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July 29, 2019

This monthly subscription delivers hard-to-find and healthy keto snacks

The Keto Box will help you explore snackables that fit with your diet

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Keto snacks.

Subscription services are a great (and convenient) way to try new products you ordinarily wouldn’t because you can’t find them locally, or wouldn’t choose to spend money on them. While these services exist for booze, makeup and pet goods, there are now some for healthy eating, too.

The Keto Box is a monthly subscription box that comes stuffed with eight to 11 snacks that comply with the ketogenic diet — a low-carb, high-fat, medium protein diet promoting the burning of fat.

The best part is that The Keto Box is curated — like a fine art collection — with keto products you probably don’t have access to at your local grocery store chain.

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The box vows to never pack anything over the ketogenic threshold of five grams of net carbs, nor will it provide “keto” products with non diet-friendly sweeteners.

The monthly box features items like drinks and sodas, condiments and sauces, baking ingredients (sweeteners, cookie/brownie mixes) and on-the-go snacks like bars, nuts, meat snacks and more. The box cannot be personalized at this time, though it’s something the service is hoping to eventually offer.

Get the ball rolling by subscribing for $40 per month, or opt for a longer-term subscription for a slight discount. Then, the box will ship out on the 5th of every month.

The Box will also ask for your feedback on each delivery to help fine tune the service, and rule out products you didn’t like.

Subscribe to the monthly Keto Box delivery service here for some healthy, keto-friendly and unique snacks.

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