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Healthy Eating

Here's everything you need to know about the weight-loss Optavia Diet

optavia diet info


Dog owners may have healthier hearts than others, study suggests

dogs heart health


*This* is the favored exercise method of U.S. Twitter users, study finds

walking favorite exercise


Microplastics in drinking water likely do not pose a health risk at current levels, WHO says

microplastic contamination drinking water

Senior Health

Seniors' health can decline due to deficiencies in micronutrients, study says

Vitamin deficiencies increase frailty senior

Health News

Stem cells could regenerate organs – but only if the body won't reject them

Human Organs SPS 08252019


What to stream on Netflix in September: 'Between Two Ferns' movie; Sacha Baron Cohen series, 'The Spy'

Streaming Netflix September

Health News

135,000 pounds of restaurant-grade chicken recalled after testing positive for listeria

tip top poultry recall

Healthy Eating

Organic food health benefits have been hard to assess, but that could change

Carrots Organic 08202019

Health News

Target to launch better-for-you exclusive food and beverage brand, 'Good & Gather'

target good and gather products


Five possible reasons for persistent congestion

Allergies Running Nose Cold 08202019


Holier is a vitamin supplement created especially for vegans

holier vegan multivitamin

Health News

Spending time in city parks puts you in a good mood, study says

Urban parks elevate mood

Healthy Eating

If you wash or rinse raw poultry, the USDA has an important warning for you

Raw Chicken Poultry 08202019

Healthy Eating

Can you guess the healthiest bagel varieties?

healthiest bagel variety


What to stream on Hulu in September: Harvey Weinstein doc, 'Untouchable,' and Wu-Tang miniseries, 'American Saga'

Hulu streaming September Weinstein Wu-Tang

Health News

Doctors can change opioid prescribing habits, but progress comes in small doses



Netflix launches medical detective-style docu-series, 'Diagnosis'

netflix diagnosis series


Hepatitis A races across the country

Homeless Man 08162019

Women's Health

Pill Club claims CVS Caremark's reimbursement changes threaten its ability to distribute birth control

Birth control pills 04182019

Mental Health

FCC proposes three-digit phone number for suicide prevention hotline

988 Suicide Hotline 08152019

Health News

Sleep apnea can increase cancer risk in women, study finds

Sleep apnea elevated cancer risk


FDA proposes larger, visual health warnings for cigarette packs, advertisements

fda cigarette warning

Children's Health

Weight Watchers launches controversial app to help kids lose weight

ww weight loss app kids teens


Dominican Republic resort where Delaware woman says she was beaten temporarily closes as reservations plunge

Majestic Elegance Dominican Republic closes

Healthy Eating

Keto diet stops growth of certain cancers, study suggests

keto diet cancer tumors


Popular cardio machine missing from this Top 10 list

best cardio machine

Health News

New Jersey congressman wants to know if military used Lyme disease-ridden ticks as 'bioweapons'

Tick book 08132019


Former Eagle Chris Long predicts new 2020 destination for Tom Brady

Long Brady


FDA issues another reminder about dangers of drinking bleach to 'cure' cancer, autism

miracle mineral solution

Health News

To save money, American patients and surgeons meet in Cancun

Cancun Mexico Beach 08132019

Adult Health

Want better sleep? Try a warm bath or shower 1-2 hours before bedtime, study suggests

Woman in Bath 08132019

Adult Health

Chlamydia vaccine shows promise in clinical trial, researchers say

chlamydia vaccine

Health News

Marijuana-alcohol combo linked to riskier behavior in Penn State study

Marijuana Alcohol


Aramark partners with Beyond Meat to develop plant-based menu

Aramark HQ Main


5 tips for parents to build communication skills with children with autism spectrum disorder

Autism Communication 08122019


The top 3 methods for removing ticks from skin

Ticks Different Sizes 06102019

Healthy Eating

This popular diet limits alcohol consumption – and it might boost brain function

mediterranean diet alcohol

Health News

Superstar athletes popularize unproven stem cell procedures

Max Scherzer 08092019


How to prevent and treat blisters from running

Carroll - Running, Exercise, Schuylkill River Trail

Senior Health

Blood tests for Alzheimer’s: Two experts on why new studies are encouraging

Tau Protein Brain 08092019

Mental Health

NBA to implement new mental health guidelines for 2019-2020 season

Kevin Love NBA 08082019

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