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Wawa announces free coffee for health care workers, first responders during coronavirus pandemic

Wawa Free Coffee Coronavirus


Sixers' Joel Embiid supports Karl-Anthony Towns, whose mom is in coma with COVID-19

Embiid Towns COVID-19


Geolocation data map gives Philly, surrounding counties 'A' for social distancing

Unacast map coronavirus

Children's Health

Shows and apps to enhance kids' language skills during the quarantine

Children language skills screen time


Oprah Winfrey talks COVID-19 on new Apple TV+ show

Oprah Winfrey COVID-19 Apple TV


Bored in quarantine? Take the 'Jeopardy!' test online

'Jeopardy!' test online quarantine


TV medical dramas donate supplies to hospitals in need amid coronavirus pandemic

Medical drama supplies coronavirus


What's streaming on Netflix and Hulu in April: 'Parasite,' 'Community' and Ricky Gervais' 'After Life'

Hulu Netflix streaming April


Netflix Party lets friends watch TV together while social distancing

Netflix Party


The best apocalyptic books and movies to check out while observing social distancing

shining jack nicholson stephen king


Dentists should postpone non-emergency procedures due to coronavirus threat, ADA says

Dentists elective procedures coronavirus


Ibuprofen could 'aggravate' coronavirus, French health minister says

Ibuprofen COVID-19 coronavirus


Three breathing exercises to ease your coronavirus anxiety

Anxiety breathing exercises coronavirus


Lupus can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms mimic those of other illnesses

Called the great imitator, Lupus can be difficult to diagnose


Charles Barkley's 180° on coronavirus pandemic mirrors stubborn shift in public perception

Charles Barkley Coronavirus


Joe Rogan's podcast goes in-depth on coronavirus pandemic with infectious disease expert

Osterholm Joe Rogan


Expanded telehealth services are needed as coronavirus spreads, Jefferson doc says

Telehealth Coronavirus

Health News

Herbal remedies and essential oils do not protect against coronavirus, FDA says

FDA FTC false coronavirus treatments

Health News

Etsy removes coronavirus products claiming to protect against the illness

Etsy Coronavirus listings


'Can't fight the seether': 12 of the best '90s feminist anthems for Women's History Month

Women's History Month alternative playslist


New model makes reporting Lyme disease easier

New model makes reporting Lyme disease easier

Healthy Eating

Swapping in olive oil for butter, mayo could limit risk for heart disease

Olive Oil Heart


Jason Statham drops out of Kevin Hart movie 'The Man from Toronto'

Jason Statham Hart


Like secondhand smoke, scientists find 'thirdhand' smoke also may pose health risks to non-smokers

Thirdhand Smoke Chemical Effects


Jill Biden throws stiff-arm for husband in stunning Super Tuesday comeback

Joe Biden Super Tuesday

Health Stories

'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek reaches day that few pancreatic cancer patients see

Alex Trebek


John Oliver addresses coronavirus fears on 'Last Week Tonight'

Last Week Tonight John Oliver coronavirus

Health Stories

Jimmy John's hit with FDA warning over links to E. coli, salmonella outbreaks

Jimmy Johns FDA


As a coronavirus pandemic looms, CDC warns Americans to prepare for 'disruptive' interventions

Coronavirus community spread United States


Health officials should begin preparing for the next viral outbreak now – even as coronavirus keeps spreading

viral outbreak response

Mental Health

Transcendental meditation soothes anxiety by changing connections in the brain

Meditation anxiety stress

Health Stories

New Netflix drama 'Painkillers' follows the origins of the opioid crisis

Netflix Painkillers series


Weight loss drug Belviq pulled from market due to cancer concerns

Belviq Cancer Risk FDA


Is Hopper alive? 'Stranger Things' Season 4 trailer reveals the answer

Stranger Things Season 4 Hopper


Alone on Valentine's Day? Here are 14 of the best romantic comedies for single ladies

Rom-Coms Valentine's Day movies

Mental Health

Snapchat launches new mental health tool to help users affected by cyberbullying, depression

Snapchat Mental Health depression

Health News

Racial disparity evident in acne treatment, according to Penn researchers

Acne Penn Medicine


Former Flyer Jeremy Roenick 'disappointed,' 'angry' after NBC firing

Jeremy Roenick Fired

Women's Health

Cervical cancer could be eliminated in the U.S. within 20 years, Harvard researchers say

Cervical cancer elimination

Adult Health

The sound your alarm uses to wake you up affects how groggy you feel, study says

Alarm tone increase energy

Children's Health

Another reason for pregnant women to get their vitamin D – it may lower the child's risk of developing ADHD

Vitamin D deficiency ADHD association


Here's how long your baby should be sleeping at night – and when to become alarmed

Baby sleep patterns normal