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Herr's condiment-flavored chips are back; here's how we rank them

Herr's Sandwi-chips

Food & Drink

PHS Pop Up Gardens open for the season on Friday

PHS Pop Up Gardens


Rob McElhenney eats his cheesesteak wit whiz and a bit of ketchup

Rob McElhenney cheesesteak


Jordan Mailata introduced the Kelce brothers to Australian sweets on 'New Heights' podcast

Mailaita New Heighrs


Healthy summer snack options for kids

Purchased - strawberry popsicles with fresh berries

Food & Drink

Herr's announces Flavored by Philly chip contest finalists

Herr's contest finalists

Food & Drink

El Merkury is giving away free churros to celebrate its fifth anniversary

El Merkury giveaway

Food & Drink

Cup Noodles for breakfast? Nissin introduces instant ramen with flavors of pancakes, sausage and eggs

nissin cup noodles breakfast

Food & Drink

Herr's new ketchup and mustard chips are designed to be sandwich toppers

herr's sandwich chips

Healthy Eating

Hershey's plant-based Reese's Peanut Butter Cups lack milk – but that doesn't make them healthy

Plant-based Reese's


Five midnight snacks that can help you fall back asleep

Purchase - Woman searching for a snack in the fridge

Food & Drink

Herr's latest 'Flavored by Philly' chip contest seeks ideas inspired by local businesses

Herr's Philly Chip Flavor

Food & Drink

M&M's introduces first new character in a decade

M&M's new purple character

Food & Drink

Goldfish run on Dunkin'? Companies partner to create pumpkin spice graham crackers

Dunkin' Goldfish crackers pumpkin spice

Food & Drink

Philly man wins $10,000 from Herr's for Long Hots & Sharp Provolone chips

Herr's Long Hots


Rap Snacks sued by Mattel over Barbie-inspired potato chip collaboration with Nicki Minaj

Food & Drink

Herr's names three finalists in search for new Philly-inspired chip flavor

Herrs Philly Flavored Chip

Men's Health

Snacking can become a healthy habit with a little planning

Healthy Snacks Nuts


Dippin' Dots bought by South Jersey company behind ICEE and Superpretzel for $222 million

Dippin Dots Sale

Food & Drink

Herr's wants customers to weigh in with ideas for new Philly-inspired chip flavor

Herr's Flavored by Philly chips


Healthy choices for late-night snack cravings

Open Refrigerator In Kitchen stock photo


Utz acquires Pennsylvania snack food competitor Snyder's of Berlin

Utz Snyders

Healthy Eating

Most Philly stores primarily sell unhealthy foods, city report finds

Philly food stores unhealthy snacks


Why bananas might be the answer to a good night's sleep

bananas bedtime snack

Healthy Eating

This monthly subscription delivers hard-to-find and healthy keto snacks

the keto boxdelivery

Food & Drink

Pennsylvania snack giant Utz gives its Little Utz Girl mascot a new look

Utz new little girl mascot

Adult Health

Turns out, you can't actually catch up on sleep, according to this study

weekend sleep unsplash

Healthy Eating

There's a new healthy-ish ice cream that promises to whisk you away to sleep

night food ice cream

Healthy Eating

These healthy grab-and-go hard-boiled egg snacks are probably cooler than you are

peckish eggs


Healthy Recipe: Baked Rosemary Beet Chips

Limited - Baked Rosemary Beet Chips IBX Live

Odd News

Pringles brings back its limited-edition Thanksgiving dinner chips



Healthy Recipe: Cranberry Pistachio Power Bites

Limited - Healthy Recipe Cranberry Pistachio Power Bites

Healthy Eating

Chips made with this vegetable are the healthier alt-chips you need in your life


Odd News

New wasabi and hot chicken wing Oreos: atrocity or innovation?


Food & Drink

Utz Italian hoagie chips: We tried them because you probably haven't

Italian hoagie chips


Animal crackers uncaged on packaging after pressure from PETA

Animal crackers


There's a brand new Girl Scout Cookie joining the line-up in 2019

girl scout cookies fb


Healthy Recipe: Apple Sandwiches

Limited - Apple Sandwiches 2 IBX Live


Healthy Recipe: Almond-Cucumber Crunchers

Cucumber-Almond Crunchers


Comparing apples to apples: The best ways to enjoy them

Red and Green Apples


Healthy Recipe: Bruschetta

IBX LIVE Bruschetta Recipe


Healthy Recipe: Avocado-Banana "Ice Cream"

Avocado Banana Ice Cream

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