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What men should know about UTIs

Aged man in a pajamas and slippers walks to a bathroom at home

Men's Health

5 steps to building a 50-plus man’s motivational platform for healthy living

Wedding Bride 08162019


Recommended health screenings for men in their 50s

Doctor Senior Man 08082019

Men's Health

Looking good and feeling motivated: 7 grooming musts for 50-plus men

Man Well-dressed Beach 07242019

Men's Health

Endurance athletes have the heart to compete on the big stage

Men's Health

Learn to manage stress – because there’s no winding down

Man Job Stress 06262019

Men's Health

Fathers need to care for themselves as well as their kids – but often don't

Father Daughter Bicycle 06172019

Men's Health

Guardrails: The secret sauce of sustainability

Senior Basketball 06122019

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People are less likely to die of heart disease in states that expanded Medicaid, Penn Medicine study finds

Heart Disease Medicaid Expansion Penn Medicine Study

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Father’s Day is approaching: Seize the moment with some (tough) love

Father Family Dinner 05232019

Men's Health

There's actually *not* a racial disparity when it comes to prostate cancer deaths, study finds

study disproves disparity prostate cancer

Men's Health

Men have a ticking biological clock, too

Sperm 05132019

Men's Health

The most valuable players in men’s health are ... women

Woman Man Country Walk 05082019

Men's Health

Lancaster teen is tackling testicular cancer and high school graduation

Zach Johnson Cancer Lancaster 05072019

Men's Health

Men's push-up capacity may determine risk of developing heart disease

push-ups heart health pexels

Men's Health

Most people don’t realize breast cancer can happen in men, too


Men's Health

The keys to getting in shape for men in their 30s and 40s


Men's Health

The resting heart rate men in their 50s don't want to see on their smartwatch

fitness tracker unsplash

Men's Health

Early testing of new male birth control pill shows no safety issues


Men's Health

Life expectancy among Philly's black men lower than any racial demographic

Carroll - Pennsylvania Hospital Ambulance Emergency Department

Men's Health

This man's brain infection lends caution to cleaning your ears with cotton swabs

ear brain infection cotton swab unsplash

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Here's what you need to know about the 'massive stroke' that took Luke Perry's life

what is stroke luke perry usa today

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Who’s stronger? An immunological battle of the sexes


Men's Health

This brand condensed the world of men's health and wellness into one website

hims vitamins


Deaths by cancer on a steady 25-year decline in the United States, new report finds

CT scan unsplash


The key to getting in shape for men over 50


Men's Health

Marijuana use may impact genetic makeup of sperm


Men's Health

Study links PFOA and PFOS to lower sperm counts and smaller penis size


Men's Health

Researchers are testing a new form of male birth control — and it's a gel


Men's Health

Skin cancer is affecting men more than women globally, study suggests


Men's Health

Newly-found gene variation may boost risk of erectile dysfunction


Children's Health

Plastics may be causing penis defects, researchers say


Men's Health

Eating nuts may improve sperm quantity and vitality



Sign up with Dad for this Father's Day race

Stock_Carroll - Running along the Schuylkill River Trail on a spring a day with cherry blossoms

Men's Health

Does size matter? Company offering custom-sized condoms says yes


Mental Health

More men are using antidepressants, but many factors still keep them from seeking mental health help

Men's Health

Stem cell researchers discover promising lead in quest for hair regrowth


Men's Health

Most young men don’t know about emergency contraception, study finds


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