Odd News

Odd News

Comcast offers discounted Internet to town in Massachusetts; town says no


Odd News

A wedding ring accidentally flushed down the toilet was recovered nine years later in New Jersey


Odd News

This 170-year-old listicle details the best and worst Philadelphia brothels


Odd News

Kennett Square woman’s peacock's poop leads to disorderly conduct battle


Odd News

Bear repellent accident in New Jersey Amazon warehouse sends dozens to hospital


Odd News

Hersheypark returns wallet to Pennsylvania man four years after he lost it on rollercoaster


Odd News

Preschoolers mistakenly served Pine-Sol cleaner instead of apple juice

Apple juice

Odd News

Princeton University has bowhunters hunting deer on campus

Stock_Carroll - Deer

Odd News

Woman who's never been to New Jersey gets state-shaped tattoo

Carroll - 2018 New Jersey Shore Guide

Odd News

Watch this very dramatic deer rescue on a frozen Pennsylvania lake

Pa. deer rescue

Odd News

Famed Central Park Mandarin duck spotted in North Jersey

Mandarin duck


People are very bothered by this $42 bundle of twigs from Anthropologie


Odd News

South Jersey man escorted from strip club after having just $11 to cover $150 lap dance bill

Cheerleaders Gentleman's Club

Odd News

Here's why a bullet-ridden NYPD cruiser was on a Philadelphia-area expressway on Thanksgiving

Stock_Carroll - Police Car


Wildwood whale-watching business sues Verizon over lost phone number

Wildwood Crest Beach

Odd News

Reynolds suggests millennial Thanksgiving turkey recipes, and we say no thanks


Child Endangerment

Bethlehem Township woman allegedly drove two miles with son on hood of car

Colonial Regional Police Department

Odd News

In South Philly, a tattoo imagining Gritty as an Illuminati goat god was born

Gritty tattoo

Odd News

1,500-pound cow stolen, butchered on road in western Pennsylvania



New Jersey native Danny DeVito acknowledges super weird bathroom shrine

Danny DeVito Trash Man

Odd News

This is Monopoly for Millennials, where nobody buys property and everyone is vegan

monopoly for millennials

Odd News

A camel showed up in Pennsylvania during Thursday's snowstorm

Snow Camel


Two Penn students are now engaged, with some help from the school newspaper's crossword puzzle

crossword puzzle


Flyers designers reveal Gritty almost had wings and no pants

Carroll - Gritty

Odd News

Investigation: Did a Britney Spears song help reduce unemployment in the U.S.?

Britney Spears

Odd News

No, America, Gritty did not get 69,000 write-in votes for governor

Gritty Write-ins


Ice-T – born in New Jersey – says he’s never eaten a bagel


Odd News

A group of Philly socialists posed for photos with Jeb! Bush on Thursday night

Jeb Bush and Philly socialists

Odd News

Cops: New Jersey man allegedly caused thousands of dollars in damage with air gun



Tamagotchis, the VR pets of the 90s, are coming back for some reason

tamagotchi VR pets

Odd News

Pringles brings back its limited-edition Thanksgiving dinner chips


Odd News

You can buy a $22 Joe Biden-scented candle at this nearby museum

Joe Biden


Today is National Candy Corn Day and, surprise, the Internet is still divided about the seasonal treat

Candy corn

Odd News

South Jersey man was dumping bags of dirty diapers across N.J. for 10 months

Poop Emoji

Odd News

244-year-old Philadelphia newspaper discovered at New Jersey Goodwill store

join or die ben franklin snake

Odd News

Joe Flacco bought a mattress from Sean Payton's brother at the Jersey Shore

Joe Flacco

Odd News

Math Twitter is trying to understand the pricing logic on this West Philly wing menu

dannys wok wing menu

Odd News

Police were asked to investigate a bag of (candy) penises sent to New Jersey mayor

Dysfuctional Veterans candy penises

Odd News

New Jersey superintendent who pooped at high school track pleads guilty

Serial pooper

Odd News

New Jersey State Police deliver baby in Sussex County home

New Jersey State Police


Traveling to see the Eagles game in London? Make sure you're not booked on this defunct airline

wembley stadium

Odd News

Philly woman heads to Six Flags for 30-hour stay in 'slightly used' wooden coffin

six flags halloween

Odd News

Alleged Pennsylvania robber apologizes to victim on Facebook, gets arrested


Odd News

New Jersey man tells podcast how he's eaten pizza every day for 37 years


Odd News

Here are 15 Gritty antifa memes on the Internet right now


Odd News

'Dirty Dancing' lift goes horribly wrong at Upper Darby bar

Dumont Dirty Dancing