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September 15, 2022

Ready to bring your baby to an Eagles game? Here's what you can take into Lincoln Financial Field

Caring for an infant requires having a lot of items on hand – from bottles and pureed foods to diapers and extra clothing. The Linc makes a number of accommodations for parents

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Eagles Linc Baby Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Bringing a baby to an Eagles game may feel like a daunting endeavor. But with a little preparation, parents can ensure they have everything they need to care for their infants.

Taking a baby anywhere comes with challenges and requires serious preparation. From bottles to diaper cream, every potential play has to be considered. It may seem intimidating to go to an Eagles game with a baby, but with the proper preparation, it's a task that can be tackled.

Lincoln Financial Field does not allow diaper bags to be brought into the stadium, unlike Citizens Bank Park and the Wells Fargo Center. Instead, fans are permitted to bring a small clutch purse and a gallon-size Ziploc bag or a clear bag that's 12 inches wide, 12 inches tall and 6 inches deep. 

This severely limits the items you can bring in, but you can have one of these bags per person, including the baby.

Food items are allowed in when wrapped in clear plastic or placed in a clear, Ziploc bag. You also can bring a closed water bottle for formula, as it falls under the stadium's "special needs" exemption.

The Eagles encourage breastfeeding mothers to nurse wherever they feel comfortable within the stadium. If you prefer a more private space, they offer the use of lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers or those that need to express milk. There are two lactation rooms located in the HeadHouse Lobby below section 129. These rooms have a chair, side table, TV and outlets, but no running water.

What should I pack?

• Blanket: On colder days, you can carry a blanket into the stadium. You do not have to put this item in a bag. Try to bring something big enough to wrap around you and your baby, or bring one for the baby and one for you.

• Baby carrier: This is a great idea for this adventure. The stadium does not allow strollers, but even if you had one, it would be impossible to use it to get to your seat with all the stairs. Wearing your baby will free your hands and keep the baby safe and warm.

• Reusable grocery bag: Assuming you're bringing at least two Ziplocs with your group, fold up a reusable grocery bag and stick it in one of the bags. It will take up space, but once you're in the stadium, you can place your things into the bag and carry it over your shoulder. Maybe even the blanket will fit!

• Formula: Your baby will likely need to eat while at the game, but pack only what you will need while in the stadium. If the baby needs to eat every 3-4 hours, try to plan its feedings so that they occur before you go in or after the game is over. There are no restrictions on what you can have in your car!

• Breastmilk/pumping equipment: If you need to bring expressed milk with an icepack in a cooler or pumping necessities, these do not have to fit into your Ziplocs. Bring what you need and enter through the North Gate.

• Portable bottle warmer/large thermos: If the baby only takes a bottle warm, there are many options for portable bottle warmers that work great! If you don't have one, bring a large thermos and ask a concession stand for hot water.

• Food: Baby food can be brought inside so long as it is wrapped in clear plastic or placed in a clear ziplock bag. If your baby is still on purees, be sure to bring a spoon and a bib. If the baby food is packaged in a glass container, replace it with a plastic one.

• Extra pacifiers: There's no telling what is on the floor at the stadium, so bring a couple extra pacifiers to ensure your baby can be calmed when necessary. Clips to keep pacifiers off the floor are great for this.

• Baby headphones: The game is loud and hearing loss is permanent. Protect your baby's ears with noise canceling headphones.

• Sunscreen: If you are going to a day game, don't forget to apply sunscreen to your baby as directed on the bottle. The baby's skin is new and sensitive, so protection from the sun is a must.

• Diapers/wipes/diaper cream: I don't think I need to explain this one. What goes in, must come out!

• Diaper changing pad/disinfecting wipes: A pad to lay between the changing station and your baby can keep germs from your baby, but not all changing pads are small enough to fit into bags that can brought into the stadium. If you don't have a changing pad that will fold to fit into a Ziploc, put some disinfecting wipes in a small bag and wipe down the changing table before laying the baby down. 

Remember, changing stations are only located in family bathrooms.

• Change of clothes (with extra jacket): Let's get real for a second, blowouts happen at the absolute worst times. Don't be caught off guard by this catastrophe. Bring a change of clothes and a plastic grocery bag to hold the dirties.

Parents with questions about what they can – or cannot – bring into Lincoln Financial field can contact fan services by calling (215) 463-5500 or emailing Additionally, a list of prohibited items is available on the Eagles website

Pregame preparations

• Feeding: I know every baby has its own schedule for feedings, but if possible, try to feed your baby in the parking lot before walking into the stadium. This will decrease your food needs during the game.

• Diaper: The last thing you should do before walking into the stadium is change the baby's diaper! Changing stations are only in family bathrooms, so changing during the game might require a bit of a walk. This also will allow you to get to your seats and settled before having to worry about when the next change will be. 

Taking a baby to a game is a memory that you'll be able to talk about for years to come. Like everything else during your baby's first few years, this is for you. There's nothing like going to an Eagles game with your little person. Prepare for the adventure, enjoy the moments and Fly Eagles Fly!

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