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October 15, 2023

Man robs Northeast Philly McDonald's by climbing through drive-thru window, stealing cash register

Nobody was hurt in the incident, which happened a few days after a similar robbery attempt at a nearby Wendy's

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mcdonalds-lawncrest.jpg STREET VIEW/GOOGLE MAPS

A McDonald's restaurant on Adams Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia – shown here on Google Maps Street View – was robbed by a man who climbed through its drive-thru window and took off with the cash register on Friday night. The suspect is still at large.

Police are investigating after a rather unconventional robbery that took place in Northeast Philadelphia on Friday night. 

The McDonald's on the 700 block of Adams Ave. was robbed when an armed man allegedly climbed through the window of the drive-thru and stole a cash register containing between $100 and $150, according to a news report from 6 ABC. Nobody was injured in the incident, according to a McDonald's employee who was working at the time. 
The daring armed robbery happened around 11:15 p.m. after a black Chevy Malibu SUV with three males inside pulled up to the drive-thru behind the McDonalds on Adams Ave in Lawncrest. One of the men then climbed through the window with a gun, grabbed the cash register and then climbed back out the window with it. 

The three men then fled the scene in the SUV with the stolen cash register in tow. Police have not yet identified the robbery suspect or either of the other two men. 

As unusual as it may sound, this isn't the first robbery-via-drive-thru to happen in the city of Philadelphia. Just a few nights earlier, a similar robbery attempt occurred at the drive-thru of a nearby Wendy's on Adams Ave., but was foiled when employees pushed the suspect back out the window, 6 ABC reported

In November 2022, a McDonald's on Whitaker Ave. in North Philly was robbed through its drive-thru window when the passenger of an SUV brandished a gun and demanded the cash register. That incident, which made national news headlines, was captured on surveillance video. Two years earlier, another McDonald's in Southwest Philly was robbed by a man and a woman who allegedly climbed through one of its drive-thru windows armed with weapons and made off with $1,118 in cash. 

"It's crazy, man," one customer reportedly said to CBS Philadelphia after the Southwest Philly McDonald's robbery in 2019. "Philly's crazy, man."

Police did not say if there were additional eyewitnesses or surveillance video from Friday's drive-thru robbery. The investigation is ongoing.