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Healthy Eating

This $99 breathalyzer tracks your progress on the keto diet

keyto keto breathalyzer

Healthy Eating

This blogger reminds us that trendy labels on foods don't mean they are healthier

misleading healthy food


This free website grades health-focused books on accuracy, healthfulness

health book reviews

Healthy Eating

Here's what you should know about the pegan diet

pegan diet

Healthy Eating

Should you pick or pass on bulletproof coffee?

bulletproof coffee health benefits

Healthy Eating

Lactose-free (and dairy-full!) ice cream is the brainchild of two Villanova grads

lactose-free dairy ice cream

Adult Health

Eating an unhealthy diet might be more deadly than smoking, study finds

poor diet death


Millennials' trendy diets causing zinc deficiencies, in some cases

millennial food zinc deficiency unsplash


The role your phone can play in weight loss

dietary tracking weight loss pexels

Healthy Eating

Chick-fil-A announces new keto-friendly menu options

chick-fil-a keto menu flickr


This brutally honest diet- and fitness-focused Instagram account provides expert insight

health social media pexels

Senior Health

High-protein, low-calorie diet promotes healthy weight loss in obese seniors, researchers say

protein rich meal unsplash


The lowdown on the elimination-style 'low-histamine diet'

vegetables pexels

Healthy Eating

Are these popular diets (keto, paleo, etc.) keeping your gut healthy?


Healthy Eating

Warm up with these 5 flavorful ketogenic soups

soup pexels

Healthy Eating

These low-carb cheese wraps are the answer to your ketogenic diet prayers

folios cheese wraps

Healthy Eating

Chipotle launches new menu full of paleo-, ketogenic- and Whole30-friendly options


Healthy Eating

The OMAD diet is the new eye-roll-inducing diet you should know about

meal pexels

Healthy Eating

Unsurprisingly, the ketogenic diet was the most-Googled diet in 2018

ketogenic diet pexels


All the major diets you need to know about

Person eating a healthy meal

Healthy Eating

Here’s what you need to know about eating eggs — especially if you think they have ‘too much cholesterol’

eggs pexels

Healthy Eating

Tailgate fuel: 6 gluten-free takes on game day classics


Healthy Eating

The 'sun cycle diet' is the fasting-style diet to have on your radar right now



The differences between a vegan and plant-based diet

Healthy salad on table


Study: Low-carb diets linked to higher mortality, so eat some bread



What's the difference between the milk types?



What is a locavore?


Splurging on an extravagant breakfast can have its weight-loss perks, study suggests

Food & Drink

There are 15 teaspoons of sugar in a grande Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Children's Health

Study: 'No meaningful improvement' since U.S. restaurants pledged to make kids' meals healthier


Philly chef Rich Landau's advice for eating more plants in the new year


Wellness seekers choosing sobriety

Food and Drink

The 2017 diet trend is for people who live for cheat day

Food and Drink

2017 restaurant trend: Meat becomes side dish, vegetables main


Food and Drink

And the 'it' food of 2017 is...

Infrequently Asked Questions

Infrequently Asked Questions: How much protein do we really need?


Is gluten-free all it’s cracked up to be?


Study: Hunter-gatherer mentality possible reason why New Year’s resolutions to lose weight fail


Tom Brady

Behind New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's healthy diet

New England Patriots Tom Brady


4 healthy Thanksgiving recipes from Philly bloggers

Sweet Potato Pecan Risotto


Is Soylent for people or cyborgs?


Dinner delivered: 4 healthy, homemade meal delivery businesses

Grateful Plate

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