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Mental Health

Mental Health

The NFL has been slow to embrace mental health support for players

NFL Mental Health

Health Stories

Eagles star Lane Johnson is learning how to block his biggest opponent, anxiety, and helping others confront it, too

Lane Johnson Mental Health Eagles

Mental Health

Seasonal affective disorder affects millions of Americans, but bright-light therapy may help

Chronic fatigue syndrome


How to deal with suicidal thoughts

Purchased - A person sitting on the floor depressed


A note for caregivers: Caring for yourself is key

Purchased - A woman laughing and enjoying time with her father


Understanding social anxiety disorder

Purchased - a depiction of social anxiety


Overcome your fear of failure by adopting a growth mindset

Purchased - Basketball going through a hoop


Psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist: Which do you need?

Purchased - Psychotherapy session, woman talking to psychologist

Mental Health

To reduce stress levels in the new year, try sleeping more, adopting a hobby and other strategies

Stress Management Strategies


The holiday blues leave many Americans feeling down during a season that emphasizes being merry

Holiday Blues Depression


A guide to choosing the right therapist

Purchased - Young woman in therapy session


The importance of knowing your family mental health history

Purchased - Family talking at a holiday dinner


Health concerns and trends for Generation Z to be aware of

Purchased - students using digital smart mobile phones on college campus

Health News

The biggest health trends of 2023 may include journaling and eating kelp

Health trends 2023

Mental Health

To reduce holiday stress, set realistic expectations, plan ahead and laugh often

Holiday Stress


‘The Black Paradise Project’ aims to reduce the mental health impacts of racism

Limited - Black Paradise Project


Doctors often miss depression symptoms for certain groups, but a routine screening policy could reduce the gap

Depression Screening

Mental Health

Mindfulness may be just as effective at treating anxiety as drugs, new research suggests

Mindfulness anxiety treatment

Mental Health

Hospitalizations for eating disorders still higher than pre-COVID

Hospitalizations for eating disorders on rise


Taking action to relieve election anxiety

Purchased - Man looking at phone feeling anxious


Stop nightmares and get a better night's sleep with these strategies

Nightmare prevention

Mental Health

Bird songs are more than pleasant chirping – the sound boosts mental well-being, scientists say

Birds mental health


How to cope with empty nest syndrome

Purchased - young person moving into a dorm at college

Mental Health

Toxic workplaces can adversely impact employees' health, U.S. Surgeon General warns

Vivek Murthy Work Health


Santigold joins list of artists canceling tours due to mental health concerns and 'unsustainable' music industry

Santigold Album Tour

Men's Health

Football stars like Lane Johnson provide men a playbook to confront their mental health challenges

Mental Health

The successes of the Eagles and Phillies have fans putting their superstitions on full display – and that's OK

Eagles fans

Healthy Eating

Many Americans struggle with stress eating, but there are ways to overcome it

Stress eating

Mental Health

Children age 8 and older should be screened for anxiety, new federal guidelines state

Anxiety Screenings Children


What is borderline personality disorder and how is it treated?

Purchased - an overwhelmed person up against a wall

Mental Health

Taking antidepressants while pregnant won't increase baby's risk of autism or ADHD, study finds

Antidepressant pregnancy


How financial stress can impact your health

Purchased - Financial stress causing anxiety

Adult Health

Sexual struggles after cancer treatment are common, but help is available

Cancer Sex Life


New Jersey bill would keep people with mental illnesses out of court system

N.J. assembly chambers

Mental Health

Most adults should receive routine anxiety screenings, U.S. task force says

Anxiety Screening Adults


Helpful tips for de-escalating stress in your life

Purchased - Man sitting on the couch relaxed

Mental Health

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S. – knowing the warning signs could save a life

Warning signs of suicide

Adult Health

Common steroid treatments for asthma, allergies may cause cognitive decline, study finds

Glucocorticoids Brain Decline


IBX: The Cover Story Podcast: Navigating the Difficult Challenges of Alzheimer's, Part 2

Purchased - Caregiver with elderly woman

Mental Health

How easy access to guns at home contributes to America's youth suicide problem

Gun youth suicide


How to manage the mental health effects of social injustice

Purchased - Thoughtful woman looking outside window


Former St. Joe's star Delonte West shown panhandling in viral videos

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