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Senior Health

Senior Health

New Alzheimer's drug raises hopes — along with questions

Alzheimer's Drug Leqembi

Senior Health

The latest Alzheimer's drug may not help most Black patients, experts say

Alzheimer's Lecanemab Black Patients


How to negotiate with resistant aging parents? Borrow these tips from the business world

Aging Parent Assistance

Senior Health

Balance declines with age, but exercise can help stave off some of the risk of falling

Aging Balance Falls

Senior Health

Eli Lilly says its experimental Alzheimer's drug slows cognitive decline

Eli Lilly Alzheimer's

Senior Health

How to grow your social network as you age

Seniors New Friendships

Senior Health

Fatigue is common among older adults, and it has many possible causes

Senior Fatigue Causes

Senior Health

Being 'socially frail' comes with health risks for older adults

Social Frailty Seniors


Candida auris, a deadly fungal infection, is spreading rapidly in hospitals. Here's what to know

Candida auris infections


Social isolation is a serious problem among U.S. seniors

Purchased -  Senior social isolation

Men's Health

U.S. veterans have a higher prostate cancer rate, but a new law aims to improve access to care

U.S. Capitol Veterans Prostate Cancer

Senior Health

Should older seniors risk major surgery? New research offers guidance

Senior Surgery Risk

Adult Health

Memory loss comes with aging, but there are ways to keep your mind sharp

Healthy brain diet


11 common health concerns for people over 65

Purchased - an older woman smiling in the park during the fall


Essential things you need to do for end-of-life planning

Purchased - Living Will Advance DDirective


An RSV outbreak is surging in the United States; here's what parents should know

RSV Outbreak

Senior Health

Over-the-counter hearing aids have been greenlighted by the FDA

Hearing aid OTC

Health News

Heat waves can be dangerous for seniors and children; here's how to prevent dehydration, heat stroke

Philly heat wave

Senior Health

Stress can affect biological aging – but there are ways to help slow it down

Stress and immune system

Adult Health

Earwax buildup can cause earaches and hearing loss; here's how to remove it

Earwax removal


Why won't more older Americans get their COVID-19 booster shots?


Seven ways to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementia

Purchased - Grandmother and granddaughter laughing and embracing at home


How to keep your brain healthy as you get older

Purchased - Senior couple sitting on a bench enjoying coffee


New lawsuits over New Jersey nursing home COVID-19 deaths claim 'state-created danger'

Gov. Murphy covid nursing homes


People may sleep less as they age, but they still need 7 hours each night, scientists say

Sleep Older Adults

Mental Health

Mental illnesses may increase risk for COVID-19 breakthrough cases, study finds

mental health breakthrough covid

Senior Health

Your personality can affect your risk of cognitive impairment

Personality Cognitive Impairment

Senior Health

Excessive daytime napping linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease in older adults, study finds

Alzheimers Sleep Study

Senior Health

Patina, a new, senior-focused primary care provider, gets its feet off the ground

Patina Primary Care

Senior Health

Brain 'clutter' may cause memory issues in older adults – not a lack of storage space

Memory Brain Clutter

Adult Health

New Jersey among states with highest life expectancies, CDC report finds

Life expectancy New Jersey Pennsylvania

Senior Health

At-home COVID-19 tests soon will be available for free to Medicare recipients

Senior Health

New Jersey deploying National Guard to nursing homes with COVID-19 staffing shortages

Senior Health

For older adults, smelling the roses may be more difficult

Senior Smell Roses

Senior Health

Life-saving stroke treatment may not be as time-sensitive as previously thought

Stroke treatment thrombectomy


Why stretching is so important — especially as we age

Purchased - Senior woman stretching in the park

Senior Health

Cataracts among several eye conditions linked to increased dementia risk

Dementia Eye Conditions

Senior Health

IBX Medicare Advantage members can receive free in-home screenings for colon cancer, kidney disease

Independence in-home testing


Doctors weigh pros and cons of prescribing hot-button Alzheimer's drug

Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm

Senior Health

Calming computer jitters: Help for seniors who aren't tech-savvy

Senior Computer Help

Adult Health

New Alzheimer's drug approved by the FDA despite questions about its effectiveness

FDA Aduhelm Alzheimer's

Senior Health

A new app aims to help people better manage arthritis

Arthritis pain stretching

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