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Women's Health

This common dietary supplement ingredient has been tied to higher risk of miscarriage

Vinpocetine 06042019

Health News

Quest Diagnostic says almost 12 million customers may be affected in data breach

Quest Diagnostic LabCorp data breach

Health News

FDA tests show substantial levels of PFAS chemicals in some foods

Chocolate Cake 06032019


Pancreatic cancer: the challenges of the disease and treatment advances

Alex Trebek 06032019

Health News

Perdue recalls 32,000 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken

perdue chicken recall gf chicken breast


What to stream on Hulu and Amazon for June: Oscar-nominated 'Vice,' 'Handmaid's Tale' Season 3

'Vox Lux' on Hulu

Mental Health

World Health Organization removes transgender from mental health disorder list

transgender not mental health disorder

Children's Health

Teen suicides increased after Netflix's '13 Reasons Why' premiered, two studies say

'13 Reasons Why' and increase in suicide

Healthy Eating

This new better-for-you cereal comes in all of the classic flavors

magic spoon healthy cereal


Daily stressors can result in scalp tension — here's what you should know

stress scalp tension


Watch: a rocking chair?

Rambo: Last Blood


Measles outbreaks threaten United States' elimination status

Measles rash

Mental Health

Mental health support may be beneficial to food allergy sufferers

mental healths support food allergies

Alternative Medicine

TSA approves some CBD products for air travel

medical marijuana tsa

Adult Health

'Burn-out' is real medical condition, the World Health Organization now says

Burn-out WHO diagnosis


Parkinson's may no longer be a matter of opinion



Memorial Day marked with flags and a stirring image

Memorial Day flag planting

Health News

Women are less productive than men in colder temperatures, study finds

Women less productive when cold


HGTV renovates 'Brady Bunch' house to near exact detail of show's interior

Brady Bunch house renovations


What’s wrong with those anti-vaxxers? They're just like the rest of us



Study: NFL players more likely to die of brain, heart problems than MLB players

nfl head heart problem death

Healthy Eating

Low whole grain, dairy consumption may increase cancer risk

Whole Grain Bread


Dodge these germ-filled spots in cars and rideshares

car rideshare germs

Health Insurance

24 million insured Americans are spending a big chunk of their income on medical bills

insured american medical bill spending

Healthy Eating

A protein-rich twist on this veggie-based BBQ side dish

protein-rich coleslaw recipe


Here are the Top 12 Summer Bangers of all-time (and a whole lot more)

Will Smith James Corden


This free website grades health-focused books on accuracy, healthfulness

health book reviews

Healthy Eating

Pizza is healthier to eat for breakfast than cereal, nutritionist says

0523_pizza breakfast

Men's Health

There's actually *not* a racial disparity when it comes to prostate cancer deaths, study finds

study disproves disparity prostate cancer


Botanical 19th century medicines may be the answer for treating drug-resistant bacteria

civil war plant treatment

Health News

BBQ parties, beware: 62,000 pounds of raw meat recalled due to E.coli risk

raw meat recall e.coli

Adult Health

Cancer deaths falling among middle-aged Americans


Alternative Medicine

NFL inching toward approving marijuana as pain treatment for players

nfl marijuana pain treatment


Petition seeks to cast Danny DeVito as Marvel's next Wolverine

DeVito Wolverine Marvel

Adult Health

These tiny mites are mating on your face while you sleep

face mites


Comcast is the latest corporate giant to jump on the health tech train

Carroll - Comcast Technology Center


Sleeping infants are dying in car seats when used incorrectly, new study finds

0521-Car seat deaths

Food & Drink

10 Philly restaurants make OpenTable's best for 'big night out' in America

Sampan Philly

Food & Drink

New Coke is coming back in honor of 'Stranger Things'

New Coke 'Stranger Things'


Feds allege roommate was in on former Eagle Mychael Kendricks' insider trading

Kendricks IT Eagles


Sorry, Pinterest lovers: most DIY sunscreen fails to provide the sun protection you need



'Downton Abbey' trailer shows movie will pick up where PBS series left off

Downton Abbey trailer release