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Once the 'disease of kings,' gout still afflicts millions of people

Everything you need to know about gout

Adult Health

Study puts Pennsylvania among nation’s heaviest drinking states

Pennsylvania drinking

Adult Health

People age in at least 4 different styles, Stanford study finds

Scientists identify four different types of aging

Adult Health

There may be a sweet spot for having knee replacement surgery, scientists say

Knee replacement study suggests timing is critical

Adult Health

Managing migraines – as the Flyers' Nolan Patrick is learning – can require a 'delicate balancing act'

Flyers NHL Nolan Patrick Managing Migraines


Running a marathon may reduce effects of aging, study finds

Marathon runners reap extra health benefits

Adult Health

Weight loss diet developed at Penn State ranked second-best for 2020

Volumetrics penn state

Adult Health

Abstaining from alcohol may reduce atrial fibrillation episodes


Senior Health

An Alzheimer's vaccine could be ready for human trials within 2 years

Alzheimer's vaccine

Senior Health

Decreased thirst, worries about incontinence cause dehydration among older adults, study finds

New study identifies why older adults struggle with dehydration

Adult Health

Biomarker in patients with heart failure can predict risk of early death

Biomarker linked to early mortality in patients with heart failure

Adult Health

FDA approves new migraine drug from Allergan

New migraine drug approved by FDA

Adult Health

Penn study tracks mysteries of male infertility using epigenetics

Infertility Penn Med

Adult Health

Two apples a day may keep the heart doctor away

Apples Bad Cholesterol Heart Health

Adult Health

When teens abuse parents, shame and secrecy make it hard to seek help

Teens abusing parents

Adult Health

More Americans are dying at home than in the hospital – for the first time in decades

Dying at home - hospice

Health News

GLAAD calls for Facebook to remove misleading ads about HIV prevention drug PrEP

Truvada PrEP Facebook ads

Adult Health

Shoveling snow sends 11,500 Americans to the hospital every year

Carroll - Snow


Most Americans find their jobs stressful – here's how to survive at work

Surviving a stressful job

Adult Health

Trader Joe's, 7-Eleven sushi recalled in Pa., N.J. over listeria fears

Fuji Sushi Recall

Adult Health

Everything you need to know about Graves' eye disease

Graves' Eye Disease


Deadly Candida auris infection continues to spread in New Jersey, health department says

C Auris New Jersey

Adult Health

Deaths from alcohol-related liver disease keep climbing – as American life expectancy keeps falling

Alcohol-related liver disease deaths

Adult Health

Trend continues of Americans dying younger, study shows

Senior Health

Extra virgin olive oil could help prevent dementia, Temple researchers find



Six ways to stay healthy during the cold winter months

Person playing with dog in snow

Adult Health

Here's what to expect before and after weight-loss surgery

Before and After Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss

Adult Health

How to know whether a clinical trial is right for you

What to know before enrolling in a clinical trial


Avoid kidney stones by practicing these healthy habits

Woman touching back feeling backache in bed

Adult Health

Heart disease more prevalent in counties hit hardest by 2008 economic recession

Heart Recession

Adult Health

Why you should take dry eye symptoms seriously

Dry Eye Syndrome Blindness

Adult Health

Former FDA adviser warns about dangers of LASIK surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery Dangers

Adult Health

Apple launches new 'Apple Research' app, allowing you to sign up for its newest health studies

Apple research health app

Adult Health

Tall people have a higher likelihood of developing atrial fibrillation, Penn researchers say

Women's Health

Still getting acne as an adult? There are ways to prevent it

Adult acne treatment options

Adult Health

Cholesterol levels among U.S. adults are improving, but greater strides are needed

Cholesterol levels falling among U.S. adults

Adult Health

Googling health symptoms is problematic, but many Americans still do it

Googling health symptoms online

Children's Health

Childhood trauma leads to poorer health as adults, CDC analysis finds

CDC childhood trauma and adult health

Women's Health

Women with diabetes are less likely to get cancer screenings, study finds

Women with diabetes are less likely to get screened for cancer


Getting enough sleep is crucial to people with chronic diseases

Sleep deprivation and chronic diseases


Lindsey Vonn opens up about her depression at millennial health forum

Lindsey Vonn depression mental health forum

Adult Health

Are digestive supplements worth all the hype?

Digestive Supplements

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