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Health Stories

A boat crushed his face, then plastic surgeons hit him with $167,000 in bills


Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: Celebrities, they’re just like us!


Health Stories

Penn Medicine nurse gaining fast in bid for Tokyo 2020

Carroll - The Doctor is Out Samantha Roecker

Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: The storm before the storm

Migraine headache weather storm 03262019

Health Stories

For Philly-area neurosurgeon, spring brings a hive of activity

Carroll - The Doctor is Out Beekeeper

Women's Health

Heart attacks can happen to young and fit women – as South Jersey mother learned

Heart Attack SCAD

Health Stories

Bucks County woman became pregnant twice despite colorectal cancer

lauren ricotton colorectal cancer mom

Health Stories

Her mission: convince more women to give powerlifting a try

Jessica Smith

Health Stories

For surgical coordinator, it's all about precision on the table

Carroll - The Doctor is Out - Valerie Batezel

Health Stories

Colon cancer rising among millennials – but doctors aren't sure why


Health Stories

I’m a journalist. Apparently, I’m also one of America’s 'Top Doctors'



Penn runners catch theft suspect, but say real heroes are those who inspire fitness

Penn Running Club

Health Stories

Confusing and high bills for cancer patients add to anxiety and suffering


Health Stories

For Lourdes oncologist, magic is great medicine

Carroll - TDIO Dr. Saul


What ‘dope sick’ really feels like


Health Stories

Temple clinic helps transgender women find new voices

Carroll - Speech Therapy

Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: Pregnancy with migraines



Investigation: Are lip balms like ChapStick intentionally addictive?

Lip Balm

Health Stories

When the flu turns grave, Penn Lung Rescue Team flies into action



Temple football staffer's leukemia recovery underscores critical need for blood donors


Health Stories

Penn doctor makes research strides into his own rare disease

Carroll - Dr. David Fajgenbaum

Mental Health

Not all DNA test revelations produce a happy ending


Health Stories

Cooper Health exec enjoys bird’s-eye view of the world


Health Stories

Only when he, too, was diagnosed did Philly oncogeneralist learn about the other side of fighting cancer


Health Stories

Will I always face the threat of a peanut-laden kiss of death?


Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine – How migraines changed my relationship with words


Health Stories

As medical misinformation infects the internet, doctors seek a cure


Health Stories

To undergo surgery, South Jersey woman lost 90 pounds – on a bad ankle



It's possible to 'inherit' food allergies from an organ donor — here's proof

peanut butter pexels

Adult Health

Looking back, these were some of the most shocking medical cases of 2018

xray unsplash

Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: I qualified for the buzzy migraine injection


Health Stories

The ties that bind: Drexel doctor's huge collection spreads joy

Carroll - The Doc is Out Daniel Schidlow

Health Stories

No cash. No heart. Transplant centers require proof of payment


Health Stories

More millennials navigating life with celiac disease


Health Stories

Temple students deliver customized fittings to children with cerebral palsy

Temple University students bring children with Cerebral Palsy fittings

Health Stories

How a lifelong friendship, a random act of kindness and social media brought strangers together for a kidney donation

Mummers Transplant


Compassionomics 101: How kindness can make a big difference in health care

Carroll - Dr. Stephen Trzeciak Cooper

Health Stories

Philly dermatologist wants to get under your skin – one word at a time

Carroll - Dr. Jules Lipoff

Health Stories

Millennials' health suffers from all that technology at their fingertips



Beware the neti pot: Woman died from brain-eating amoeba after using tap water

neti pot flickr

Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: Holidays are no gift – so celebrate with care


Women's Health

WATCH: Penn surgeons perform first robotic bilateral breast reconstruction