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Frequent drinking poses more risk to your heart than binge drinking, study says

Drinking frequency afib

Mental Health

Gambling near-misses don't encourage your brain to keep betting after all, study suggests

Gambling brain study

Mental Health

Adjusting memory test may better detect Alzheimer's disease in women, study says

Alzheimer's disease memory test

Social Media

Will Smith reposts sneaker photo and singlehandedly revives debate about perceived color of shoes

Will Smith viral Vans sneaker


Nurse pens viral post on vaccines: 'The flu shot is not always about you'

0918_Flu vaccines


Billy Porter introduces 'Delaware Daddy' Joe Biden in 'SNL' cold open

Joe Biden Woody Harrelson 'SNL' Delaware


Vapers accuse officials of overreach as investigation into deadly lung illness lags

Vaping Advocates


Brain protein could be key to disrupting chronic pain symptoms

Chronic pain


New test can diagnose Lyme disease in just 15 minutes, research shows

1011_lyme disease test


David Harbour taps Aidy Bryant, Bowen Yang for help with an unexpected guest in 'SNL' promo

David Harbour Stranger Things SNL

Adult Health

Dog owners may have lower risk of dying from heart attacks, study says

Dogs pets reduce mortality

Adult Health

Air pollution may contribute to hair loss, study finds

Air pollution

Adult Health

Patients who use online portals to access health records more likely to get flu shots, Penn study finds


Health News

College students tend to underestimate the alcohol content in Four Loko, study says

College students underestimate Four Loko alcohol

Men's Health

Mushrooms may lower risk of prostate cancer, study says

Mushrooms prostate cancer

Women's Health

How birth control prescriptions by a pharmacist could broaden access and keep costs down

Birth Control Pills Pharmacist


What to know before your first mammogram

What to know about mammograms


High lead levels during pregnancy may increase risk of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity lead exposure

Adult Health

The top 5 millennial health issues – and what to do about them

Millennial Health Issues


King of Prussia Mall owner launches online shopping site with Sixers' Michael Rubin

Simon Premium Outlets


Vaping-related illnesses now surpass 1,000

Surge of vaping illnesses expected to continue

Senior Health

Chair yoga could improve quality of life for dementia patients

Chair yoga dementia patients

Health Stories

Cosmetic surgery and the secret world of Instagram dolls

Instagram Doll for Cosmetic Surgery

Mental Health

Brain scans may be useful predictor for benefits of antidepressants

Brain scans depression


DEA authorized greater opioid production as deaths mounted, report finds

D.E.A. opioid Inspector General


Here's what you need to know about the youth vaping epidemic

Youth vaping epidemic

Adult Health

CVS, Walgreens halt Zantac sales due to FDA's safety concerns

CVS Zantac Heartburn

Women's Health

Adverse pregnancy outcomes increase risk of high blood pressure

Pregnancy complications and high blood pressure


FDA, DEA target websites illegally selling opioids

FDA,DEA target illegal opioid sellers online

Children's Health

Pediatricians stand by meds for ADHD – but some want therapy first

ADHD Medications Therapy AAP


'SNL' premiere dives deep into politics, host Woody Harrelson takes on Joe Biden

SNL sketch Woody Harrelson Joe Biden


THC products the 'most prominent link' among vaping-related illnesses

THC Vaping-related Illnesses


Here's why the flu shot can't give you the flu

The flu shot can't give you the flu


Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria from a manicure

Flesh-eating bacteria manicure


Billie Eilish gets schooled by Woody Harrelson in SNL promo

Billie Eilish Woody Harrelson 'Saturday Night Live'


Juul CEO stepping down amid vaping public health crisis

juul apology

Health News

Sandoz recalls generic Zantac due to possible carcinogen

generic zantac recalled

Women's Health

Birth control delivery apps are generally safe and efficient, study finds

Birth Control Pills Delivery Services

Health News

Circadian rhythms regulate how well the immune system responds, study finds

Clock immune

Senior Health

Reducing 'zombie' cells may slow the aging process


Women's Health

Women who 'self-silence' are at a greater risk for stroke, study says

Women self-silence stroke risk

Women's Health

Hot flashes tied to heart attacks, strokes and cognitive decline, studies find

Hot flashes menopause

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