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Adult Health

Nearly 2 million Americans are using kratom yearly, but it is banned in multiple states

Kratom Health Effects

Adult Health

The physical therapist shortage hurts underserved communities and may worsen the addiction crisis

Physical Therapist Shortage


Don't let 'FDA-approved' or 'patented' in ads give you a false sense of security

Advertising Supplements FDA

Adult Health

GoFundMe has become a health care utility – but not everyone using it finds success

GoFundMe Medical Bills

Adult Health

A kiosk that teaches CPR is traveling to Philly communities heavily impacted by heart disease

CPR kiosk Philly


A personal approach to outpatient cardiac rehab

Purchased - Woman on bike getting ECG


Syphilis cases have surged nationwide; here are the STI's symptoms and how to treat it

Syphilis Testing

Health News

Taking a class? Writing your notes may help you learn better than typing them

hand writing brain connectivity

Men's Health

For some men with prostate cancer, active surveillance may be a better option than treatment

Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance

Adult Health

Sitting at work all day is bad for your health – but sprinkling in physical activity can help

Sitting Heart Disease

Adult Health

Even mild concussions caused by sports can lead to persistent health problems, researchers say

Traumatic brain injuries

Healthy Eating

Drinking 100% fruit juice daily can cause weight gain in children and adults, study finds

fruit juice weight gain children

Adult Health

Hoping to clear the air in casinos, workers seek to ban tobacco smoke

Casino Smoking Bans


Smart rings are becoming a trend for tracking important health metrics

01162024 Evie smart ring.jpg

Health News

Bottled water contains far more plastic particles than previously believed, study suggests

Bottled Water Nanoplastics


Addressing health inequities in the greater Philadelphia region

Purchased - Man talking with a therapist smiling


Hearing aids may help people live longer, but many who need them don't get treated

Hearing Aid Study

Adult Health

Sober curious? Here are tips for cutting back on alcohol or stopping drinking completely

Reduce alcohol consumption

Adult Health

The best way to keep your New Year's resolutions? Set smaller, specific goals

New Year's Resolutions Running

Health News

The biggest health trends of 2024: more pickleball, less alcohol

health trends 2024 pickleball


A new test could save arthritis patients time, money and pain – but will it be used?

Rheumatoid Arthritis Test


Many couples are going to bed in separate rooms, and these 'sleep divorces' may be healthy

Sleep Divorce

Adult Health

Philly has become more inclusive to people with sensory sensitivities – and is being recognized for its efforts

Philly Sensory Bag


Chronic fatigue syndrome affects more people than once believed, CDC finds

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


What does weight-inclusive health care mean?

Weight Inclusive Health Care

Women's Health

Exercise can improve metastatic breast cancer patients' quality of life, study finds

Metastatic Breast Cancer Exercise

Adult Health

Many people of color worry good health care is tied to their appearance

Health Care Patient Appearance

Adult Health

Married couples tend to share high blood pressure, study finds

Blood pressure married couples

Senior Health

Consuming wasabi leads to 'significant' improvements in memory, study finds

Wasabi memory benefits


How to effectively advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office

Purchased - A Woman Speaking with Her Doctor

Adult Health

Back pain? Bum knee? Be prepared to wait for a physical therapist

Physical Therapy Knee

Adult Health

A researcher's prescription for better health care: A dose of humility for doctors, nurses and clinicians

Doctor Patient Humility


Why you should have health insurance when you’re young and healthy

Purchased - Young happy people laughing together

Mental Health

The mental health of people born in the '90s is not improving with age – unlike other generations, study finds

Mental Health 1990s

Adult Health

Certain personality traits – like being an extrovert – may lower risk for dementia

Dementia Personality Link

Adult Health

Diabetes medication Mounjaro is more effective than Ozempic for weight loss, study says

Mounjaro Ozempic study

Adult Health

Knowing if you're a night owl or an early bird could help you do better on tests and avoid scams

Early Riser Night Owl

Health News

Alzheimer's risk increases with rise in this 'hidden' body fat, researchers find

visceral fat alzheimer's


How sound therapy can be used to improve physical and mental health

Purchased - Photo of Sound Therapy

Adult Health

Compensation is key to fixing primary care shortage

Primary Care Shortage

Adult Health

Limiting sodium intake may work as well as some hypertension drugs; here's how to cut back on salt

Reducing sodium in diets

Adult Health

Why it's so tough to reduce unnecessary medical care

Unnecessary Medical Care

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