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July 05, 2024

Lost emu seen wandering around Bucks County on July Fourth

Police in Newtown Township spotted the flightless bird while patrolling Stoopville Road and Rosefield Drive. It is still on the loose.

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Emu Bucks County Newtown Township Police/Facebook

Newtown Township police officers captured a photo of a lost emu before it 'ran off into the woods' near Stoopville Road and Rosefield Drive on Thursday night.

Bucks County residents scanning the skies for fireworks on July Fourth might have spotted a stranger spectacle in their backyards: a lanky Australian bird.

Newtown Township police reported an emu wandering the area of Stoopville Road and Rosefield Drive around 10 p.m. Thursday. The officers managed to snap a photo of the bird, but it "ran off into the woods" and is still on the loose as of Friday morning, according to Officer Richard Mychack.

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In a Facebook post, law enforcement asked anyone with information about who the bird "may belong to" to call the county's non-emergency number at (215) 328-8524.

Though emus are numerous in their native Australia, the flightless bird is more exotic in America. They can grow up to 5.7 feet in height, weigh up to 130 pounds and run as fast as 31 mph. The only bigger bird species is the ostrich. 

Under Pennsylvania law, residents must obtain a permit and provide a 500-square-foot paddock or corral for any emu in their possession.

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