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When the weather gets hot, tempers also tend to flare

Hot Weather Thermometer

Children's Health

Girls are starting their periods earlier in life, and that may lead to adverse health issues later

Menstrual Cycle Study


Exercise doesn't just help youth stay physically healthy – it's linked to better mental health, too

Mental Health Youth

Adult Health

Loneliness may cause unhealthy food cravings, study suggests

Loneliness Binge Eating


Pregnant women who receive mental health support are less likely to develop postpartum depression, study shows

Pregnancy Postpartum Depression

Mental Health

Eating fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt may help your mental health

Fermented foods mental health

Mental Health

Mild concussions put kids at greater risk for developing depression, anxiety and ADHD, study finds

Concussions Depression ADHD


Health anxiety: What it is and how to manage it

Purchased - Woman suffering an anxiety attack alone

Mental Health

A constant worry about being sick increases risk of death, study finds

Worry Health Problems

Men's Health

For some men, rewriting the 'holiday script' may prove beneficial to their mental well-being

Holiday Stress Men

Mental Health

The holidays can be demanding; here's how to reduce stress

Holiday stress

Mental Health

The mental health of people born in the '90s is not improving with age – unlike other generations, study finds

Mental Health 1990s

Senior Health

Medicare expands the roster of available mental health professionals

Medicare Mental Health

Mental Health

People with depression are increasingly taking LSD, and research suggests it may help when used under supervision



Catastrophizing: What it is and how to stop doing it

Purchased - Catastrophic Thinking Thoughts

Mental Health

Less than half of children with mental health disorders receive treatment, study finds

Mental Health

New TikTok feature aims to give users credible information on mental health


Eating healthy foods can help boost one's mental health

Mental Health Food

Mental Health

As the youth mental health crisis worsens, the dire shortage of providers prevents young people from getting help

Mental Health Teens

Mental Health

Half of the world's population will experience mental illness by age 75, study says

Mental Illness by 75

Mental Health

Reducing social media usage by just 15 minutes a day improves one's well-being, research suggests

Mental Health

Youth suicide attempts increase during the school year and fall during the summer, study finds

Suicide Risk School Year


'Bed rotting' has become trendy, but is it a legitimate self-care method?

Bed Rotting Self-Care Trend

Mental Health

Most adults should receive routine anxiety screenings, U.S. task force says

Anxiety Screenings

Children's Health

Social media is a driver of youth mental health crisis, U.S. surgeon general warns

Surgeon General Social Media Youth

Mental Health

Smartphone use actually increases when people visit city parks, study finds

Smartphone Use Parks

Children's Health

Teens should be trained on social media before creating accounts, APA says

Social Media Guidelines Teens

Alternative Medicine

As ex-Flyers and other athletes turn to magic mushrooms, pain, hope and science collide


Addressing anxiety in teens and young adults

Purchased - Anxious teenager sitting against a wall

Mental Health

People with 'high-functioning anxiety' often mask their struggles. Here's how to spot someone that needs help

High-functioning anxiety


Exercise can boost mental health – and may be as effective at treating depression as drugs

Exercise mental health

Mental Health

Genetics may help explain risk for a rare eating disorder, researchers say

Genetic risk with avoidant restrictive food intake disorder

Mental Health

Years of exposure to air pollution can increase your risk of depression or anxiety, experts say

Air pollution and mental health

Mental Health

The NFL has been slow to embrace mental health support for players

Health Stories

Eagles star Lane Johnson is learning how to block his biggest opponent, anxiety, and helping others confront it, too

Lane Johnson Mental Health Eagles


Understanding social anxiety disorder

Purchased - a depiction of social anxiety

Mental Health

To reduce stress levels in the new year, try sleeping more, adopting a hobby and other strategies

Stress Management Strategies

Mental Health

Mindfulness may be just as effective at treating anxiety as drugs, new research suggests

Mindfulness anxiety treatment


Taking action to relieve election anxiety

Purchased - Man looking at phone feeling anxious

Women's Health

Expectant mothers with autism face extra challenges, studies show

Expectant mothers with autism


Stop nightmares and get a better night's sleep with these strategies

Nightmare prevention

Mental Health

Bird songs are more than pleasant chirping – the sound boosts mental well-being, scientists say

Birds mental health

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