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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Intermittent fasting linked to eating disorder behaviors, research shows

Intermittent Fasting


Five midnight snacks that can help you fall back asleep

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Healthy Recipe: Oven-Baked Lemon-Rosemary Chicken and Veggies

Limited - Lemon Chicken IBX Recipes


Healthy Recipe: Bloomin' Cinnamon Apples

Limited - IBX Recipe - Bloomin Cinnamon Apple

Healthy Eating

Eating too much black licorice can lead to serious health complications

Health effects black licorice


How different types of sugars can affect your body

Purchased - Types of sugars

Healthy Eating

Many Americans struggle with stress eating, but there are ways to overcome it

Stress eating

Healthy Eating

Eating an earlier dinner can do wonders for your health, research shows

Time-restricted eating


Healthy Recipe: Broiled Pineapple Fool

Limtied - Broiled Pineapple Fool

Men's Health

Need some motivation to start a healthy lifestyle? Here are 25 benefits

092322 Healthy Lifestyle Motivation Bicycling.jpg


Healthy Recipe: Grilled Mexican-Style Corn

Limited - Independence Recipes - Mexican Style Corn


Healthy Recipe: Spiced Zucchini and Carrot Muffins

Limited - Carrot Muffin Recipe 1

Children's Health

School lunches are an important part of a child's diet; here's how to make them fun and healthy

Healthy School Lunches


Healthy Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Limited - Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Healthy Eating

Drinking black tea lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke, study finds

Black Tea Benefits

Health Stories

Two surprising reasons behind the obesity epidemic: Too much salt, not enough water

Water glass obesity

Healthy Eating

Cutting your daily salt intake by 1 gram can reduce your heart disease risk, research shows

Salt heart disease

Men's Health

The pathway to a healthy lifestyle is clear, but more men need to find the motivation to follow it

U.S. Men Health

Healthy Eating

Most Americans don't eat banana peels, but they're edible and packed with fiber

Eat banana peels


Healthy Recipe: Indian-Style Grainless Buddha Bowl

Limited - IBX Recipe- Buddha Bowl image

Healthy Eating

Green tea supplements provide many benefits, including improved metabolic health, research shows

Green tea extract

Healthy Eating

Set point theory may help explain why weight loss often plateaus

Set Point Theory

Men's Health

Post-traumatic growth proves people often adopt healthy lifestyles despite adversity

Post Traumatic Growth

Healthy Eating

Food expiration dates don't have much science behind them

Food Cans Expiration Dates

Healthy Eating

How many meals should a person eat each day? The science isn't clear

Daily Eating Habits


Avoid eating these foods when you’re sick

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Healthy Recipe: Oatmeal and Apple Breakfast Cookies

Limited - Oatmeal and Apple Breakfast Cookies


Tips for transitioning from take-out to home-cooked meals

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Most Americans have poor cardiometabolic health – here's what they can do to change that

Cardiometabolic health

Men's Health

Summer makes a great time to revisit your resolutions to live healthier

Summer Beach Exercise

Healthy Eating

High-protein diets can help people make healthier food choices, research shows

High-protein diets

Healthy Eating

New weight loss treatment is marked by heavy marketing and modest results

Weight scale

Healthy Eating

Your genes may influence whether you eat your vegetables

Genes food preferences

Healthy Eating

Summer cookouts can include tasty – and healthy – foods with a little planning

Summer Cookouts Healthy


Healthy Recipe: Green Tea Matcha Latte

Limited - Green Tea Matcha Latte

Men's Health

Snacking can become a healthy habit with a little planning

Healthy Snacks Nuts

Healthy Eating

Drinking coffee may help extend your life – even if it includes a bit of sugar

Coffee's health benefits

Healthy Eating

Is intermittent fasting the diet for you? Here's what the science says

Intermittent fasting

Healthy Eating

Mindful eating can help people adopt healthier habits; here's how it works

Mindful eating


A beginner’s guide to healthy eating

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Healthy Recipe: Refreshing Chilled Cucumber Soup

Limited - Chilled Cucumber Soup


A vegetarian diet can be safe for children, but it must be properly planned

Children vegetarian diet

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