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A weekly total of two hours spent in nature promotes optimal health and wellness – study

Carroll - Walking in Rittenhouse Square

Mental Health

Drexel grad just launched a low-cost online therapy tool

rethink online therapy


The 'Swiss Cheese Pervert' breaks his silence on a life of infamy

Christopher Pagano Swiss Cheese Pervert 06042019

Mental Health

World Health Organization removes transgender from mental health disorder list

transgender not mental health disorder


Daily stressors can result in scalp tension — here's what you should know

stress scalp tension


The stress antidote you've been looking for may be lurking in dirt

dirt bacteria stress

Mental Health

We have a subconscious negative brain response to disfigured faces, Penn study finds

implicit bias disfigured faces

Mental Health

Mental health support may be beneficial to food allergy sufferers

mental healths support food allergies

Mental Health

Researchers' findings on depression mechanism could better explain one of its worst symptoms



Study proves success of exercise as treatment in psychiatric patients

Carroll - Weights at a gym


Not all doctors are behind 'revolutionary' ketamine-based antidepressant

Spravato Esketamine Nasal Spray 05172019

Children's Health

Suicide rates soar among young females, narrowing long-standing gender gap, study says



Daybreaker pool party happening at Vesper Dayclub in Northern Liberties

Vesper Dayclub in Northern Liberties

Mental Health

New mental health care guidelines for females promote empathy, empowerment

female mental health care guidelines

Mental Health

Broccoli derivative may prove to be a viable schizophrenia treatment, study finds

broccoli schizophrenia treatment


Five signs of an unhealthy relationship

Unhappy couple in disagreement

Mental Health

CHOP to offer free pediatric mental health webinar series

Carroll - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Buerger Cent

Mental Health

City of Philadelphia to host free mental health events throughout May

Carroll - Philadelphia City Hall and the Benjamin Franklin Parkw

Women's Health

Chrissy Teigen joins forces with Pa-based health network for postpartum depression awareness

chrissy teigan postpartum awareness

Odd News

Local brewery starts crafting 'Do Attend' beer in time for April 27 furnace party

Furnace Party

Mental Health

A quick trick to naturally boost your mood? Smile, researchers say

smiling natural mood booster

Health Insurance

New Jersey law will help ease financial burden of mental health treatment

nj gov phil murphy

Mental Health

Oprah and Prince Harry to produce mental health series for Apple TV+

Prince Harry Mental Health 04102019


How to identify and help a hoarder

Clutter in a home


Three reasons positive self-talk may be effective

Woman standing outside as the sun rises

Mental Health

Some people loathe ASMR, while others can't even experience it

asmr doesn't work

Children's Health

ADHD diagnoses rise sharply among Philadelphia-area children

adhd philadelphia kids

Mental Health

Most mental health apps lack any sort of scientific validation

mental health apps lack science

Mental Health

There’s an entire television series based on this controversial mental illness

Munchausen by proxy the act


Teens have less face time with their friends – and are lonelier than ever

teens silhouette sky 03212019


Here’s what a panic attack feels like

Person with anxiety sitting on floor


Former Eagle, former Flyer to talk health benefits of using THC and CBD

anthology wellness nolibs cbd oil


Here's the scoop on misophonia — the disorder that makes people sensitive to certain sounds

misophonia sound sensitivity

Mental Health

Youth mental health crisis in America is real – and staggering

Teen sad silhouette depression mental health 03142019

Mental Health

Alzheimer's disease risk linked to health of extended family members

alzheimer's disease risk distant family

Mental Health

Always connected with thousands of ‘friends’ – yet feeling all alone



Natural remedies for dealing with anxiety

Woman meditating on a mat


FDA approves new medication for severe depression



Rock steady: why are crystals making a comeback?

Angela Monaco

Mental Health

Diabulimia is a serious eating disorder that most people have never heard of

diabulimia eating disorder unsplash


Pyt: the Danish word the world needs to combat stress



These women are living healthy and sharing their eating disorder experiences

Carroll - Erin Morrissey

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