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Risk of rotator cuff injuries increases among people with sex-hormone deficiencies

Shoulder pain


Brachytherapy at Penn Medicine now offers a new radiation option for patients with prostate cancer

Limited - Penn Medicine - Brachytherapy

Adult Health

Brain fog is common among long COVID sufferers, but there are ways to treat it

COVID brain fog

Adult Health

Clinical trials often lack diversity; revising eligibility rules may help, researchers say

Clinical trial diversity


Losing sleep over the pandemic? Work flexibility may be a boon for night owls' health

Night Owl Work


Childhood health can predict risk of heart attack, stroke later in life

Making healthy lifestyle changes

Adult Health

Gut bacteria may explain why hypertension drugs don't work for everyone with high blood pressure

Blood pressure gut bacteria


The risk factors for multiple sclerosis are complex – even sunlight may play a role

vitamin D and MS

Adult Health

Even small amounts of alcohol increase risk of heart disease, research shows

Alcohol Heart Disease

Adult Health

Kidney stones may become less painful to pass thanks to new technology

Kidney Stones More Common In Men


Social drinking vs. a drinking problem: what’s the difference?

Purchased - Man drinking alone at a bar


Why you should have a pulse oximeter in your medicine cabinet

Purchased - Man With Pulse-Oximeter Measuring Level Of Oxygen Saturation

Adult Health

Spikes in standing blood pressure could be a warning sign of a future heart attack for some young adults

Standing blood pressure


Common types of ulcers — and how to treat them

Purchased - Senior man is suffering from problems with a digestion


Three things you can do now to prevent joint replacement

Purchased - Ortho image trinity

Adult Health

A new approach to severe asthma could reduce racial health disparities, researchers say

Asthma racial disparities


What your heart could be telling you

Purchased - elderly couple jogging outside


The health benefits of hydrotherapy

Purchased - senior citizen in a pool exercising


Five ways to practice safe driving

Purchased - Woman driving a car while sunny

Adult Health

Does being tall affect your health? Research shows it may increase risk of some medical conditions

Height colon cancer

Health Insurance

HIV preventive care is supposed to be free in the US. So, why are some patients still paying?

PrEP HIV Prevention


Jefferson Health testing new treatment for loss of smell and taste

Smell Loss Treatment

Children's Health

Having certain health conditions as a teen may accelerate aging as an adult

Smoking and aging

Adult Health

What happens when you die? Life may literally flash before your eyes

Brain Death EEG


IBX: The Cover Story Podcast: My Family Doctor Saved My Life

Purchased - Doctor with arms folded


Early signs of liver damage from drinking too much alcohol

Purchased - Woman drinking wine at her desk

Adult Health

The key to better acne treatments may be fat cells in the skin, researchers say

Acne treatment

Adult Health

New Jersey among states with highest life expectancies, CDC report finds

Life expectancy New Jersey Pennsylvania

Adult Health

Don't nurse that Moscow mule — it could be a health hazard

Copper mugs safe


Tips for facing the challenge of pregnancy during a pandemic

Purchased - Expectant Mother Using Laptop Computer At Home


What you need to know about gestational diabetes and the glucose test

Purchased - Pregnant woman with diabetes

Adult Health

Telemedicine can help reduce racial disparity in follow-up appointments, study finds

Telemedicine Study Penn

Adult Health

Trying to lose weight? Getting more sleep may help

Healthy Sleep Habits

Adult Health

Taking Vitamin D and fish oil can help lower older adults risk of autoimmune disease, study finds

Vitamin D fish oil supplements


What to know about coronary artery disease

Limited - Coronary Artery Disease Illustration


Tips for keeping your health information secure online

Purchased - woman working on laptop computer at home office workspace

Adult Health

How the pandemic's unequal toll on people of color underlines U.S. health inequities – and why solving them is so critical

COVID-19 Health Disparities

Adult Health

Heel pain can be caused by a range of issues; diagnosing it is critical for treatment

Heel pain causes


Five potential reasons why you wake up feeling stiff and achy

Purchased - Woman sitting on bed in pain

Health News

The Red Cross desperately needs blood donations; here's how to help

Red Cross Blood Drive

Health Insurance

Medicaid eligibility rules affect cancer survival, analysis suggests

Medicaid cancer survival

Adult Health

Nearly 60 years ago, U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry released report linking smoking to cancer

1964 Smoking Study

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