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Why you should take a peek at your doctor’s notes on your health

Doctor Notes 06212019

Adult Health

What’s the difference between acetaminophen and ibuprofen?

Ibuprofren Motrin


Why hitting the snooze button could be harmful to your health

Snooze Button Flickr 06062019


Naloxone nasal spray is more available in Philly neighborhoods with more white residents, study finds

Carroll - Naloxone, Narcan

Adult Health

This is how many sexually transmitted infections occur every day worldwide


Adult Health

Second-ever LGBT State of the Union champions progress, considers new controversies

Philadelphia LGBT SOTU 1 06032019

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People are less likely to die of heart disease in states that expanded Medicaid, Penn Medicine study finds

Heart Disease Medicaid Expansion Penn Medicine Study


Diseases you can catch from a household pet

Girl Dog 06032019

Adult Health

Heartburn medications can cause more harm than good, large study finds

Carroll - Pills Medication Prescription Drugs Stock

Adult Health

The Monthly Migraine: The state of migraine medications in 2019

MIgraine Headaches Nausea 05292019

Adult Health

PSA: Stop wearing lanyards while driving

lanyard safety

Adult Health

'Burn-out' is real medical condition, the World Health Organization now says

Burn-out WHO diagnosis

Adult Health

How to identify and help someone with an eating disorder

Anorexia Girl artwork Jenny Schmid 05232019

Adult Health

Cancer deaths falling among middle-aged Americans


Adult Health

These tiny mites are mating on your face while you sleep

face mites

Adult Health

Dog lovers, a study suggests your affection might be in your DNA

dog ownership genetic code

Adult Health

What causes dandruff – and how to deal with it

Woman Hair A 05162019


How traumatic injury has become a health care crisis


Adult Health

Joint pain supplement may actually benefit your heart

Heart Scan Health 05152019

Adult Health

Americans are OK with adults using Adderall at work – but not athletes or students

Does Adderall help with tests?

Adult Health

Just 16 minutes of sleep loss can harm work concentration the next day

Man Yawn 04302019

Adult Health

Five ways to stop snoring

Sleep Woman Bed 04292019


Here’s why you should stop drinking energy drinks

Variety of energy drinks

Adult Health

The oldest millennials are less healthy than Gen Xers were at the same age

Millennial health compared to Generation X

Adult Health

Adults who skip breakfast have increased risk of cardiovascular-related death, study finds

skipping breakfast death

Adult Health

As syphilis invades rural America, a fraying health safety net is failing to stop it

Syphilis 04222019

Men's Health

The keys to getting in shape for men in their 30s and 40s


Adult Health

Symptoms of the most common STDs

Gonorrhea bacteria NAIAD 04192019


When is the best time to exercise? Researchers identify ideal hours

Carroll - Running in Philadelphia

Adult Health

Hoping to sleep better? Researchers debunk common myths

How to get better sleep


Lower your cholesterol with these six tips

Cholesterol Test Result

Senior Health

This dairy-free drink was created to promote healthy aging

perennial drink aging wellness

Adult Health

FDA releases list of nitrosamine-free blood pressure medications amid shortage

Doctor takes a patient's blood pressure

Adult Health

Eating an unhealthy diet might be more deadly than smoking, study finds

poor diet death

Adult Health

As seasonal allergies return, more people finding relief under the tongue

Tongue Woman 04022019

Adult Health

Gardeners, beware: there's dangerous bacteria lurking in potting soil

potting soil bacteria disease


Five common causes of chest pain

Man experiencing chest pain

Adult Health

Pairing painkillers with music may enhance relief, new study finds

pain pills music


FYI, you're never too old to get measles (or the vaccine)

measles vaccine mumps rubella MMR 03192019

Adult Health

Global study of pancreatic cancer offers possible insights into treatment, early detection

alex trebek jeopardy pancreatic cancer 03182019

Women's Health

Heart attacks can happen to young and fit women – as South Jersey mother learned

Heart Attack SCAD


These foods wreak havoc on teeth

Two women smiling outside

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