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April 09, 2023

Cup Noodles for breakfast? Nissin introduces instant ramen with flavors of pancakes, sausage and eggs

The unique snack will be available for a limited time in stores and online exclusively at Walmart

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nissin cup noodles breakfast Provided Image/Nissin

Nissin Foods has released Cup Noodles Breakfast for a limited time exclusively through Walmart. The unique new instant ramen product features flavors like pancakes, sweet maple syrup, sausage and eggs.

Breakfast has long been referred to as the most important meal of the day, and Nissin Foods is introducing an unexpected new option to make the fundamental morning meal a bit more interesting.

Nissin, which has a plant in Lancaster, has released Cup Noodles Breakfast for a limited time exclusively through Walmart. The quirky new instant ramen product features flavors like pancakes, sweet maple syrup, sausage and eggs. 

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“We know our products are a go-to meal any time of the day,” Priscila Stanton, senior vice president of marketing for Nissin Foods USA, said in a release. “(B)y adding Cup Noodles Breakfast to our line-up we are truly feeding cravings around the clock — morning, noon, night or late night.”

The saucy snack can be prepared in four minutes, and the Cup Noodles packaging allows it to be consumed on the go. 

For more adventurous eaters, the brand recommends adding breakfast condiments like maple syrup or hot sauce to elevate the flavor profiles.

While breakfast instant ramen may seem unexpected, ramen for breakfast is actually a thing. There are countless recipes online that recommend adding ingredients like bacon and eggs to noodles. 

breakfast cup noodlesProvided Image/Nissin

Breakfast lovers can purchase Cup Noodles Breakfast online or at select Walmart locations.

Cup Noodles Breakfast is the second limited-edition flavor released by Nissin. During the fall seasons of 2021 and 2022, the company successfully launched pumpkin-flavored instant ramen, beginning what is sure to be an ongoing series of unique flavors. First pumpkin, then breakfast ... Who knows what kooky combination will be next for Cup Noodles?

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