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Delayed drownings are rare but it's important to recognize the signs

Delayed Drowning Signs


Prosecutor now says mom charged with harassing daughter's teammates did not make 'deep fake' video, photo

Bucks Spone Deepfake


Online communities pose risks for children, but they are also important sources of support

Online Support Networks


Managing kids' cholesterol and blood pressure protects future brain health, new research shows

Children Brain Health


Your baby's first poop may offer a window into their future health

Baby poop and allergies


Soft bedding like blankets, pillows still a major cause of sudden infant death syndrome, new study says

Safe infant sleep environment


How to help your kids break out of their pandemic bubble and transition back to being with others

Children Social Interactions


Tips for keeping children safe online

Mother and daughter looking at a website together


Take caution when using melatonin to help children fall asleep, experts advise

Melatonin Benefits Children

Children's Health

Penn State researchers identifying children most prone to screen overuse

Screen time for kids


Too much screen time, cyberbullying among parents' top pandemic concerns

Pandemic screen time kids


Baby not sleeping throughout the night by 6 months? That's perfectly normal, researchers say

Your baby not sleeping throughout the night by 6 months? That's perfectly normal, researchers say


Safely storing medicine a critical way to prevent accidental child deaths

Safe Medicine Storage


Millennials less likely to get their children vaccinated for COVID-19 than older parents

Millennial parents less likely to get their children vaccinated against COVID-19


The silence of the virtual classroom: Remote learning makes social skills development more challenging

COVID-19 Virtual Learning - One time use


Teens want COVID-19 advice that gives them safe ways to socialize – not just rules for what they can’t do

COVID-19 Guidelines Teenagers


To help kids cope with COVID-19 anxiety, provide context and emphasize control

Child Anxiety Tips COVID-19


CHOP doctors offer back-to-school safety tips as COVID-19 disrupts education

COVID-19 School Safety Tips

Children's Health

Youth with diabetes more likely to stick to CGM if they're involved in the decision, CHOP study finds

Youth CGM devices


Timeouts improve kids' behavior if you do them the right way

Parenting Timeouts


Indego bike share delivering free pack 'n' play cribs during COVID-19 pandemic

Philadelphia pack and play program


Discussing mutual strengths can improve parent-teen communication

Parent-teen communication


Turning into the food police will only make your child's picky eating worse

Picky eating in children


Increasing screen time during COVID-19 crisis could harm kids' eyesight

Screen Time COVID-19


Supplies for pregnant women, mothers now available at distribution sites in Philly

Philly COVID-19 supplies mothers


Tips to help children cope during the COVID-19 shutdown

Pediatric experts offer tips for helping your kids cope during COVID-19 shutdown


To help infants avoid asthma, go easy on the cleaning – at least for a bit

Chemicals in cleaning products could trigger asthma

Children's Health

Six Flags Great Adventure to be designated autism-friendly park

Six Flags Autism Friendly


Here's how long your baby should be sleeping at night – and when to become alarmed

Baby sleep patterns normal

Children's Health

Appendicitis can create an emergency in a hurry

Appendicitis warning signs


Most parents think teenagers spend too much time gaming – but not their own kids

Teen Video Game habits

Men's Health

Grandchildren remind us to find magic in the moment – and provide motivation for healthy living

Grandchildren Healthy Living

Children's Health

Adult, baby brains mirror each other during play, Princeton study finds

Princeton Babies


Philly mom warns parents against dangers of rare-earth magnets

Rare-earth magnets


Button batteries, which can burn the esophagus, pose danger to young children

Button Batteries Choking Hazard

Adult Health

When teens abuse parents, shame and secrecy make it hard to seek help

Teens abusing parents


As measles cases rise worldwide, rate of unvaccinated U.S. children traveling overseas sparks concern

Measles Vaccine International Travel


Hospital-based breastfeeding initiatives reduce early infant deaths

Baby-friendly hospital initiatives breastfeeding


Most young kids – including infants – are getting way too much screen time

Screen Time Babies


How to talk with teens about safe sex

Father talking with teen son in living room

Health News

'Vegan' parents charged in death of malnourished son

Vegan Florida Couple


Tips for parents with picky eaters

Smiling mother and daughter making fruit salad

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