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As e-cigarette popularity surges, 6.2 million American youth are using tobacco products

Teen Smoking 2019


Hospital-based breastfeeding initiatives reduce early infant deaths

Baby-friendly hospital initiatives breastfeeding


New Pennsylvania law boosts minimum age to buy tobacco, e-cigarettes

Tobacco age 21 pennsylvania

Children's Health

Treating HIV in the tiniest babies could have huge positive implications for their futures

World AIDs Day 2019

Children's Health

Children continue to suffer more eye injuries from BB guns, pellet and paintball guns each year, study finds

eye injuries bb guns paintball pellet


Most young kids – including infants – are getting way too much screen time

Screen Time Babies

Children's Health

More than 80% of adolescents worldwide don't exercise enough, study finds

Youth exercise study running

Children's Health

Fewer U.S. kids are drinking soda and other sweetened drinks

Soda consumption children

Children's Health

Mom's measles immunity may not protect baby beyond first 3 months

Measles vaccine babies

Children's Health

A contact lens designed to slow nearsightedness in children is coming in March

MiSight Contact Lenses Myopia FDA Approval

Children's Health

Contagious whooping cough reported at four East Penn district schools

Whooping Cough Emmaus

Children's Health

Babies' frequent hiccups may be tied to brain development, scientists say

Why do babies hiccup so much?

Children's Health

Pennsylvania hospital's donor breast milk process at fault for death of 3 infants

Geisinger Pseudomonas

Children's Health

Childhood trauma leads to poorer health as adults, CDC analysis finds

CDC childhood trauma and adult health

Children's Health

Exposure to pollution may cause your child to have a smaller brain, study says

Pollution ADHD brain development

Children's Health

More research shows benefits of bariatric surgery for obese teens with type 2 diabetes

Bariatric diabetes

Healthy Eating

How many artificial sweeteners are in your child's food? It's unclear

Diet Coke Artificial Sweetener

Children's Health

Gritty visits CHOP for 4-year-old birthday boy who idolizes him

Jack Gritty CHOP

Children's Health

Everything you need to know about tonsil removal surgery

What to know about tonsil removal surgery

Children's Health

Bariatric surgery found safe for teens with morbid obesity, Penn research finds

Bariatric surgery

Children's Health

CHOP researchers figure out how to get your picky eater to like more foods

picky eating habits CHOP

Women's Health

Chemical exposure in early pregnancy may cause brain development issues in children

Chemical exposure early pregnancy


Pennsylvania ranked 17th most-vaccinated state in U.S., new survey finds

Vaccinations Pennsylvania new Jersey

Children's Health

Teens are losing sleep over social media

teens sleep social media

Children's Health

Secondhand smoke exposure may harm children's developing eyesight

smoking cigarette

Children's Health

Majority of U.S. baby foods test positive for potentially harmful neurotoxins, study says

baby food toxins


Why parents should feel at ease about getting their kids vaccinated

Mother Taking Young Daughter For Vaccination In Doctors Office

Children's Health

Pennsylvania youth rank among the most obese in the country

Pennsylvania Childhood Obesity Rate


On Halloween, follow these trick-or-treating safety tips

Trick-or-treating safety tips


Pennsylvania police department warns parents about THC candy after Nerds Rope drug bust

Nerds rope THC drug bust

Children's Health

Three babies die from infections at Pennsylvania hospital

Geisinger Medical Center


High lead levels during pregnancy may increase risk of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity lead exposure

Children's Health

Men should avoid alcohol in months before conception for baby's heart health, study suggests

Drinking congenital heart disease

Children's Health

Scabies outbreak reported at two schools in Radnor Township

Radnor scabies outbreak

Children's Health

Pediatricians stand by meds for ADHD – but some want therapy first

ADHD Medications Therapy AAP

Children's Health

CHOP breaks ground on King of Prussia inpatient facility


Children's Health

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children receives multiple bids, including Drexel University and Tower Health

St. Christopher's Children Hospital auction


Children 5 and younger should only drink milk and water, scientists recommend

children juice milk water


CDC releases new recommendations for 2019-20 flu season

0918_Flu vaccines

Children's Health

Here’s how to get your children ready for flu season

Sick Child 09162019

Children's Health

When can my daughter start using tampons?

Girl Doctor 09162019

Children's Health

Off-label prescriptions for children on the rise, study finds

Carroll - Pills Medication Prescription Drugs Stock

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