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Food & Drink

Herr's announces winner of Flavored by Philly potato chip contest: Corropolese tomato pie

corropolese tomato pie herr's

Food & Drink

Herr's announces Flavored by Philly chip contest finalists

Herr's contest finalists

Food & Drink

Herr's new ketchup and mustard chips are designed to be sandwich toppers

herr's sandwich chips

Food & Drink

Herr's latest 'Flavored by Philly' chip contest seeks ideas inspired by local businesses

Herr's Philly Chip Flavor

Food & Drink

Philly man wins $10,000 from Herr's for Long Hots & Sharp Provolone chips

Herr's Long Hots


Rap Snacks sued by Mattel over Barbie-inspired potato chip collaboration with Nicki Minaj

Food & Drink

Herr's names three finalists in search for new Philly-inspired chip flavor

Herrs Philly Flavored Chip

Food & Drink

Herr's wants customers to weigh in with ideas for new Philly-inspired chip flavor

Herr's Flavored by Philly chips


Lay’s develops Philly cheesesteak-flavored chips inspired by Geno’s Steaks

Lay's Philly cheesesteak chips

Healthy Eating

Some foods are designed to keep you eating – even when you're full

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Utz acquires Pennsylvania snack food competitor Snyder's of Berlin

Utz Snyders

Food & Drink

PrimoHoagies to launch Italian hoagie-flavored potato chips

Primo's Hoagies Italian chips

Healthy Eating

Chips made with this vegetable are the healthier alt-chips you need in your life


Food & Drink

Utz Italian hoagie chips: We tried them because you probably haven't

Italian hoagie chips

Bad For You

Bad For You - Rap Snacks

Rap Snacks


Local wonder Tastykake unveils snackable Kake Chips



Where to score Cinco de Mayo restaurant deals in and around Philly

Lolita Cinco de Mayo tacos