Go ahead, enjoy your memes – they really do help ease pandemic stress

COVID-19 Memes Stress

Healthy Eating

Eating alone may have negative health consequences, but not all experts agree

Eating alone health effects

Mental Health

Lane Johnson shines a spotlight on anxiety disorders and the drugs used to treat them

Lane Johnson Anxiety SSRIs

Mental Health

Bipolar disorder can be challenging to diagnose because symptoms vary widely

bipolar disorder brain


Eagles' Lane Johnson discusses ongoing battle with depression and anxiety in interview with Jay Glazer



For Penn Medicine cancer patients, virtual reality is a game-changer and gateway into mindfulness

Limited - Penn Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology

Social Justice

One year after Walter Wallace's death, city still must improve responses to mental health emergencies, officials say

Mental Health

Too much sitting isn't just harmful for our physical health – it affects our mental well-being, too

Sitting mental health

Mental Health

The mental health of American children is at a crisis point, pediatric groups say

Mental Health Children


Eating mushrooms may help prevent depression, study shows

Mushrooms mental health

Mental Health

Fear a loved one is having suicidal thoughts? Here's how to talk about it

Suicide Prevention Talk


SEPTA to deploy more social outreach workers at hotspots for vulnerable populations

SEPTA Social Work

Men's Health

Reconnecting with loved ones can provide a much-needed boost to your well-being

Bezich family wellness

Health Stories

'Aunt Mary Pat' comedian urges people battling depression to seek help

Aunt Mary Pat Troy Hendrickson

Mental Health

Penn study shows the psychological toll that gun violence exposure has on children

Gun violence Mental health

Mental Health

As nurses nationwide battle burnout, Philly-area hospitals add new mental health program for providers

Nurse burnout COVID-19


Here’s how music can impact your health

Purchased - Young woman dressed in casual clothes, glasses and headphones dance over pink background


How to combat insomnia with the Constructive Worry method

Laying in bed with hands over face worrying


A psychologist’s take on the healing power of listening

Women having a conversation at a table


Fear of a return to ‘normal’ is real — here’s how to face it

Purchased - woman crying covering face mask with hands


Addressing mental health disparities

Photo of two women having a discussion

Children's Health

Living near green spaces boosts mental health of city children, study finds

Mental Health Green Spaces


Mindfulness meditation can make some Americans more selfish and less generous

Mindfulness meditation benefits


It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine. But is it really?

Portrait of irritated girl with brunette hair covering ears

Mental Health

People living with HIV have a higher suicide risk, even with advancements in treatment

Suicide risk and HIV

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