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New wellness app, VetTriage, aims to boost veterans' health through resiliency

Veterans Wellness App

Adult Health

Well City Challenge seeks innovative ideas to improve millennial health

Well City Challenge

Mental Health

New device may offer a more effective way to measure stress hormones

New earwax sampling device by Trears

Mental Health

Inflammatory bowel disease genetically tied to stress, depression, CHOP finds

Link between IBD and depression

Women's Health

Postpartum depression can persist years after childbirth, research shows

Postpartum depression can persist years after childbirth, research shows


Healthy ways to keep in touch with loved ones while social distancing

Woman talking on a video conference

Men's Health

The power of anticipation: Improve your well-being by looking forward

Anticipation health benefits


Struggling former St. Joe's star Delonte West picked up by Mark Cuban in Dallas

Delonte West Cuban


The silence of the virtual classroom: Remote learning makes social skills development more challenging

COVID-19 Virtual Learning - One time use

Men's Health

Defend your well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic by getting – and giving – help

Health benefits of giving


How stress management can improve your health

Woman meditating on bed


Addressing the mental health needs of the ‘silver tsunami’

Senior woman sitting alone on a chair at home

Mental Health

For colleges, online mental health services are a 'silver lining' of COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 Mental Health Services


The health benefits of having a garden or house plants

Farmer hands take care and protect young sprout plant

Mental Health

Self-care, social support key to good mental health as pandemic drags along

COVID-19 mental health


Eight ways to balance your news intake with brain breaks

Man at desk staring out the window

Mental Health

From 9/11 to father's fatal plane crash, New Jersey paramedic has learned lessons in coping with tragedy

scott coppolo

Children's Health

Death of a pet can trigger depression in children, new study finds

Loss of a pet


Millennial caretakers at greater risk of stress-related conditions, study finds

BCBS caregiving report


To help kids cope with COVID-19 anxiety, provide context and emphasize control

Child Anxiety Tips COVID-19

Mental Health

A phone app may effectively treat bulimia and binge eating disorders

Eating Disorder Phone App

Men's Health

In a busy world, sleep sits at the epicenter of health and happiness

Better Sleep tips

Mental Health

CHOP researchers see sense of altruism in people's COVID-19 worries

COVID-19 worries.jpg

Mental Health

Many Generation Zers, millennials having suicidal thoughts amid pandemic

Suicidal thoughts COVID-19 pandemic


Twitter posts show that people are profoundly sad – and are visiting parks to cheer up

COVID-19 Parks Benefits

Mental Health

Suicide-related incidents involving OTC painkillers are surging, study finds

OTC drugs suicide

Adult Health

Obesity reduces blood flow to the brain, increasing risk to Alzheimer's disease

Brain Scans Obesity

Mental Health

Vitamin D supplements don't reduce depression risk in adults, according to new study

Vitamin D supplementation and depression risk


How to unleash creativity by embracing change

Woman working at desk being creative


Here’s how anxiety can impact your physical health

Anxious woman looking down in distress

Mental Health

A walk on the beach or by a lake may boost your mental health, new study finds

health blue spaces

Mental Health

Quarantine bubbles – when done right – limit COVID-19 risk and help fight loneliness

Quarantine bubble COVID-19

Men's Health

Three techniques to help men improve their mental health

Men Mental Health tips


What it’s like to have PTSD

Person suffering from PTSD


How to effectively face your health fears

Medical equipment in doctor office

Children's Health

Bullying a common precursor before LGBTQ youth suicides, Yale study finds

LGBTQ youth bullying

Mental Health

Even teens with mild mental distress have increased suicide risk, study finds

Teens at risk of suicide

Children's Health

Rare neuropsychiatric condition causes children's personalities to shift overnight

PANS in Children

Mental Health

Addressing sex bias in some diseases may improve treatment, doctors hope

Sex bias in disease


Here’s how yoga may help with depression

Limited - Independence LIVE Yoga on the Mat March 2019

Mental Health

How to listen with empathy when you are feeling the strain of social distancing

COVID-19 conflict resolution

Mental Health

Coronavirus anxiety approaching clinical levels in 40% of respondents to Jefferson survey

Anxiety Jefferson Coronavirus

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