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Helping seniors select the best fitness center and trainer

Senior Fitness 08112019

Senior Health

Blood tests for Alzheimer’s: Two experts on why new studies are encouraging

Tau Protein Brain 08092019

Health News

Philly Alzheimer's study questions amyloid as accurate marker for cognitive decline

brain penn jeff

Senior Health

Older Americans increasingly having a binge drinking problem new study reports

binge drinking senior citizens


How technology could help solve the caregiver shortage for seniors

Seniors Technology 07252019

Health Insurance

Dream of retiring abroad? The reality: Medicare doesn’t travel well

Medical Bills 07262019

Health Insurance

The future of nursing put under microscope at Penn

Carroll - The Future of Nursing town hall


Health insurance fraud: How to stop scammers in their tracks

Elderly man being scammed on phone


Caregiver depression linked to more ER visits for patients with dementia

Caregiver Depression Seniors with Dementia

Alternative Medicine

Medicare mulls decision to cover acupuncture for lower back pain

Medicare Coverage Acupuncture

Mental Health

In secret meeting, Philly-area seniors discuss ‘rational suicide’

Nursing_Home 06272019

Men's Health

Learn to manage stress – because there’s no winding down

Man Job Stress 06262019

Senior Health

Antidepressants among common medications tied to increased dementia risk

Antidepressants among common drugs linked to dementia


Common antidepressant drug tied to increased risk of falls in elderly adults

antidepressant increase risk of falls elderly

Senior Health

Health care providers and agencies aren't reporting elder abuse, report finds

Elder abuse Office of Inspector General

Senior Health

Pennsylvania receives 'F' grade for nursing home facilities, new report says

Pennsylvania worst nursing homes ranked

Senior Health

Philadelphia is home to six of the worst nursing homes in the U.S.

Worst nursing homes Philadelphia

Senior Health

The benefits of exercise for older adults

Senior Fitness Stretching 05302019

Senior Health

Many U.S. senior citizens struggle to afford food

senior citizen food insecurity


How traumatic injury has become a health care crisis


Senior Health

WHO releases new guidelines for reducing dementia risk


Senior Health

Newly-recognized brain disorder mimics Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's Disease LATE Dementia


No cure for Alzheimer's disease in my lifetime

Alzheimer's disease 04252019

Senior Health

In 10 years, half of middle-income elders won’t be able to afford housing, medical care


Senior Health

Brain stimulation may reverse seniors' memory loss, study finds

Memory Loss Older People Brain Stimulation

Senior Health

Lethal plans: When seniors turn to suicide in long-term care

Senior Depression 04102019

Senior Health

Memory-boosting electrical jolts could one day help treat dementia, Alzheimer's

Brain Electrostimulation Boston University 04092019

Senior Health

This dairy-free drink was created to promote healthy aging

perennial drink aging wellness


The local nonprofit making a positive impact on the lives of older adults

center in the park germantown

Senior Health

More older adults with joint replacements recover at home, not rehab

Rothman Orthopedic Philadelphia office 03292019

Senior Health

Broken bones linked to dog walks are on the rise among elderly adults

elderly dog falls pexels


Mental health and seniors: fighting stigma with normalization

Health visitor and senior woman during home visit

Senior Health

How old is too old to drive?


Senior Health

High-protein, low-calorie diet promotes healthy weight loss in obese seniors, researchers say

protein rich meal unsplash

Senior Health

Boot camp after 60: 10 steps to turn your health around


Senior Health

Frail seniors find ways to live independently


Women's Health

These personality traits in women allude to risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds

female personality pexels

Senior Health

Study examining fitness tracker data links activity in older adults to lower dementia risk

fitness tracker unsplash

Senior Health

Grandparents getting tipsy at the holiday party? It's a growing trend



Most caregivers of people with dementia are family members, and they need help


Senior Health

Jefferson identifies treatment for under-diagnosed cause of severe chest pain

Stock_Carroll - Philadelphia University Jefferson

Senior Health

Living a long life isn't predetermined in your genes, a new study suggests


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