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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

New weight loss treatment is marked by heavy marketing and modest results

Weight scale

Healthy Eating

Your genes may influence whether you eat your vegetables

Genes food preferences

Healthy Eating

Summer cookouts can include tasty – and healthy – foods with a little planning

Summer Cookouts Healthy


Healthy Recipe: Green Tea Matcha Latte

Limited - Green Tea Matcha Latte

Men's Health

Snacking can become a healthy habit with a little planning

Healthy Snacks Nuts

Healthy Eating

Drinking coffee may help extend your life – even if it includes a bit of sugar

Coffee's health benefits

Healthy Eating

Is intermittent fasting the diet for you? Here's what the science says

Intermittent fasting

Healthy Eating

Mindful eating can help people adopt healthier habits; here's how it works

Mindful eating


A beginner’s guide to healthy eating

Purchased - woman cooking preparing breakfast luch dinner


Healthy Recipe: Refreshing Chilled Cucumber Soup

Limited - Chilled Cucumber Soup


A vegetarian diet can be safe for children, but it must be properly planned

Children vegetarian diet


Healthy Recipe: Potato-Free Carrot Latke

Limited - Potato-free Carrot Latke

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Dietary needs change with age; Here are some rules to simplify eating healthy

Healthy diet

Healthy Eating

Eating avocados is linked to a lower risk of heart disease; here are ways to add the food to your diet

Avocado heart health


The importance of good nutrition during pregnancy

Limited - Melinda Bryan Independence Blue Cross

Healthy Eating

Improving your diet can be a challenge; Here are some easy tips to eat healthier

Healthy Breakfast


Some dehydration signs are obvious, but others are less apparent



Healthy Recipe: Blistered Shishito Peppers with Miso

Limited - Blistered shishito peppers with miso


Healthy Recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash Dip with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Limited - Butternut Squash Dip

Healthy Eating

The Nordic diet provides health benefits even when people don't lose weight

Nordic diet


Healthy Recipe: Strawberry, Jalapeño, Avocado Salsa

Limited - Strawberry Salsa _ IBX Recipe


Healthy Recipe: Vegetable Frittata

Limited - IBX recipe - Vegetable frittata

Healthy Eating

Eating more vegetables may not prevent heart disease, study finds, but health experts stress their importance

Vegetables Heart Disease


Healthy Recipe: Pickled Strawberries over Ricotta Spread & Drizzled Honey

Limited - IBX Recipes - Strawberry Ricotta


Healthy Recipe: Veggie Nachos

Limited - Healthy Recipe - Veggie Nachos

Food & Drink

New Hope restaurant recognized by PETA as one of the nation's top vegan dessert destinations

Vegan Cheesecake


Healthy Recipe: Ranch-Chive Popcorn

Limited - Ranch-Chive Popcorn _ Independence Recipes

Men's Health

A healthy lifestyle provides many benefits – like a boosted immune system

Healthy Lifestyles Immune System


Why kids shouldn't eat added sugar before they turn 2, according to a nutritional epidemiologist

Babies Added Sugar


Healthy Recipe: Rainbow Spring Rolls with Homemade Peanut Sauce

Limited - Rainbow Spring Rolls


Sugar detox? Cutting carbs? A doctor explains why you should keep fruit on the menu

Fruit Nutrients

Healthy Eating

Replacing butter with olive oil may reduce the risk of serious illnesses, study finds

Olive oil

Healthy Eating

Mediterranean diet named most nutritious, easiest to follow in 2022 by U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News Best Diets for 2022

Men's Health

In a time of uncertainty, a healthy lifestyle is a dependable benefit

Healthy Lifestyle Exercise

Healthy Eating

Start the New Year on a healthy note with these 6 party foods

Healthy New Year's Eve recipes

Healthy Eating

Mayo Clinic's new online diet program emphasizes sustainable lifestyle changes

New Mayo Clinic Diet Program

Health News

The biggest health trends of 2022, from gut health to sound healing

2022 health trends


Healthy Recipe: South Philly Vegan Meatballs

Limited - South Philly Vegan Meatballs


Healthy Recipe: Foil-Pack Mediterranean Salmon

Limited - Foil Pack Mediterranean Salmon


Healthy Recipe: Quinoa Salad with Dried Apricots and Baby Spinach

Limited - Quinoa salad with dried apricots

Healthy Eating

With trans fat no longer an issue, margarine may be a healthier alternative to butter

margarine vs. butter


Healthy Recipe: Veggie n’ Hummus Grilled Whole-Wheat Pizza

Limited - Veggie hummus whole wheat pizza

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