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March 17, 2023

6ABC's St. Patrick's Day weather report accidentally takes hilarious, NSFW turn

On Friday morning's newscast, meteorologist Karen Rogers made a beer drinking joke — but it landed another way

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6abc double fisting 6abc/YouTube

6ABC's Karen Rogers and Jessica Boyington shared a good laugh during the morning weather report on the 5:30 a.m. 'Action News' broadcast on St. Patrick's Day.

So, how about the weather?

That may be the most graceful thing 6ABC meteorologist Karen Rogers could say to laugh off an unintentionally risqué interaction she had on-air Friday morning with "Action News" colleague Jessica Boyington. During her St. Patrick's Day weather report, as Rogers ran through the seven-day forecast, she held a remote control in each of her hands.

It's notable that Rogers was holding two remotes and not just one. A meteorologist often will carry a remote during a weather report; it's used to change graphics that accompany these segments. Why Rogers was holding two on Friday is unclear.

Before turning the broadcast over to Boyington for her traffic report, Rogers attempted to make a joke, likening her holding two remotes to someone holding two beers – a practice commonly referred to as double fisting. It would seem to be an appropriate riff for the morning of the notorious drinking holiday.

But Rogers didn't explicitly say anything about beer, and she changed double fisting to its past participle form. Plus, her most fatal and hilarious flaw was that she inserted the infinitive "to be" into the sentence in a most unfortunate place.

Boyington was left to immediately clarify that Rogers was not referring to ... another explicit activity.

A Twitter user shared video of the interaction on Friday morning, and it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

This is why being a live TV reporter or anchor is terrifying. Credit to Boyington for making quick light of the gaffe and to everyone at the studio for taking it in stride and laughing it off.

Clips like this one have a way of percolating up to late night shows, so maybe that's on the horizon. The only surprise is that this wasn't FOX29's Mike Jerrick, who has a history as Philly news media's representative for crudely pushing the envelope. Jerrick, who recently had his own viral moment during a "Good Day Philadelphia" segment about IPAs, will probably need someone to hold both of his beers to top this one.