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Pennsylvania bar creates Spotted Lanternfly Shot to drown our sorrows

Spotted Lanternfly shot


Is Phillies' hitting coach Charlie Manuel sharing a cryptic message on Twitter?


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Montco 'Most Wanted' fugitive's haircut draws quite a bit of Facebook attention

Antony O'Leary haircut fugitive

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Amish farmers in Chester County: Please stop stealing our hemp, thinking it's marijuana

Hemp farmers Chester County

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Rehoboth Beach lifeguards scrutinized for tossing dying shark in trash can

Carroll - Wildwood Beach Lifeguards

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New Jersey woman calls the cops, burns Pennywise clown doll after it mysteriously floats down to her backyard

Pennywise doll new jersey

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Sorry, folks, the '50 Shades of Maple Glen' home is no longer up for sale

Vince Marie and Priscilla Costa

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New Jersey home haunted by 'The Watcher' sells at $400K loss

The Watcher House

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Over 500 hidden teeth removed from jawbone of 7-year-old boy

boy hidden teeth removed

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Time-lapse video captures shelf cloud passing over Ocean City

Ocean City shelf cloud

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New Jersey cemetery caretaker arrested for allegedly disposing of garbage, debris in graves

crime tape stock


Police: Wilmington man robbed Roxborough bank, then went to the bar

Roxborough robbery peck miller's bar

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Viral Bagel Boss guy slated for Atlantic City fight at Showboat Casino

Chris Morgan Bagel Boss

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Crow named Edgar steals customer's dollar bill at Cherry Hill Wawa

Wawa crow robbery

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Bucks County woman arrested in Seaside Park, allegedly bit an officer's leg

Pa. woman bit officer arrest


Three parrots stolen from Pennsylvania dairy farm and exotic animal zoo

Parrot theft pennsylvania

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South Jersey visitor center map misspells name of New Jersey's Passaic County

Passaic County sign visitor center

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Viral updates on run-away dog in New Jersey car crash are finally over — 'Jax' reunited with family after 15 days

0709_Jax Stafford missing

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Bag of what could be human bones found in northern New Jersey snack stand

crime tape stock


After Phillies' comeback win over Mets, fans are buying up the entire city's supply of bamboo

Phillies bamboo win streak


Amtrak, former Eagle Chris Long joke about Cam Newton's $1,500 flight rejection

Chris Long Amtrak

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Charlotte newscaster rants about New Jersey drivers during road trip

Kristen Hampton New Jersey

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Why do so many couples wear matching T-shirts at Disney World?

Matching T-shirts

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Central Pennsylvania woman finds dead bird in her canned spinach

Bird in spinach

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IRS to Philly woman: You'll have to wait for refund because you're dead

IRS death controversy


One in three adult New Jersey residents can't name their state's governor

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy name

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New Jersey man arrested for calling 911 when bar kicked him out, banned him for life

New Jersey Hackettstown bar 911 call

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Song written for Pennsylvania man who claims tornadoes are caused by traffic circles

Band Steele Tornados


Pennsylvania men stole crab meat by stuffing it in their pants, police say

Crab meat theft Cumberland County police

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Woman kicked out of Pennsylvania Golden Corral for dressing 'too provocatively' in tank top

0605_Golden Corral

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Pennsylvania man: Traffic circles are causing all of these tornadoes

Traffic circles

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Man stranded on Camden County dam, rescued Tuesday morning

Oaklyn dam rescue

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Earthquake reported off the coast of Brigantine


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Bethlehem police respond to 'skinny dipping bear' in neighborhood pool

0603_Black bear Bethlehem

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Who is throwing bottles filled with pee at couple's Philly home?

Pee Bottle

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Scranton man allegedly enters elementary school, strips naked, pours soap on gym floor



Man found in trunk of Dodge Challenger at Lancaster County auto auction facility

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

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Gritty made this Memorial Day Weekend playlist to kick off summer

Carroll - Philadelphia Flyers Gritty


Pa. driver, pulled over for wearing headphones and then arrested for transporting heroin, has appeal denied

Dauphin County Police Bureau

Adult Health

These tiny mites are mating on your face while you sleep

face mites

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Eagles playoff game at Philly mummers' bar inspired St. Louis Blues to embrace 'Gloria' as team song

Jacks NYB Philly Blues

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Rita’s Italian Ice mascot spotted holding abortion rights sign at Philly rally

Rita's abortion rights rally