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Men's Health

In a busy world, sleep sits at the epicenter of health and happiness

Better Sleep tips

Men's Health

Relationship resiliency: A key to staying happy, and healthy, amid stress

081320 Relationships COVID-19.jpg

Men's Health

Do we need protection from ourselves to live healthy?

COVID-19 government regulations

Men's Health

Decision to delay prostate cancer treatment is still too subjective, researchers say

Prostate cancer treatment calculator

Men's Health

Repositioning your priorities can lead to sustained happiness and health

Happiness keys

Men's Health

Conversations form the bedrock of relationships – and a healthy lifestyle

Communication Tips

Men's Health

This Father's Day, take a call to action

Father's Day 2020

Men's Health

Three techniques to help men improve their mental health

Men Mental Health tips

Men's Health

COVID-19 transition offers men an opportunity to lead by example

052120 Jersey Shore COVID-19.jpg

Men's Health

Loving relationships form a strong foundation for men seeking a healthy lifestyle

Relationships Healthy Living.jpg

Men's Health

COVID-19 crisis creates ironic path for men to bolster social relationships

COVID-19 social relationships

Men's Health

Americans' response to the coronavirus provides a model for future behavior change

Coronavirus COVID-19 Zoom

Men's Health

Scientists identify why some prostate cancers are more likely to result in death

Prostate Cancer Aggressive Tumors

Men's Health

The coronavirus provides a wake-up call for men to adopt a healthy lifestyle



As men age, it's important to seek out new friendships

Male friendships

Men's Health

Sex can be a motivator for healthy living, especially after age 50

Sex Life after age 50

Men's Health

For advanced prostate cancer patients, statins offer hope of a longer life

Statins reduce mortality in prostate cancer patients

Mental Health

PTSD symptoms may take years to appear – here's how to recognize them

PTSD Symptoms Treatment


Know no boundaries: Anytime is a good time to embark on a healthy lifestyle

Motivation Plan Healthy Lifestyle

Men's Health

Grandchildren remind us to find magic in the moment – and provide motivation for healthy living

Grandchildren Healthy Living

Men's Health

Zinc and folic acid supplements do not improve male fertility

Zinc, folic acid supplementation does not improve male fertility

Men's Health

Men with testicular cancer may only need one round of chemo, study says

less chemotherapy testicular cancer

Men's Health

A New Year's resolution for older men: Undergo a prostate exam

New Year's Resolution: Prostate exam

Men's Health

A health guide to drinking alcohol at the holidays

Holiday drinking

Health News

GLAAD calls for Facebook to remove misleading ads about HIV prevention drug PrEP

Truvada PrEP Facebook ads

Adult Health

Shoveling snow sends 11,500 Americans to the hospital every year

Carroll - Snow

Men's Health

Men, give yourself the gift of health this holiday season

Doctor visit


Healthy living: A gift to yourself – and the next generation

Healthy Running Men's Health

Men's Health

Americans need a new model for healthy living, Cooper Health VP says

New model for healthy living

Men's Health

This compound found in tomatoes could remedy male infertility

1009_tomatoes sperm infertility

Men's Health

Mushrooms may lower risk of prostate cancer, study says

Mushrooms prostate cancer

Men's Health

Two guys, one weekend and the power of social relationships


Men's Health

A new blood test for prostate cancer may prevent unnecessary biopsies


Men's Health

Eagles fandom: men, emotion and motivation

Men's Health

No, putting toothpaste on your penis will not improve your sex life

Toothpaste premature ejaculation

Men's Health

FDA wants more men in clinical trials of breast cancer drugs

Breast cancer in men

Men's Health

Healthy aging in men requires a new view of masculinity

new masculinity over 50

Men's Health

Erectile dysfunction in former NFL players linked to concussions

Concussions ED NFL players


Everything men need to know about UTIs

Man walking into a bathroom at night

Men's Health

5 steps to building a 50-plus man’s motivational platform for healthy living

Wedding Bride 08162019


Recommended health screenings for men in their 50s

Doctor Senior Man 08082019

Men's Health

Looking good and feeling motivated: 7 grooming musts for 50-plus men

Man Well-dressed Beach 07242019

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