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Here’s how music can impact your health

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How to combat insomnia with the Constructive Worry method

Laying in bed with hands over face worrying


A psychologist’s take on the healing power of listening

Women having a conversation at a table


Fear of a return to ‘normal’ is real — here’s how to face it

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Addressing mental health disparities

Photo of two women having a discussion

Children's Health

Living near green spaces boosts mental health of city children, study finds

Mental Health Green Spaces


Mindfulness meditation can make some Americans more selfish and less generous

Mindfulness meditation benefits


It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine. But is it really?

Portrait of irritated girl with brunette hair covering ears

Mental Health

People living with HIV have a higher suicide risk, even with advancements in treatment

Suicide risk and HIV

Adult Health

Just three nights of little sleep can negatively affect your health, data shows

Sleep deprivation and our health

Mental Health

The neuroscience behind why your brain may need time to adjust to ‘un-social distancing’

Anxiety COVID-19 Restrictions


Eastern Regional High School valedictorian's mic cut during graduation speech about queer identity

Bryce Dershem Speech


Tips for living a healthy life with Alzheimer's

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Common types of eating disorders

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Work-life balance and how to achieve it

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Six early signs of Alzheimer’s and other dementia

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SEPTA to install steel barriers at Somerset Station to prevent deadly falls

SEPTA Somerset Station


Starting your day an hour earlier could reduce risk for depression, according to a new study

Sleep timing and depression risk


Healthy ways to deal with the loss of a loved one

Burning candle and white calla on dark background

Mental Health

People with OCD have more than triple the risk of stroke as they age, a new study finds

OCD and stroke risk

Mental Health

CHOP to provide mental health services to Girard College students

Girard College Philly


Treating eczema requires a more holistic approach, experts say

treating eczema


What is serotonin?

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Online communities pose risks for children, but they are also important sources of support

Online Support Networks

Mental Health

Outdoor recreation remains popular and can help provide a big health boost

Outdoor recreation travel

Mental Health

CVS expands in-store, mental health services to the Philly region

cvs mental health


Where can I find online resources for mental health?

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Mental Health

Providing exposure therapy to PTSD patients is one of the latest ways VR is being used in health care

Virtual Reality Treatment For PTSD

Mental Health

Feeling foggy-headed and tired all the time? You may have sluggish cognitive tempo



Is stress contagious?

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Easy ways to practice kindness

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How to win the waiting game

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Mental Health

Exhausted by too many Zoom meetings? Here's how to relieve the fatigue

Zoom fatigue

Men's Health

Nature provides a wide range of physical and mental health benefits

Nature Health Benefits

Mental Health

Anxious about going out into the world? You're not alone, but there's help

Dining COVID-19 Pandemic


One in three COVID-19 survivors suffer from brain disease, study shows

COVID-19 brain disease


Strategies for dealing with needle anxiety

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Mental Health

Escapist TV can relieve stress, but it can easily become problematic

Escapist TV and Mental Health

Mental Health

New behavioral health initiative aims to better address depression, anxiety in Southeastern Pennsylvania

IBX Quartert Health

Mental Health

Half of U.S. college students battling anxiety or depression, study finds

college students mental illness

Mental Health

Feeling lonely? A 10-minute phone call can go a long way

Phone Calls Loneliness Depression

Mental Health

Prediabetes may expedite mental decline – and millions of Americans have it

Prediabetes can affect the brain

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