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Heart attacks can happen to young and fit women – as South Jersey mother learned

Heart Attack SCAD

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Global study of pancreatic cancer offers possible insights into treatment, early detection

alex trebek jeopardy pancreatic cancer 03182019


These foods wreak havoc on teeth

Two women smiling outside


Mazzoni Center program announces a more inclusive name-change

Carroll - Mazzoni Center

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This is the most commonly missed type of cancer affecting younger adults

stomach ache colorectal cancer unsplash

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Documentary linking root canals to cancer drilled by dentists, yanked by Netflix


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Your lungs are really amazing. An anatomy professor explains why


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Turns out, you can't actually catch up on sleep, according to this study

weekend sleep unsplash

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Can sitting less decrease your risk of heart disease?



Days before heading to ER, patients Google symptoms, illnesses



Paid family leave is an investment in public health, not a handout



Are you a caregiver in need of respite? There is help available


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Update: 'Young blood' transfusions are risky treatment, FDA cautions

FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb

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Study links hormone therapy to increased risk of heart disease

heart disease transgender unsplash

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The biology behind night owls' struggle in the 9-to-5 lifestyle

night owl unsplash


Cancer death rate dropping faster in black Americans, narrowing racial gap



Everything you need to know about sleep apnea

Woman sleeping in dark room

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A new drunken study myth-busts the 'beer before wine' hangover theory

alcohol unsplash

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Temple scientist developing blood test to better diagnose traumatic brain injuries



How to gain weight the healthy way

Scale and tape measure on white background

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Dying while black: Perpetual gaps exist in health care for African-Americans


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Obesity-related cancers hitting millennials hard, new study finds



Does doubling up on flu shots provide more protection?

sick unsplash

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Nearly half of all U.S. adults have cardiovascular disease – study

Doctor takes a patient's blood pressure


Suffering from cracked hands? Here’s how to fix it

Applying Moisturizer to Hands

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Report: Knee, hip replacements surged by 44 percent since 2010


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During government shutdown, Cooper expedites health checkups for furloughed workers

Cooper University Hospital

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Height may help determine lifespan, new study suggests

height pexels


Here’s what happens to your body during a hangover

Woman in bed with a pillow over her head

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Think twice about reaching for this all-natural sleep aid supplement

sleep unsplash


Everything you need to know about weight-loss surgery

Limited - Cooper Weight Loss Bariatric


Why you need a primary care physician

Limited - Cooper Primary Care


Deaths by cancer on a steady 25-year decline in the United States, new report finds

CT scan unsplash

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Nearly 20 percent of U.S. adults believe they have a food allergy – but only 10 percent do


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6 free 30-day health challenges to help you reach your 2019 goals

health challenge


Penn Medicine survey helps people create goals for reducing cancer risk


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Dry January is the perfect way to kick off 2019 on a healthy note


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Looking back, these were some of the most shocking medical cases of 2018

xray unsplash

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Pedialyte finally launches product made for treating hangovers


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Yes, the 'meat sweats' are a science-backed phenomenon

meat pexels

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Marijuana use may impact genetic makeup of sperm


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New data from the CDC suggests U.S. adults are only getting shorter and heavier

weight pexels

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