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Delco Woods, the park planned on Don Guanella land, could use old buildings for mental health services

Delco Woods Park Don Guanella

Mental Health

Happiness levels have fallen in the U.S., and though Americans say therapy has benefits, many aren't receiving it

Happiness Mental Health


AI can detect depression in white people based on their social media posts – but not in Black people, Penn study finds

AI Depression Disparities

Mental Health

How much stress is too much? A psychiatrist explains how toxic levels lead to poor health − and how to get help

Toxic Stress Health


Chronic health conditions can affect your mental health

Purchased - man is sitting at the sofa and taking blood from his finger due to diabetes


Tierra Whack describes being alone with her dark thoughts and how those colored her new album

Tierra Whack WWW

Mental Health

Among female veterans, suicide rates outpace those of male counterparts and women, overall

women veterans mental health


The switch to daylight saving time is unpopular – and unhealthy, experts say

Daylight Saving Time Health


Eating disorders: Recognizing the signs and how to get help

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From fidgeting to focus: Sensory toys help kids and adults

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Mental Health

Rapper Ren draws fans with lyrics about mental and physical health struggles

Ren Mental Health


When a loved one is incarcerated

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Pregnant women who receive mental health support are less likely to develop postpartum depression, study shows

Pregnancy Postpartum Depression

Mental Health

Nonbinary people have higher rates of eating disorders, underscoring need for inclusive treatment environments

Eating Disorders Renfrew Center


Social media is fueling a mental health crisis in teenage girls

Purchased - teen girl using smartphone at night

Mental Health

Does the sound of your partner chewing irritate you? You may have misophonia

Misophonia headphones


Philadelphia Union Foundation launches mental health awareness initiative for youth soccer players

Purchased - young boy playing soccer

Health Stories

Dancing can provide a psychological boost – as this Philly-trained artist attests

Brice Johnson dance


Pa. House Rep. Kevin Boyle is "seeking help" after video of bar rant spreads online

02102024 Kevin Boyle bar outburst video.png

Mental Health

Cities know that the way police respond to mental crisis calls must change. But how?

Police Mental Health Crises

Mental Health

Eating fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt may help your mental health

Fermented foods mental health

Mental Health

Mild concussions put kids at greater risk for developing depression, anxiety and ADHD, study finds

Concussions Depression ADHD


Strong parental support lowers the depression risk of young adults, study finds

Parents Young Adults


Helping veterans navigate mental health challenges

Purchased - A veteran struggling with anxiety


Health anxiety: What it is and how to manage it

Purchased - Woman suffering an anxiety attack alone


How civic engagement positively impacts mental health

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Mental Health

How many siblings teens have may affect their mental health, study finds

siblings mental health


How to forgive yourself and move forward in a healthy way

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What you need to know about SSRIs

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Children's Health

Online racism can lead to PTSD symptoms among Black adolescents, study finds

Cyberbullying Mental Health Black Teens

Mental Health

What is resilience? A psychologist explains the main ingredients that help people manage stress

Resilience Stress


Tips for building healthy boundaries with family and friends

Purchased - Building Healthy Boundaries

Mental Health

Teaching positive psychology skills at school may be one way to help student mental health and happiness

Positive Psychology Schools

Men's Health

Men chipped away at cultural norms that keep them from being healthier in 2023, but greater change is needed

Men's Health 2023


Video games like 'Super Mario Odyssey' have the potential to help people with depression, study suggests

Depression Video Games

Mental Health

A constant worry about being sick increases risk of death, study finds

Worry Health Problems

Mental Health

For many who are suffering with prolonged grief, the holidays can be a time to reflect and find meaning in loss

Holidays Grief Loss

Men's Health

For some men, rewriting the 'holiday script' may prove beneficial to their mental well-being

Holiday Stress Men

Alternative Medicine

FDA to review MDMA's potential as a PTSD treatment

MDMA capsules PTSD


What does weight-inclusive health care mean?

Weight Inclusive Health Care

Mental Health

The holidays can be demanding; here's how to reduce stress

Holiday stress

Mental Health

The mental health of people born in the '90s is not improving with age – unlike other generations, study finds

Mental Health 1990s

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