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July 10, 2019

This $99 breathalyzer tracks your progress on the keto diet

Keyto device scores users on their fat-burning levels

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keyto keto breathalyzer Photo courtesy/Keyto

Keyto serves to measure fat loss "accurately and effectively."

There’s no denying that the ketogenic diet is a huge trend, and while it was predicted to be one of the biggest for 2019, it’s hard to believe the momentum will stop anytime soon.

As a result, products are popping up to cater to the masses following the low-carb, high-fat, medium-protein diet.

Keyto is a new breathalyzer developed to help people stick to the keto diet by showing if they are in ketosis, the ultimate goal of the ketogenic diet where the body burns stored fats instead of carb-derived glucose. The metabolic process can aid in weight loss.

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The breathalyzer, which costs $99, gives users a score, ranging from “not in ketosis” to “deep ketosis,” Futurism reports. Previously, the only reliable methods of determining one's level of ketosis was blood and urine tests.

Keyto works simply, according to its website: Eat the foods you love, breathe into the device, and check your score in real time in the corresponding app. The manufacturer says the device works by measuring the ketones – byproducts from the breakdown of fatty acids – on your breath.

Walt Hickey, a Business Insider reporter, tried out the breathalyzer, and found that the breath test was an easy way to monitor his keto dieting, though the product looks similar to a vaping device, he notes.

The company tells Business Insider of its disclaimer: "It won't necessarily register carb-heavy foods that were just eaten, and no single reading should be considered fully trustworthy." Rather, the breathalyzer should be used to track daily progress.

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