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Women with diabetes are less likely to get cancer screenings, study finds

Women with diabetes are less likely to get screened for cancer

Children's Health

Childhood trauma leads to poorer health as adults, CDC analysis finds

CDC childhood trauma and adult health


Getting enough sleep is crucial to people with chronic diseases

Sleep deprivation and chronic diseases


Lindsey Vonn opens up about her depression at millennial health forum

Lindsey Vonn depression mental health forum

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Are digestive supplements worth all the hype?

Digestive Supplements

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What's the difference between a headache and a migraine?

headache or migraine symptoms

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Despite benefits, many cardiac valve surgery patients don't receive cardiac rehabilitation

Heart Anatomy

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Smoking on screen has increased by 120% in PG-13 movies since 2010, new research says


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Philly health department reports annual decrease in HIV diagnoses

HIV 2018 Philly

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Coffee consumption boosts health of gut microbiota, analysis finds

Coffee Gut Bacteria

Children's Health

Everything you need to know about tonsil removal surgery

What to know about tonsil removal surgery

Adult Health

How much is too much when it comes to drinking alcohol?

alcohol unsplash

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Batch of Xanax medication recalled due to 'foreign substance'

Xanax pharma

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Most Americans say they don't have time take care of their health

health time diet exercise

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Pennsylvania warns consumers about dangers of decorative contact lenses

Contacts Halloween

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Sixers' Tobias Harris says NBA sleep deprivation 'like the NFL with concussions'

Tobias Harris Sleep

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Dog owners may have lower risk of dying from heart attacks, study says

Dogs pets reduce mortality

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Air pollution may contribute to hair loss, study finds

Air pollution

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Patients who use online portals to access health records more likely to get flu shots, Penn study finds


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What are the alternatives to Zantac?

Zantac alternative medications


When tragedy strikes: Preventing sudden cardiac death in student-athletes

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Youth Sports

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Sexually transmitted diseases are still increasing in the U.S.

Colorful condoms


Daytime naps: good or bad?

A woman napping on a couch

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The top 5 millennial health issues – and what to do about them

Millennial Health Issues

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CVS, Walgreens halt Zantac sales due to FDA's safety concerns

CVS Zantac Heartburn

Women's Health

Birth control delivery apps are generally safe and efficient, study finds

Birth Control Pills Delivery Services

Adult Health

Temple's new health center restores primary care to Sharswood

Vaux Community Health Center Temple

Alternative Medicine

More people use marijuana to treat illness than to get high, study says

Marijuana use study illnesses

Adult Health

Penn researchers closing in on a possible genital herpes vaccine

Herpes vaccine


Eye surgeons prescribed more opioids as procedures became less invasive, study finds

Eye Surgery Opioid Prescriptions

Senior Health

New pill could treat both blood pressure, cholesterol issues

blood pressure cholesterol pill


Scientists may have found a way to prevent the common cold

Common cold cure

Adult Health

The health benefits of red wine

Red Wine 09132019

Adult Health

FDA investigating cancer-causing impurities in Zantac

Cancer-causing NDMA found in ranitidine

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New Jersey has the fifth-lowest rate of adult obesity in the country, study says

New Jersey obesity rate runner

Adult Health

Naps may be good for your heart – but only a couple a week

Naps may reduce risk of stroke, heart attacks

Adult Health

Phantom vibrations: reason to call doctor?

Cellphone pocket 09102019

Men's Health

No, putting toothpaste on your penis will not improve your sex life

Toothpaste premature ejaculation

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Firefighters who responded to World Trade Center attacks more likely to have heart disease

firefighters 9/11 heart disease

Teen Health

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: dispelling the safety myth of e-cigarettes, vaping

Heart art 09042019

Adult Health

A daily glass of red wine is good for your gut's health, according to wide-ranging study

Red wine gut bacteria study

Adult Health

Metal fragments from tattoo needles may end up in your lymph nodes

Tattoo needles may cause allergic responses

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