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Phantom vibrations: reason to call doctor?

Cellphone pocket 09102019

Mental Health

More must be done to reduce suicide, World Health Organization says

Suicide Rates World Health Organization

Mental Health

6 tips for coping with social anxiety

Anxiety Scrabble 09042019

Mental Health

CHOP study finds potential blood-based biomarker for PTSD


Mental Health

On social media, more people are coming out about their depression

Depression and mental health on social media


Man who climbed Bethlehem SteelStacks to receive mental health treatment

Man climbed Bethlehem SteelStacks mental health

Children's Health

Adolescent relationship abuse: it's more common than you think

Relationship Abuse 08212019


Why kindness is good for you — and everyone else

Elderly woman smiling with a friend

Mental Health

FCC proposes three-digit phone number for suicide prevention hotline

988 Suicide Hotline 08152019


New acupressure mat said to banish stress in a mere 15 minutes

gorelax acupressure mat

Children's Health

Mental health instruction will be mandatory in grades K-12 under New Jersey law

mental health instruction new jersey schools

Mental Health

NBA to implement new mental health guidelines for 2019-2020 season

Kevin Love NBA 08082019

Mental Health

New Jersey launches nation's first state program to prevent police officer suicide

Police rain

Mental Health

Digital games may help ease stress better than mindfulness apps, new study says

Mindfulness app and digital games anti-stress

Adult Health

Millennials more likely to struggle to meet people than older generations, study finds

Millennials Loneliness Social Isolation

Mental Health

Interactive mental health exercises coming to stressed, unhappy Pinterest users

pinterest interactive mental health exercises

Mental Health

‘Climate grief’: Fears about the planet’s future weigh on Americans’ mental health

Sad Planet Flickr 07192019

Alternative Medicine

Breakthrough PTSD treatment using party drug MDMA coming soon to Philly region

Carroll - Dr. Samy Badawy

Mental Health

Scientists are closing in on a blood test screening for Alzheimer's disease

alzheimers blood test

Mental Health

Physician burnout: Why legal and regulatory systems may need to step in

Woman Doctor 07092019

Mental Health

Philly-based NeuroFlow, Jefferson Health team up on better mental health treatment

NeuroFlow app 07092019

Women's Health

Women's mental health likely to improve after quitting alcohol

quitting alcohol mental health


Caregiver depression linked to more ER visits for patients with dementia

Caregiver Depression Seniors with Dementia

Mental Health

You've probably never heard of this interesting phobia of holes

trypophobia fear of holes

Mental Health

In secret meeting, Philly-area seniors discuss ‘rational suicide’

Nursing_Home 06272019

Senior Health

Antidepressants among common medications tied to increased dementia risk

Antidepressants among common drugs linked to dementia

Women's Health

Study: Overdose, suicide among top causes of death for new moms

suicide overdose new moms

Mental Health

New research suggests promising Alzheimer's treatment in blood pressure medication

blood pressure drug alzheimers treatmetn


A weekly total of two hours spent in nature promotes optimal health and wellness – study

Carroll - Walking in Rittenhouse Square

Mental Health

Drexel grad just launched a low-cost online therapy tool

rethink online therapy


The 'Swiss Cheese Pervert' breaks his silence on a life of infamy

Christopher Pagano Swiss Cheese Pervert 06042019

Mental Health

World Health Organization removes transgender from mental health disorder list

transgender not mental health disorder


The stress antidote you've been looking for may be lurking in dirt

dirt bacteria stress


Daily stressors can result in scalp tension — here's what you should know

stress scalp tension

Mental Health

We have a subconscious negative brain response to disfigured faces, Penn study finds

implicit bias disfigured faces

Mental Health

Mental health support may be beneficial to food allergy sufferers

mental healths support food allergies

Mental Health

Researchers' findings on depression mechanism could better explain one of its worst symptoms



Study proves success of exercise as treatment in psychiatric patients

Carroll - Weights at a gym

Children's Health

Suicide rates soar among young females, narrowing long-standing gender gap, study says



Not all doctors are behind 'revolutionary' ketamine-based antidepressant

Spravato Esketamine Nasal Spray 05172019


Daybreaker pool party happening at Vesper Dayclub in Northern Liberties

Vesper Dayclub in Northern Liberties

Mental Health

New mental health care guidelines for females promote empathy, empowerment

female mental health care guidelines

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