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Children's Health

Children's Health

The immune response to MIS-C may hold clues to improving COVID-19 treatments, Philly researchers say

MIS-C immune system

Children's Health

Strep throat may exacerbate ADHD symptoms, new study finds

Strep and tic disorders

Children's Health

Antibodies from childhood colds don't offer protection against COVID-19, Penn study finds

Common Cold COVID-19

Children's Health

Penn State researchers identifying children most prone to screen overuse

Screen time for kids

Healthy Eating

New approaches are needed to help teens eat enough vegetables, CDC says

Teens Junk Food


Youth vaping threatens to wipe out gains in cigarette use, health experts warn

Vaping Gateway Cigarettes

Children's Health

Children's hospitals are partly to blame as superbugs increasingly attack kids

Antibiotic Misuse Superbug

Healthy Eating

New U.S. dietary guidelines may alter a memorable first birthday tradition

Toddlers Cake Guidelines


Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding the signs and symptoms

Emotion emoticons used by a psychologist during a therapy session with a child with an autism spectrum disorder


Too much screen time, cyberbullying among parents' top pandemic concerns

Pandemic screen time kids

Children's Health

Boys are susceptible to eating disorders too – but they often go undetected

Boys eating disorders

Children's Health

Schools may not be coronavirus hotbeds, CDC study suggests

COVID-19 Schools Safety

Children's Health

Many teenagers start driving too soon after a concussion

Teens drivers concussion


A parent’s guide to understanding ADHD

Children playing in autumn leaves

Children's Health

When can children get the COVID-19 vaccine? 5 questions parents are asking

COVID-19 vaccine kids

Children's Health

Childhood vaccinations have plunged during COVID – but not in the Philly area

Child Vaccines COVID-19 pandemic


Non-fatal overdoses increasing among children, CDC study finds

Child overdoses CDC


Safely storing medicine a critical way to prevent accidental child deaths

Safe Medicine Storage

Children's Health

Infant HIV medication poised to reduce AIDS-related deaths

HIV baby medication flavor

Children's Health

Children who contract COVID-19 tend to show only mild symptoms, CHOP study finds

chop study covid-19 children.jpg

Children's Health

Antibiotic use before age 2 may lead to health issues later in childhood

Antibiotics Asthma Allergies

Children's Health

Researchers identify another health benefit of Vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D benefits

Mental Health

Inflammatory bowel disease genetically tied to stress, depression, CHOP finds

Link between IBD and depression

Children's Health

COVID-19 cases increasing among U.S. children as fall arrives

COVID-19 in children


What to know about cerebral palsy

Disabled child sitting in wheelchair.

Children's Health

CHOP opens gender and sexuality development clinic in New Jersey

CHOP gender and sexuality development clinic

Adult Health

Adults also susceptible to serious inflammatory syndrome after COVID-19

MIS-A COVID-19 condition

Children's Health

Vitamin D may protect unborn babies from childhood high blood pressure

Vitamin D Pregnancy Benefits

Children's Health

Your child's vaccines: What you need to know about catching up during the COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccine Schedule COVID-19

Children's Health

Teenagers at higher risk for COVID-19 than young children, CDC finds

Children COVID-19 risk


The silence of the virtual classroom: Remote learning makes social skills development more challenging

COVID-19 Virtual Learning - One time use


What to know about funnel chest (pectus excavatum)

X-ray medical stock photo

Children's Health

MIS-C may be leaving children with heart damage, CHOP researchers find

MIS-C Myocarditis Children


The polio vaccine's rollout offers lessons as America awaits a COVID-19 vaccine

Polio Vaccine COVID-19

Children's Health

Death of a pet can trigger depression in children, new study finds

Loss of a pet

Children's Health

Vaping rates among teens declining, but addiction appears to be on the rise, according to CDC

Vaping down among teens

Children's Health

Here's what doctors know about MIS-C, from symptoms to treatments

COVID-19 and MIS-C


With many schools starting online, vaccinations head for recess

Vaccines Schools COVID-19

Women's Health

Flu shots given to pregnant women do not increase risk of autism, study finds

Flu vaccination and autism risk


To help kids cope with COVID-19 anxiety, provide context and emphasize control

Child Anxiety Tips COVID-19


Why development screenings and lead testing are so important for kids

Dad and child at doctor


Early prevention can help kids avoid heart disease later in life

Boy playing doctor with stuffed animal

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