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South Jersey 'Stranger Things' star criticized for new Netflix prank series

Gaten Matarazzo prank


Is Trump administration looking to deflate 'Scabby the Rat' protest balloons?

Carroll - FBI Searches IBEW Local 98

Mental Health

New research suggests promising Alzheimer's treatment in blood pressure medication

blood pressure drug alzheimers treatmetn

Children's Health

Nail polish, makeup spur one ER visit every two hours for young children

children personal care products poisoning

Health News

Frito-Lay issues voluntary allergy alert on barbecue chips

Lays Chip Recall Milk 06172019


What does the dust in your home mean for your health?



Netflix releases the official trailer for 'GLOW' Season 3

'Glow' season 3 trailer

Health News

Witty Twitter account dedicated to posting scientific articles that overhype results found only in mice

just in mice twitter account

Health News

Ragu pasta sauces recalled, may contain fragments of plastic

Ragu pasta sauce recall

Health News

FDA warns against fecal transplant treatment after one patient dies

FDA fecal transplant treatment for C. difficile

Men's Health

Fathers need to care for themselves as well as their kids – but often don't

Father Daughter Bicycle 06172019

Health Stories

Consumer genetic testing customers stretch their DNA data further with third-party interpretation websites


Healthy Eating

This blogger reminds us that trendy labels on foods don't mean they are healthier

misleading healthy food

Health News

More than 14,000 cases of King Arthur unbleached all-purpose flour recalled

king arthur unbleached flour recall

Health Stories

Never say ‘die’: Why so many doctors won’t break bad news

Doctor Mask Tape 06142019

Health News

4 cases of sepsis – 1 fatal – tied to bacteria-ridden blood platelet transfusions

platelet transfusion sepsis cases


Rapid DNA analysis helps diagnose mystery diseases

DNA Testing Analysis 06132019

Senior Health

Health care providers and agencies aren't reporting elder abuse, report finds

Elder abuse Office of Inspector General


Bats are main culprit behind U.S. rabies cases

bats cause rabies


E-cig companies use cartoon characters as logos, and new study shows it works



FDA overlooked red flags in drugmaker’s testing of new depression medicine

Spravato Esketamine Nasal Spray 05172019

Health Stories

How measles detectives work to contain an outbreak

Measles Vaccine Historical Photo 06102019


Governing health organization recommends daily preventative HIV treatment for at-risk individuals

hiv prevention drug guidelines


Rob McElhenney releases teaser for newest comedy, 'Mystic Quest'

Rob McElhenney 'Mystic Quest'


Tony Awards: 'Hadestown' wins best musical, Bryan Cranston wins again for best actor

Bryan Cranston Tony Awards


John Oliver reminds us how close – yet far – the U.S. is from ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment

John Oliver Equal Rights Amendment


Why hitting the snooze button could be harmful to your health

Snooze Button Flickr 06062019


Are brain games mostly BS?

Men Chess 06102019


MLB and Phillies team up with 'Stranger Things'

Harper bobblehead

Health Stories

Churches wipe out millions in medical debt for others

Stained Glass Church 06052019

Health Stories

A helpful tip for protecting personal information in health apps

protecting health data


Cancer patients first face physical hardships, then financial struggles as survivors

cancer survivor medical bills


'Vacuum challenge': Why parents should definitely NOT facilitate this internet trend for kids

vacuum challenge


Apple will soon tell you to turn the music down

apple volume monitoring

Health News

LabCorp: 7.7 million customers' affected in data breach of bill collector

Quest Diagnostic LabCorp data breach


Cheaper versions of the most expensive drugs may be coming, but monopolies will likely remain


Reality Television

Bachelor Nation stars release emotional video after engagement

Adam and Raven


Harvard researchers posed as drug addicts to illustrate the struggle for treatment

addiction treatment struggles


The tiny workout tweak that can help relieve treadmill-induced knee pain

running tip knee pain

Women's Health

This common dietary supplement ingredient has been tied to higher risk of miscarriage

Vinpocetine 06042019


Twitter reacts to James Holzhaeur's loss on 'Jeopardy!'

Holzhauer loss on Jeopardy!

Health News

FDA tests show substantial levels of PFAS chemicals in some foods

Chocolate Cake 06032019

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