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Radiation may cause triple-negative breast cancer to keep growing

Dr. Sims-Mourtada studying breast cancer stem cells in the lab

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Penn researchers developing oral medication to speed up healing of broken bones

Penn Broken Bones


New sickle cell disease treatments are helping people live longer – and giving them a higher quality of life

Sickle cell disease

Adult Health

Minority patients benefit from having minority doctors, but that's a hard match to make

Minority doctor-patient relationship

Mental Health

Transcendental meditation soothes anxiety by changing connections in the brain

Meditation anxiety stress


Is your city making you fat? How urban planning can address the obesity epidemic

Obesity City Policies


Health officials should begin preparing for the next viral outbreak now – even as coronavirus keeps spreading

viral outbreak response


Three Temple students tested positive for mumps this semester, university says

Mumps 2020 Temple


The current flu shot appears more effective than last season's vaccine

Flu vaccine

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South Jersey native Kelly Ripa opens up about quitting drinking

Kelly Ripa Alcohol


Caregivers need to focus on their own health too, CDC emphasizes

Caregivers need to focus on their own health too, CDC says

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New Netflix drama 'Painkillers' follows the origins of the opioid crisis

Netflix Painkillers series

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Musician plays violin while undergoing brain surgery at King's College Hospital

Brain tumor craniotomy violinist


More stringent regulations are reducing tobacco retailers in Philly, study finds

Tobacco retailers Philly


To help infants avoid asthma, go easy on the cleaning – at least for a bit

Chemicals in cleaning products could trigger asthma


Philly outlines safety plan for Safehouse overdose prevention site

OPS Philly Safehouse

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