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Defining when human life begins is not a question science can answer – it's a question of politics and ethical values

Ultrasound baby


Some Christians believe abortion is murder, but history and the Bible disagree

Abortion Christian Beliefs


New Jersey bills seek to expand abortion rights in wake of Supreme Court decision

Abortion Bills New Jersey

2022 Election

In key Pa. elections, will SCOTUS decision hurt anti-abortion candidates' support among women voters?

Mastriano Abortion Pennsylvania


Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, putting states in charge of deciding abortion rights

Roe v Wade Supreme Court


Pennsylvania bill would limit discussions of gender identity, sexual orientation in elementary schools

Transparency Bill


Veterans for Trump co-founder Joshua Macias could face jail over meeting with Proud Boys

Joshua Macias Jan 6 Meeting


Watch former Philly commissioner Al Schmidt's testimony in the Jan. 6 committee hearings

Al Schmidt Testimony


Pa. Republicans expect David McCormick to aim for Bob Casey's U.S. Senate seat in 2024

David McCormick Bob Casey


What to expect from the public Jan. 6 committee hearings on U.S. Capitol attack

US Capitol Riot

2022 Election

2022 N.J. primary election: Here are results from the key races in South Jersey on Tuesday

New Jersey primary election results

2022 Election

In N.J.'s 3rd District Republican primary, Bob Healey prevails over Ian Smith and Nicholas Ferrara

NJ 3rd GOP Smith Healey Ferrara

2022 Election

In N.J.'s 2nd District, Tim Alexander wins Democratic primary against Carolyn Rush

NJ 2ND Alexander Rush


Three takeaways from 'Here's the Deal,' Kellyanne Conway's memoir about the Trump administration

Kellyanne Conway Memoir


'Abbott Elementary' creator Quinta Brunson rejects fan requests for school shooting episode

Abbott Elementary Uvalde


John Oliver questions Democrats' 'risky' strategy against Doug Mastriano in Pa. governor's race

John Oliver Doug Mastriano


Pa. lawmakers are among the hundreds of state legislators in U.S. who have joined far-right Facebook groups

far right republican PA

2022 Election

Clock is ticking on automatic recount in Oz-McCormick U.S. senate primary, but first all votes need to be counted

Oz McCormick Primary Recount

2022 Election

John Fetterman wins Pa. Democratic primary for U.S. Senate days after stroke

Fetterman US Senate primary

2022 Election

2022 primary election results: Here are the key results from Tuesday

pa primary election results

2022 Election

Doug Mastriano cruises to win in Republican primary for governor, defeating large field of candidates

Mastriano Pa governor primary

2022 Election

Trump endorses Mastriano in Pennsylvania governor's race

Mastriano Trump Endorsement

2022 Election

Pennsylvania governor's race takes shape as test of state's political identity

PA republican primary governor

2022 Election

Republican Kathy Barnette looks to make history in U.S. Senate bid

Kathy Barnette Senate race

2022 Election

Lou Barletta touts his political acumen in campaign for Pennsylvania governor

Lou Barletta Governor

2022 Election

Mehmet Oz strives to ride Donald Trump's endorsement to GOP nomination in U.S. Senate race

Mehmet Oz Senate

2022 Election

State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta vows to fight for working class families if elected to U.S. Senate

Malcolm Kenyatta Senate

2022 Election

Charlie Gerow bills himself as true conservative candidate in Pennsylvania's governor race

Charlie Gerow governor

2022 Election

Republican Sean Gale touts his conservative bonafides in bid for U.S. Senate

Sean Gale Senate

2022 Election

Ex-hedge fund CEO David McCormick pushes 'America first' message in U.S. Senate bid

David McCormick Senate

2022 Election

Former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain angles himself as law and order candidate in Pennsylvania governor's race

Bill McSwain Governor

2022 Election

Retired heart surgeon Nche Zama mounts outsider Republican campaign for Pennsylvania governor

Nche Zama Governor

2022 Election

Alex Khalil, a Jenkintown councilmember, aims to bring progressive values to U.S. Senate

Alex Khalil Senate

2022 Election

Republican Jeff Bartos touts his business acumen in U.S. Senate race

Jeff Bartos Senate

2022 Election

U.S. Rep. Conor Lamb is banking on his centrist reputation in U.S. Senate race

Conor Lamb Senate

2022 Election

David White touts blue-collar work ethic in race for Pennsylvania governor

Dave White Delco

2022 Election

Joe Gale aims to upset the apple cart in bid for Pennsylvania governor

Joe Gale governor

2022 Election

Carla Sands looks to leverage Trump ties in Pennsylvania race for U.S. Senate

Carla Sands Senate

2022 Election

Republican George Bochetto would bring 'America first' mentality to U.S. Senate

George Bochetto Senate

2022 Election

Melissa Hart brings reformist outlook to Republican race for Pennsylvania governor

Melissa Hart Governor

2022 Election

Doug Mastriano makes election reform his top priority in bid for Pennsylvania governor

Doug Mastriano governor

2022 Election

Among Pa. GOP governor candidates, McSwain tops latest fundraising list with $5 million from one source

Bill McSwain