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Adult Health

Symptoms of the most common STDs

Gonorrhea bacteria NAIAD 04192019

Senior Health

Brain stimulation may reverse seniors' memory loss, study finds

Memory Loss Older People Brain Stimulation

Children's Health

Parents, dental hygiene should begin at the first tooth

Tooth Brushing Toddler 04162019


When is the best time to exercise? Researchers identify ideal hours

Carroll - Running in Philadelphia

Women's Health

Everything you need to know about birth control

Birth control pills 04182019

Women's Health

Planned Parenthood’s ‘risky strategy’ to update its image

Stock_Carroll - Planned Parenthood

Alternative Medicine

Does CBD work? Science isn't sure, but Philly-area residents say it's helping them

Carroll - Judy Beck, CBD User


City takes a breather on safe-injection sites to address public safety concerns

Carroll - Kensington


IBX, Unite for HER sending care packages to breast cancer patients


Health News

Regular cannabis users can require up to two times the normal level of sedation for surgeries

Anesthesia Sedation Surgery 04172019

Healthy Eating

New cholesterol study may lead you to ask: Pass the eggs, or pass on the eggs?

Fried Eggs Skillet 04172019

Health News

Penn Medicine treats two cancer patients with gene-editing tool CRISPR

CRISPR gene editing 04162019

Children's Health

Experts find insufficient evidence to screen young children, pregnant women for lead without symptoms

lead exposure pregnant women children

Alternative Medicine

Amid shifting attitudes on medical marijuana, baby boomers are big buyers

Carroll - Seniors using Medical Marijuana


Measles, mumps, rubella vaccines now available in Rite Aid pharmacies nationwide

mmr vaccine at rite aid

Men's Health

The resting heart rate men in their 50s don't want to see on their smartwatch

fitness tracker unsplash

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