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Odd News

N.J. man who allegedly ate pet fish arrested after more than two years on run

Blake Hall LSU

Odd News

New Jersey bill would allow some pets to have an attorney in courtrooms

Carroll - Dogs

Odd News

Two parrots, a razor, broken flashlight, tattoo gun stolen from Northeast Philly apartment


Odd News

Man gets into drunk altercation after being served cheesesteak on sesame seed roll


Odd News

Baker who delivered THC-laced cookies to baby shower gets probation, community service

Carroll - Baking cookies

Odd News

GOAT, antifa, bingeable and mansplain among new words added to dictionary in 2018



Man in stable condition after impaling himself on deer sculpture in Eakins Oval

Stock_Carroll - Philadelphia Museum of Art Eakins Oval

Odd News

Temple alum's 'drunk' dad emails university president, demanding daughter become football coach

Nina Mann

Odd News

Clark the bald eagle managed to find a Philadelphia Eagles fan in the stands of Cowboy Stadium

AT&T Stadium


Naked Ohio man douses self in diesel fuel at New Jersey gas station

Shell Gas Station Metuchen

Odd News

2018's oddest odd news: Stolen venomous insects, a weird West Philly wing menu, the snow camel and more

Snow Camel

Odd News

Gov. Tom Wolf reads mean tweets in honor of Festivus

Tom Wolf mean tweets

Odd News

South Jersey man recreates 'Christmas Vacation' lights — complete with RV, Cousin Eddie, and Clark Griswold hanging from roof

Holiday light display

Odd News

Pizza-themed Monopoly is here, in case you needed a reason to crave pizza

pizza monopoly


Hershey's Kisses all have broken tips right now, and no one knows why

Hershey kisses

Odd News

Juvenile humpback whale washed ashore in Delaware, marking sixth in two years

Humpback whale MERR

Odd News

East Rutherford police still searching for nearly $300K in cash that fell out of armored truck

Stock_Carroll - Money

Odd News

Italian Market Nativity scene missing Jesus, Mary and Joseph after robbery

Carroll - Frank Rizzo Mural in South Philly's Italian Market


The Flyers hiring Chuck Fletcher made a guy tweet for the first time in 11 months

Chuck Fletcher somewhere

Odd News

Someone dressed as Mr. Monopoly stole the show at the Google data collection hearing

Mr. Monopoly

Odd News

Comcast offers discounted Internet to town in Massachusetts; town says no


Odd News

This 170-year-old listicle details the best and worst Philadelphia brothels


Odd News

Wedding ring accidentally flushed down toilet is recovered nine years later in New Jersey


Odd News

Kennett Square woman’s peacock's poop leads to disorderly conduct battle


Odd News

Hersheypark returns wallet to Pennsylvania man four years after he lost it on rollercoaster


Odd News

Bear repellent accident in New Jersey Amazon warehouse sends dozens to hospital


Odd News

Preschoolers mistakenly served Pine-Sol cleaner instead of apple juice

Apple juice

Odd News

Princeton University has bowhunters hunting deer on campus

Stock_Carroll - Deer

Odd News

Woman who's never been to New Jersey gets state-shaped tattoo

Carroll - 2018 New Jersey Shore Guide

Odd News

Watch this very dramatic deer rescue on a frozen Pennsylvania lake

Pa. deer rescue

Odd News

Famed Central Park Mandarin duck spotted in North Jersey

Mandarin duck


People are very bothered by this $42 bundle of twigs from Anthropologie


Odd News

South Jersey man escorted from strip club after having just $11 to cover $150 lap dance bill

Cheerleaders Gentleman's Club

Odd News

Here's why a bullet-ridden NYPD cruiser was on a Philadelphia-area expressway on Thanksgiving

Stock_Carroll - Police Car


Wildwood whale-watching business sues Verizon over lost phone number

Wildwood Crest Beach

Odd News

Reynolds suggests millennial Thanksgiving turkey recipes, and we say no thanks


Child Endangerment

Bethlehem Township woman allegedly drove two miles with son on hood of car

Colonial Regional Police Department

Odd News

1,500-pound cow stolen, butchered on road in western Pennsylvania


Odd News

In South Philly, a tattoo imagining Gritty as an Illuminati goat god was born

Gritty tattoo


New Jersey native Danny DeVito acknowledges super weird bathroom shrine

Danny DeVito Its always sunny in Philadelphia

Odd News

A camel showed up in Pennsylvania during Thursday's snowstorm

Snow Camel

Odd News

This is Monopoly for Millennials, where nobody buys property and everyone is vegan

monopoly for millennials