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Healthy Recipe: Better for You Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Better For You Broccoli Cheddar Soup IBX LIVE Cooking


Healthy Recipe: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sun-Dried Tomato Omelet

Limited - Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sun-Dried Tomato Omelet IBX LIVE


Healthy Recipe: Green-Berry Smoothie

Limited - Green Berry Smoothie IBX LIVE


Healthy Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

Limited - Roasted Cauliflower Tacos IBX Cooking


Healthy Recipe: Mediterranean Bean Salad

Limited - Mediterranean Bean Salad IBX LIVE


Tips for parents with picky eaters

Smiling mother and daughter making fruit salad


Healthy Recipe: Pumpkin Hummus

Limited - Pumpkin Hummus Recipe

Healthy Eating

How many artificial sweeteners are in your child's food? It's unclear

Diet Coke Artificial Sweetener

Healthy Eating

Healthier diets are usually also better for the environment, study shows

Food fruit vegetables environment study

Children's Health

Pennsylvania youth rank among the most obese in the country

Pennsylvania Childhood Obesity Rate

Healthy Eating

Three weeks of a healthier diet could help reduce depression in young adults, study suggests

Healthy eating depression study

Healthy Eating

Controversial 'red meat is healthy' study author didn't disclose past food industry ties

Red meat trade group study

Healthy Eating

Eating less red meat isn't necessarily healthier, controversial study finds

Red Meat Guidelines

Healthy Eating

Tea bags could be releasing billions of micro plastics into your cup of tea, study says

Tea bags micro plastics

Women's Health

Onion, garlic consumption could help reduce breast cancer risk, study suggests

Onions garlic health

Healthy Eating

The average American still eats too much sugar and red meat

American diet red meat

Healthy Eating

Do pumpkin spice products have any nutritional value?

Pumpkin spice muffins

Healthy Eating

Explainer: Is it really OK to eat food that's fallen on the floor

Does the five second rule work?

Healthy Eating

Eating junk food may lead to depression in teens

Depression Junk Food


Tips for making healthy school lunches your kids will love

Mom and daughter pack a school lunch

Healthy Eating

Philly requiring chain restaurants to warn customers of foods with high sodium

French Fries High Sodium

Adult Health

New Jersey has the fifth-lowest rate of adult obesity in the country, study says

New Jersey obesity rate runner

Healthy Eating

Most Philly stores primarily sell unhealthy foods, city report finds

Philly food stores unhealthy snacks

Healthy Eating

Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease but higher likelihood of stroke

Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease but higher likelihood of stoke

Healthy Eating

Drinking soda increases risk of death – even if it's artificially-sweetened

Soda Increases Risk of Death

Adult Health

A daily glass of red wine is good for your gut's health, according to wide-ranging study

Red wine gut bacteria study

Healthy Eating

Fast food may be a factor in rising teen depression, study finds

McDonald's Sodium

Healthy Eating

Is organic food really more healthy? It's difficult to tell

Is organic food healthier?

Healthy Eating

Meet 'Sally,' Jefferson Health's new salad-dishing robot

Jefferson Health Salad Robot

Healthy Eating

New Yelp feature makes it WAY easier to find healthy, dietary restriction-friendly restaurants

yelp dietary restriction

Healthy Eating

How to handle back-to-school dietary restrictions

Ultimate Muffins Recipe 08232019

Healthy Eating

Here's everything you need to know about the weight-loss Optavia Diet

optavia diet info

Healthy Eating

A creamy, low-calorie butter substitute made of ... water

low calorie water butter

Health News

Target to launch better-for-you exclusive food and beverage brand, 'Good & Gather'

target good and gather products

Healthy Eating

If you wash or rinse raw poultry, the USDA has an important warning for you

Raw Chicken Poultry 08202019

Healthy Eating

Organic food health benefits have been hard to assess, but that could change

Carrots Organic 08202019

Food & Drink

Bryn + Dane's healthy fast food coming to Philadelphia

Bryn + Dane opening in Washing Square neighborhood of Philadelphia

Healthy Eating

Can you guess the healthiest bagel varieties?

healthiest bagel variety


Camu camu is the latest trending 'superfood' you've probably never heard of

camu camu superfood

Healthy Eating

Baltimore's Wild Kombucha is coming to Philly Whole Foods

wild kombucha philly

Healthy Eating

Keto diet stops growth of certain cancers, study suggests

keto diet cancer tumors


Healthy Recipe: Basil Peach Sorbet & Jalapeño-Peach Compote

Limited - Basil Peach Sorbet & Jalapeno Peach Compote

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