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Twitter's new position on COVID-19 misinformation leaves many health experts fearful of public harm

Twitter covid misinformation policy

Adult Health

Steroid shots offer pain relief from knee arthritis, but they may make the condition worse over time

Knee injections pain relief


Penn scientists inch closer to universal flu vaccine that could weaken future pandemics

Penn flu vaccine


Lyme disease can be challenging to diagnose, but a new discovery may lead to a better test

Diagnosing Lyme disease

Adult Health

Memory loss comes with aging, but there are ways to keep your mind sharp

Healthy brain diet

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Green Sprouts recalls toddler sippy cups, bottles due to lead exposure risk

Green Sprouts recall


Treating long COVID is rife with guesswork

long covid treatment


Doctors often miss depression symptoms for certain groups, but a routine screening policy could reduce the gap

Depression Screening


Nearly half of young people listen to music too loudly; here's how to safely use headphones

Safe headphone volume

Healthy Eating

Intermittent fasting linked to eating disorder behaviors, research shows

Intermittent Fasting


Omicron-specific boosters offer better protection than original COVID-19 vaccine, data shows

COVID-19 Omicron Boosters

Healthy Eating

How to relieve the bloating, indigestion and heartburn caused by your Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving Upset Stomach Tips


Parents' words carry weight when discussing obesity with their children

Parenting Obesity Talk

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Elevated levels of 'good' cholesterol may not protect heart health, study finds

Risk factors for heart disease

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