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The health benefits of red wine

Red Wine 09132019

Adult Health

New Jersey has the fifth-lowest rate of adult obesity in the country, study says

New Jersey obesity rate runner

Adult Health

Naps may be good for your heart – but only a couple a week

Naps may reduce risk of stroke, heart attacks

Adult Health

Phantom vibrations: reason to call doctor?

Cellphone pocket 09102019

Men's Health

No, putting toothpaste on your penis will not improve your sex life

Toothpaste premature ejaculation

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Firefighters who responded to World Trade Center attacks more likely to have heart disease

firefighters 9/11 heart disease

Teen Health

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: dispelling the safety myth of e-cigarettes, vaping

Heart art 09042019

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A daily glass of red wine is good for your gut's health, according to wide-ranging study

Red wine gut bacteria study

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Metal fragments from tattoo needles may end up in your lymph nodes

Tattoo needles may cause allergic responses

Adult Health

The Monthly Migraine: Turning pain into art

The Monthly Migraine: Atrytone play

Senior Health

Here's what to expect before knee replacement surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery


It may be time for a medication review with your doctor

Prescription Drug Dosage

Men's Health

Erectile dysfunction in former NFL players linked to concussions

Concussions ED NFL players

Women's Health

Pill Club claims CVS Caremark's reimbursement changes threaten its ability to distribute birth control

Birth control pills 04182019

Adult Health

What fingernails and toenails can tell you about your health

FIngernails Flickr 08152019

Women's Health

Everything you need to know about varicose veins

Varicose Veins Wiki 08122019

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Want better sleep? Try a warm bath or shower 1-2 hours before bedtime, study suggests

Woman in Bath 08132019

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Chlamydia vaccine shows promise in clinical trial, researchers say

chlamydia vaccine

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Drinking too much coffee may increase the chance of migraines

Coffee Migraines Headache


Recommended health screenings for men in their 50s

Doctor Senior Man 08082019

Adult Health

Ulcers: What causes them (and how to prevent them)

Stomach pain 08062019

Adult Health

Here's how to know whether telemedicine is right for you

Telemedicine guide

Adult Health

Study: Sex increases chances of survival following a heart attack

sex improves survival


Opioid treatment programs coming to all Delaware prisons

opioid treatment delaware prison

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The Monthly Migraine: Symptoms we don’t talk about


Adult Health

Millennials more likely to struggle to meet people than older generations, study finds

Millennials Loneliness Social Isolation

Adult Health

Doctor Alexa will see you now: Is Amazon primed to come to your rescue?

Echo Nightstand 07292019


Americans are sitting around more than they used to, study says

Stressed out man sitting on couch

Adult Health

Climbing death rates in young and middle-aged Americans tied to drug use, heart disease

young middle aged mortality

Health Insurance

The future of nursing put under microscope at Penn

Carroll - The Future of Nursing town hall

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Eating too much spicy food could increase risk of dementia, new research suggests

Chili peppers

Adult Health

Is Botox detrimental to your health?


Adult Health

I’m a CPAP dropout: Why many lose sleep over apnea treatment

CPAP Sleep Apnea 07212019

Adult Health

The low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet may boost fertility for those struggling to conceive

keto diet infertility

Adult Health

These states are the most obese in America

Obesity 07192019

Adult Health

The Monthly Migraine: How to support a loved one

Get Well Soon Package 07182019

Alternative Medicine

Breakthrough PTSD treatment using party drug MDMA coming soon to Philly region

Carroll - Dr. Samy Badawy


Six reasons you may be feeling dizzy

Motion blurred photograph of feet


What to know about STD testing

Couple sitting on a wall

Adult Health

Ticks spread plenty more for you to worry about beyond Lyme disease

Tick On Neck MSU 071412019


Proximity to green space can curb cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, study says

Carroll - Walking in Rittenhouse Square

Adult Health

The differences between hyper/hypothyroidism

Hashimoto_thyroiditis 07112019

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